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  1. Pence will send the Corona COVID-19 Virus to conversion therapy and it'll change its ways and become a common cold virus. 🧙‍♂️
  2. Ask 'em about the white guy at the white power rally who ran over people and 90% will know exactly what you are talking about.
  3. And they can always be better, especially for the 90%.
  4. Last three years we've gone up 3 trillion in GDP... and 2.8 trillion in debt. Our credit card economy?
  5. Four years of Bernie will be great. It pushes the pendulum towards the citizens. He will have a limiter on his most ambitious ideas.
  6. Pete has set-up his political aspirations nicely for a person that is only 38 years old.
  7. Mike has been a complete train-wreck every time the light hits him.
  8. She brought her spot in the Sanders admin.
  9. Didn't think he could expunge any convictions with just a pen stroke.
  10. I had seen only for possession and use, if we get it legalized nationwide.