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  1. BigSteelThrill

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    Had a round-table with 4 other longtooth IDP players on Skype to start the new year. Conclusions: If Ints/Sacks are not worth at least 5 times the amount tackles are -- we don't really have an IDP league. Its only a facade. If you don't utilize The top 25 at each position (DL/LB/DB) as starters, then there isn't a real statistical difference and again its not an IDP league. Obviously going even higher in the utilization makes it a better offering, but the baseline remains. The base 3 defensive positions were all very (and almost equally) valuable this past year. Would be nice to see this trend continue.
  2. BigSteelThrill

    Such a proud day to be an American

    He wasn't squelched, he was ignored. Permanently ignored. He can continue to post stupid/hateful/ignorant remarks, but another poster is choosing to ignore it.
  3. BigSteelThrill

    Go Fund Me for the Wall ......

    LOLOLOLOL! Such lies.
  4. BigSteelThrill

    Go Fund Me for the Wall ......

  5. BigSteelThrill

    Go Fund Me for the Wall ......

    He was told. So he jumped.
  6. BigSteelThrill

    So how do we fix the wealth disparity in th US

    This isnt true. Its an outmoded way of looking at it. Often a company charges as much as it can for the widget (market), and then almost always pays its employees the least it can (market). Very typical in America.
  7. BigSteelThrill

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    Yes things unfolded very odd, but nice for fantasy, in Indianapolis. Autry only concern is he will turn 29 this year. But he seems to have found a home as a DT and not a DE in the Indy 4-3 -- same for Hunt. And since speaking of Indy... Darius Leonard is the only player ever to amass at least 160 tackles, seven sacks, and two interceptions in a season.
  8. BigSteelThrill

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    Not sure what this will become. But it is a new year and still got IDP on the brain. I'm in a league that will have lots of movement early (Feb/Mar) so when everything else goes dark, we are alive and moving from now until May.
  9. BigSteelThrill

    Who is the 2018 NFL MVP?

    Agreed. Though some voters may give a lifetime achievement vote to Brees, which isn't only wrong but unethical.
  10. BigSteelThrill

    The ***OFFICIAL*** 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    Talk about people claiming the NFL is rigged!
  11. BigSteelThrill

    The NFL’s Retired Numbers

    The Steelers have retired only one number: Ernie Stautner's 70.
  12. BigSteelThrill

    Go Fund Me for the Wall ......

    That no on the symbolic wall funding is a hard no.
  13. BigSteelThrill

    The ***OFFICIAL*** 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    They got rid of Bowels. 👀