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  1. His mental acuity is obviously in decline. Our poor country. 🥺
  2. Henry has 4 career games without Antonio Gates playing... 21 - 293 - 3. That's 5.25 - 73.25 - 0.75 per and pro-rates to... 84 - 1,172 - 12.
  3. The Bears are now dead last 3rd worst in rushes per game. *spoke too soon, other teams also played/updated today. With your defense its a complete tragedy to play-call away from your strength. The defense is 4th best in yards-per-play.
  4. Don't really care if they do it good or bad, its to help the pass offense and defense. As well as your o-line.
  5. Nagy. wtf. You are pigeon-holing your entire offense as so incredibly predictable all season long. Need to run the ball early and often to help the entire team. Sure, you can go pass heavy at times, but this is sad.
  6. They will promote anyone that cud split the positive focus of Dem-votes to have their Pawn (Trump) in office.
  7. Just don't see you as a typical right-winger. Not at all. Evidently this is incorrect. Because you've always seemed far more nuanced then that. And that's with me not agreeing with you on very much that Ive read of yours. Even if you tilt that direction. Kind of like IK or Yankee or w/e. You said that because I don't play with kid gloves with the inconsiderate firebrands on the right side, and most on the left are far more courteous.
  8. Even our boards right-wingers just dont care about the obvious corruption. :absent:
  9. Do you not read or watch anything whatsoever on the subjects you talk about? Because that is exactly how it appears.
  10. Just horrible. And completely expected from a particular American political party. No need to sugar coat it.