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  1. hahahaha I didn't even pick up on it, which is amazing because my wife of 27 years often asks me in times like this, "What, are you 12?"
  2. Maybe he can - who knows based on this year to date. It remains to be seen if Cleveland finally gives him more than 6 touches in a game.
  3. I once lost a $2500 auction league by .1 of a point on one of the final carries of my opponent's RB on Monday night. Went from $20,000 winnings to $8,000 for second. But wait...... On the following Thursday, which I never will forget was Christmas morning, Elias changed an Alex Smith INT ruling to a fumble. Smith's -2 points for an INT went to -1 for a fumble, and I gained 1 point. I won by .9 of a point and $12,000 more. That is a bad beat for my opponent - 4 DAYS with $12,000 additional in your pocket, then poof.
  4. Going with Wentz over Mahomes
  5. buck naked

    Tired of Amari Cooper? Selling too low or not?

    Historically he has had terrible days against Casey Heyward
  6. buck naked

    Greg Olsen traded to CAR for 3rd RD pick

    You already told me I was incorrect. So it must make you feel superior to quote me again.
  7. buck naked

    Vasectomy in the AM...

    Man, alot of wussies in here re: pain, and on the couch. I had the snip in the a.m. and got a tattoo in the afternoon. Yes, it was a SERIOUS man day that day.
  8. This. I even slept two hours long this morning on purpose after watching US team choke yesterday.
  9. It's also really REALLY DUMB to play Dustin Johnson in alternate shot. He's a horrendous putter - always has been.
  10. You have to wonder why Spieth is not playing with Reed. Didn't today, and even after Spieth/Thomas got crushed today, again not tomorrow. It was a successful pairing in the past. There must be something we don't know.
  11. buck naked

    Greg Olsen traded to CAR for 3rd RD pick

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I've been through these Jones fractures and seen over the years how players don't come back, so your explanation was surprising to me.
  12. buck naked

    Greg Olsen traded to CAR for 3rd RD pick

    Absolutely ZERO percent chance it is 4 weeks. He REBROKE his foot. He will be lucky to put on a uniform again this year.
  13. buck naked

    Le'Veon Bell

    I look forward to getting actually news instead of everyone's guesses.
  14. I was in a FFPC $2500 VP league last night. Bell went 4th. The #1 ranked fantasy player according to ScoutFantasy's rankings took Conner at 8.03 overall.
  15. Now if he could only see the field....