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  1. Keith Pompey ✔ @PompeyOnSixers The #Sixers' 14,000 season tickets sold for the 2017-18 season are a franchise record and currently the most sold in the #NBA.
  2. So funny and so true. Your shoulders are a prime-target to get repeatedly focused on and abused.
  3. Well Illinois does typically pay out 35-40 billion a year so the other states (read: red welfare states) can survive. That is their yearly fed tax deficit. Aren't there 19 or so states who take in money every year.... Nebraska Wyoming Kansas Idaho Tennessee Missouri S Carolina Oklahoma Arkansas Montana Kentucky Virginia S Dakota Alabama N Dakota W Virginia Louisiana Alaska Mississippi Maybe if California, New York and Illinois didnt subsidize so many Red States to the tune of 155+ billion a year. Just a thought.
  4. Not over our citizens. Not even remotely.
  5. Was speaking of this thread.
  6. I've worked with a true Grandmaster for several years now (KaJu Kenbo and dirty fighting) but never actual training. The information/techniques I have learned over this time has been priceless. If I lived to closer to the dojo I would certainly get some training done. Age doesn't have much to do with it. Your health and level of fitness does, however.
  7. Something to cheer about to fill your hatred of your fellow American! Awesome.
  8. Quite the cognitive dissonance GOPers typically have on this issue.
  10. Only if they have slave wages/conditions. If they do - we are flatly racing to the bottom with our workers. I never said it had to stay "made in America".
  11. Correct. To our workers benefit.