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  1. Three days before the Boston Tea Party they set ablaze the Tea in Lexington. But they had the ocean to destroy the property in Boston. In both cases tea was was historically thought to have been looted. Killing people??? Well if you exclude the War of Independence.
  2. In one of those videos... he catches a tall white guy "protesting" with BLM sign dressed in green gear with a mask on. Its that guy that pepper sprays the other protestors and not the cops while hiding his pepper spray behind the sign. The cops don't even flinch at that guy doing it and stay focused on the other parts of the crowd, despite him staying closer to the cops with the pepper spray used multiple times and the protesters backing away. Its another fake set up. And the cops are in on it. 😢
  3. Chuck Woolery @chuckwoolery 5h 'Dr. fauci I promise I will never shake your hand,' Woolery, the petulant snowflake.
  4. America will recover. Don't panic. Send money to the citizens if needed. And not 1200 - that doesn't pay anything.
  5. They cant do anything. Everything they do is BLOCKED by the Trump Republicans in the senate. But Trump? He didn't do anything. He abdicated.
  6. According to many, it was the opposite emotion that got him elected.
  7. "Look, if I wasn't elected you would right now be at war with North Korea, okay?" Trump sneered. He is absolutely crazy. Reality is lost to him.
  8. No. Not even remotely. Its the Tea Party all over again.
  9. You can post anything you want. But everyone should be fully dismissal of your second-third-fourth hand account. Especially on something that has absolutely killed people.
  10. No, you shouldn't pass it along. You should use it as you see fit as you received the anecdotal story. UNLESS you are taking the medication... then post up your results. Are you taking it?
  11. That should not be forwarded along here. That information that is for you to utilize, but that information is purely anecdotal and thus wholly faulty. Its fine to make use of it -- its bad to spread it. Now if you personally take it and then its cool for your to post it up and pass your anecdotal story and for us to utilize it as we see fit. But we shouldn't pass it along as its wholly faulty as its anecdotal.