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  1. I play it on PC. And I'm about done with it. Anyone playing Division 2 (Tom Clancy) on PC? Me and a buddy might start it up this week.
  2. Woffords Fletcher MaGee kept shooting while being interviewed for nearly 20 minutes. You can guess the outcome.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^952649401687789569&
  4. Nobody gets arrested for having guns right now. And none of the guns are currently illegal. What they do get arrested for though is stuff like grenades and plastic explosives when they are seen to have those. That's why that stuff isn't often owned or seen! AMAZING HUH?
  5. Why doesn't Breitbart do what the NYT or Reuters would do... investigate for months with 4 different reporters and cross it over with other non-affiliated journalists and do some real journalistic work. Use their resources to actually have a real source-based idea of what they are saying before they say anything. Unlike when BREITBART stood in front of congress and under OATH lied about what they had done with James O'Keefe to promote their right-wing propaganda.
  6. Because they would get caught having illegal guns in normal day-to-day situations. Not just while committing other crimes. And this plays right off of the "criminals wont obey" that the right-wing has professed for decades.
  7. Saw Hannity tonight for a minute.... HILLARY! BILL CLINTON! URANIUM ONE! And included a OPINION writer quotes to try and validate his endless crying. Thought I was stuck in a time-loop from 6 years ago. 👾
  8. On base closures they both do. On cost of goods, unneeded purchases and overhead, they absolutely do not.
  9. He is totally absent to his district and his constituents. He is after GOP political power mongering handouts.
  10. I can recall many times the Defense Department has asked for cuts and down sizes and changes-to-the-lesser over the past two decades... and the Republicans refused to follow their recommendations to cut anything along the way. Instead they want to only cut stuff good for the basic citizenry. Its preposterous.