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  1. But his reaction immediately after it happened on the sideline was different than an ankle sprain. I've sprained my ankle often and it hurts like the dickens. He didn't react like that. He crawled along the ground. I hope I'm wrong and it is just an ankle sprain.
  2. He just went 1.09 in a FFPC 1250 dynasty startup.
  3. It would be helpful it you put the draft dates next to the leagues.
  4. It isn't just the Rams connection that could open up Mariota's stats. If the new coaches let him use his legs and run, look out. He's been shackled way too long.
  5. If I recall correctly, Kareem Hunt ranked #1 in elusiveness his Senior year in college according to PFF. Then, last year he ranked extremely high in the NFL in the same ranking or in missed tackles. Power 5 opponent argument is very overrated, IMO.
  6. I'm heading to the Canadian wilderness on Saturday for fishing with four frat brothers from 30+ years ago. 12 years straight and counting. We catch and fillet fresh walleye, and make the best darn wilderness fish tacos in Ontario. Tortillas, fresh-fried walleye strips, lime-based mayo sauce, optional spices, lettuce or cabbage. You can take that to the National Bank of Canada brohan.
  7. That was pretty much my attitude as well. But then I found myself taking him in the 7th round of an early FBG contest a few days ago. There aren't many players after round 5 who could put up 250 points in a year. In a contest involving thousands of teams, I'll roll the risky dice that he actually plays weeks 12 - 16 in a league like that.
  8. FFPC TE-premium league Gave: C. Kupp, D. Njoku, 2019 1st, 2019 2nd (picks will be late) Received: A. Thielen, H. Henry I already have G. Olsen & T. Burton so putting Henry on IR for a year is ok.
  9. A Q Tip is an asset, too. Doesn't mean it is valuable.
  10. LOL, this one must be painful for you.
  11. Alot of people like to give Ozzie Newsome great credit for his drafting, but he BOMBED his picks of Perriman and Maxx Williams that year.
  12. All this Chubb talk reminded me to post this....just for Soulfly's pleasure. In FFPC rookie draft today, Gave: Mixon Got: 1.06 (took Chubb), 2019 2nd (mid?) & 4.04. I have Mixon and Chubb about equal so I took the extra draft capital.
  13. He just wanted people to tell him how good his team is.
  14. He's been a a long anti-Penny streak.