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  1. If Franken goes then Trump needs to go. Moore is on an entirely different messed-up level.
  2. No effing way. Horrendous outcome.
  3. amazing.
  4. Correct for the most part. Though I didn't say it was bad, more indifferent then anything. I am saying that it is certainly common enough among women.
  5. So one of your employees... is out at the mall with some friends and takes a picture pretending to grab some guys butt from behind. He doesn't know (nor does he really care) and her and her friends say they were goofing around. You would fire her. That is extreme.
  6. No, they grab mine. Or they make a mockgrab-joke attempt like Franken in that picture.
  7. Warriors come out at half and start draining shots. Nice response bythe Dubs .
  8. Warrior announcers saying they've never seen Draymond so outmatched/played and he will need the GS coaches to help figure it out.
  9. still no answer, hmmm. You are the one "framing" what is should be called and what it is. I said to you I have the EXACT same thing happen to me (as in the picture). But I do not find it to be assault. But despite what I think of it... do you think these women should they be arrested or fired?
  10. I'm not bothered. And in the case of Tweeden... she is literally there for her sexuality (as in women at a USO show) Are we now ignoring reality and history? I'm not.
  11. Consent? No. Girls be scandalous. They don't ask and they don't have permission. I just don't expect them to get fired or arrested and let it go.