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  1. he lied about his inauguration turnout... he lied about his vote count... put others on blast who said (and proved) he was wrong... and now we have a damn governmental election investigation that is headed by the "voter suppression king" as a result of his lies, his tweets, his embarrassment and his idiocy. and finally we've had people literally withdraw their voting registrations as a result of his ego and subsequent madness. The harm being done is literal. Not stale. And everyone (who isn't a callous prick) should care.
  2. Its owned by one of my very best friends. I do VIP hospitality as a fun moonlight. And yes, his jacuzzi has to be shocked after every weekend.
  3. This is terribly sad news. What a total bummer.
  4. Traded him for a 1st? Sharkey!
  5. The Bush guy should be running for a political office/post as such... not being put forth for a judge position.
  6. And this is partly why the POTUS candidates need to release their taxes to us.
  7. Acceptance of (if not pushing for) ignorance.
  8. To a young gf of mine a little over a year ago. Wanted things to not get twisted, which can happen with young gfs.
  9. Hang out at my club on a few weekends and spend some time with me. The actual classes are typically 4 hours long.