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  1. But he is obviously in the very worst position to fix it of all the presidents. Just his presence pisses off many of the people that need to be reached.
  2. It was a very odd twist and question by jamny, that's for sure.
  3. This is what Conservatives keep trying to do. Look at how they attacked schoolbooks and history in Texas, which controls the nations schoolbook supply .
  4. Jimmys college accuracy was about the same as Glennon. (One in the ACC and one in the Ohio Valley Conf). No way you can compare TB and NE though, one is a high completion short passing game and one is decidedly not. With vastly different support staffs as mentioned.
  5. Our president is the biggest Poosay to ever hold the office.
  6. The #12 and #33 are horrible price point for either -- even with Glennon having shown much more (on a far worse team) and JG having some intriguing unknowns.
  7. I find your post to be rhetoric that is trying to soften just how truly un-American much of his agenda is. And it's laughable because you were staunchly against any "legit" arguments already.
  8. Would you consider trading #12 and #33 for Mike Glennon? A guy with 4100 yards and a 84.6 qbr for TAMPA BAY in his career.
  9. Those are some damn fine players in Bossmans list. Lets look at JGs #62 draft slot and QBs from #50 to #130 (two round after #62) in the past decade... Brad Smith Tavaris Jackson Brodie Croyle Trent Edwards Isiah Stanback Brian Brohm Kevin O'Connell Stephen McGee Colt McCoy Ryan Mallett TJYates Brock Osweiler Kirk Cousins Mike Glennon Ryan Nassib Garrett Grayson Sean Mannion Bryce Petty Cody Kessler Connor Cook Cardale Jones
  10. Its all about your ability to "get open" with Dak. See: Cole Beasley. An OJ strength in college. From his NFL page: Easy separator who creates instant throwing windows...
  11. Trump stepped up his attacks on the press, who he has called the “enemy” of the American people, telling CPAC attendees today that the press should not be allowed to use unnamed sources and that he intends to “do something about” the media. 卐 ...that shoe fits perfectly.