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  1. Long and night/morning an subsequently slept through it all. I see things took a turn for the weird.
  2. I wasn't saying to take or to pass on him. I was saying that Cincys track record with troubled players isnt a good thing. You can admit that and still want to draft him.
  3. Looking closer at Connor... He was 250 his sophomore year and killed it. 298 - 1,765 - 5.9 - 26td. Tore an MCL and then had cancer+chemo the following season. Returned at 230 pounds and wasn't quit as productive. A 5.1 average. But looking at that final season he was 4th in the nation at Yards-per-reception of RBs with at least 20+ catches. 14.4ypc. And he also led his team with a 84% catch rate. It was his only year they really used him as a receiver at all, but college tends to be like that for a lot of RBs. (Of the other 3 RBs with higher ypc -- only Joe Mixon matched that rate at 84.1% and the other two were 75% and 69% ). Now looking at the NFL last year, only 2 RBs in the entire league had an 84+% catch rate. No way could he have been 100% last year either. Color me intrigued.
  4. ??? The have experience with it -- because they keep drafting troubled players. But they also continuously have trouble with those players.
  5. The QBs in this draft.
  6. Would gladly trade this pick right now (knowing we have the comp pick soon after).
  7. Still got a long wait.
  8. Its odd because Tomlin (and Butler) said they do NOT want to rotate the OLBs -- improved conditioning is a better method. Harrison is a current exception because of age, but even he went 90% at end.
  9. And Im still good with snagging one of the three TEs that sit atop the grouping. Talent > Need. As you need everything at some point.
  10. For the record, his hands were the 2nd largest of any WR at the combine. 10.5".
  11. I got JuJu Hands! Sure is grand!
  12. Eli runs east-west Wes Welker type stuff. If they ask that of JuJu they are insane.
  13. We have deep guys, plus Green. I dont see Eli and JuJu all that comparable. I wouldn't compare Anquan Boldin and Eli Rogers at all. Yet Boldins measurables made him an absolute no-no as an outside deep threat guy. And his #s are EERILY similar to JuJu. 6'1"..................6'1" 216#...............215# 4.71................4.54 33.5"v.............32.5"v 114"b.............120"b 2nd round.... 2nd round
  14. Rogers gets free/open. JuJu battles and wins even if he isnt open. They arent much alike after the snap.