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  1. There have certainly been worse ideas. But unfortunately many of those have been made by coach Marvin Lewis and owner Mike Brown. Go for it. So long as you have the roster room to be patient. It'll make the Dalton owner nervous for sure.
  2. This thing is 10 episodes long? Don't get me wrong, its a terrific show. But my listing shows 4 two-hour shows. Its pretty exhausting watching just 1 or 2 episodes of this self-inflicted idiocy .
  3. I make one of the best resumes you will ever see put to paper or pdf. Never had anyone not get an interview using one. And most of the time during these interviews the applicants are asked directly about the resume. A: yes. Any pro tips... The resumes will start to blend together for the reader after the first 10 or so. Make yours stand out in a unique professional way that they have no option but to remember you and your resume. Most people who know how to make a proper resume will certainly have qualifications and significant data points to show. At that point you want to take a step-above. The reader/interviewer will actually be appreciative of it.
  4. With Nazis, history says you are wrong. Dead wrong.
  5. Tavon injured his shoulder.
  6. Quit acting like the commission is legit. It isn't.
  7. Seth Abramson @SethAbramson·10h 8/ What we know of the Manafort investigation suggests Mueller has the charges to possibly put Manafort away for life. And that will be key. Seth Abramson @SethAbramson·10h 9/ If Paul Manafort is looking at the rest of his life in a federal prison, the chances that he flips on President Trump rise exponentially.
  8. Pretty sure Manafort lived there, which would make Trump Tower tapping all-about Manafort, not Trump. Surely they had several locals and items "on tap" for Manafort. Trump Tower alone has about 40 floors of condos and 25 floors of business'.
  9. No, because that is idiocy. Anyone who says such a rudimentary thing is just trying to score a point. This started before Trump. Nor was this directed at Trump.
  10. Casillas had 1 tackle in first half.
  11. Crap.
  12. Yeah good thing its not what they really meant to say. But something-something about free speech.