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  1. OCTOBER 1 2018 --- Movie cancelled? Solo was considered so bad that the Bobba Fett and Obi-wan stand alone movies have been axed. As mentioned in the Solo thread... BOBA FETT to get his own stand alone movie. They will likely retcon part of his story. The galaxy’s baddest bounty hunter is finally ready to get his time to shine. With Solo blasting into theaters this weekend, there’s news that his sometime nemesis (and fan favorite) Boba Fett is going to get a Star Wars Story of his very own. The Hollywood Reporter says that James Mangold, the Oscar-nominated writer-director of last year’s Wolverine swan song, Logan, is in the midst of developing a standalone feature about the Mandalorian mercenary.
  2. Hi BST,

    I know it's tame compared to other boards but please pick an avatar that isn't trying to take a shot at the other side. Thank you. 

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  3. I can't believe you look like Boris Diaw, never would have thunk it.

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