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  1. Fire with Fire, its time.
  2. This type of make-believe crap is about all good news the right-wing has to run with. More power to ya!
  3. Ive noted the 76ers being bad at close-out time a few times in the thread. But tonight was just beautiful. Their raw talent advantages on full display. They managed to own the 4th (+20 or so) despite the Heat hitting nearly 50% on 3's.
  4. Everything is a ****ing conspiracy with you crazy people.
  5. I now actually hate these ****ing ignorant dark age pieces of crap.
  6. That's how that last Heat/76er game was decided. Hit your shots or go home.
  7. To be perfectly fair, Fox News has always treated their viewing audience as children. And their viewing audience accepts this ignorant and uneducated status.
  8. You are so dog damn right.
  9. Fox News is again proven to be ****ing crap. Its not comparable to any other major media outlet. There is nothing even remotely on equal footing with them. Any faithful viewer is part of that very taint.
  10. Cohen is not the type of lawyer you hire to do above-board things, he is a fixer. Hannity likely wont have any receipts or records, because that's how Cohen often operates, and is expected to operate by those who employ his services..
  11. The cross-over and cohesiveness of the entire right-wing propaganda apparatus makes the lefties look like pre-schoolers.
  12. Ive seen thousands of lies (and mistakes) get absolutely crushed here... where they go un-checked and un-investigated in most other places. Has happened to me a couple times; rightfully so when something slips by.
  13. Maybe. Maybe not.
  14. Does the left need an all-out willing to lie, obfuscate and propagandize network that could be the balance to Fox? Maybe CNN could go even further off the deep-end and be that counter balance.