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  1. Another big trade completed this morning: FFPC TE-premium league: Gave: G. Kittle, R. Freeman, M. Valdes Scantling, 1.03 Received: E. Elliott, 2020 2nd (early) I pondered that one for 36 hours before finally accepting because Kittle is a beast.
  2. FFPC league: Traded: DJ Moore, D. Henry, T. Boyd & 2020 2nd (mid?) Received: D. Adams, 2020 1st (should be early)
  3. Were you aware that the more you say it does not make it any more true or false? I'm just checking because you've now told us three time on the same page.
  4. I would like that for Mariota. He's an easy guy to like. But when I watch him, he seems to always struggle throwing the deep ball. I don't know if that is correctable at this point.
  5. Driskel did fine with Boyd last week. Boyd's bigger problem is Chris Harris may be the best slot cover CB in the game and shuts down slot WRs. I'd go with Ingram and hope for the TD.
  6. Great, now all Miller folks can #### about an injury
  7. I'm hoping someone can explain to me how Engram got only 17 snaps in week 11, getting out-snapped by a guy named Simonson (18) and by Rhett Ellison (40). I'm dumbfounded.
  8. hahahaha I didn't even pick up on it, which is amazing because my wife of 27 years often asks me in times like this, "What, are you 12?"
  9. Maybe he can - who knows based on this year to date. It remains to be seen if Cleveland finally gives him more than 6 touches in a game.
  10. I once lost a $2500 auction league by .1 of a point on one of the final carries of my opponent's RB on Monday night. Went from $20,000 winnings to $8,000 for second. But wait...... On the following Thursday, which I never will forget was Christmas morning, Elias changed an Alex Smith INT ruling to a fumble. Smith's -2 points for an INT went to -1 for a fumble, and I gained 1 point. I won by .9 of a point and $12,000 more. That is a bad beat for my opponent - 4 DAYS with $12,000 additional in your pocket, then poof.
  11. Historically he has had terrible days against Casey Heyward
  12. You already told me I was incorrect. So it must make you feel superior to quote me again.
  13. Man, alot of wussies in here re: pain, and on the couch. I had the snip in the a.m. and got a tattoo in the afternoon. Yes, it was a SERIOUS man day that day.