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  1. I live around this stuff. Sucks. But you dont have to take my anecdote as its all over youtube in terrific and undeniable fashion. Though I'm sure pro-gunners will try and try ignore that it is all over the place amongst the owners.
  2. How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?
  3. Ludicrous for gun owners to suggest legislation. People who have been innocently shot by gun should be making the legislation. But nobody is surprised at the myopic viewpoint of the wolves wanting to make the rules.
  4. In lots of those gun videos on youtube... yes. Lots of crazy going on there. Frothing.
  5. Yeah, it might help your cause if they got the same bug/addiction/thrill out of it. And if you ever been around a bunch of gun guys talking guns, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You can see the madness on youtube vids. Plain as day.
  6. That is some seriously funny stuff in that piece.
  7. Coal Man and many R's are trying to implement change right now... by limiting any more change. They got theirs, so everyone else can eat poop.
  8. There was a time in America where wealth & fame could help you get away with almost anything Our current POTUS is desperately trying to bring us back to those days. MAGA!
  9. Of course its a dumb act. But its an attempt to be poignant about a horrendous circumstance with actual living/dying people -- not just some symbolism.