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  1. My PPR starters are locked in with Gordon, hunt, Nelson, golden, and Thelen. For my Flex, I am deciding between Dion Lewis, Crowder, Westbrook, Coleman or Barber. I am leaning Lewis due to the potential shootout with Pittsburgh, but what say you? Thank you
  2. I currently have Dion Lewis in at my PPR Flex spot, but Mixon sits on the bench. Does his break out game change that for you at all?
  3. Waffling on my PPR Flex decision between Dion Lewis and Zach Ertz (unfortunately I started Vernon Davis last night as my TE). I also have Greg Olsen, Joe Mixon and Corey Davis as other options, but I didn't feel as strong about them. What are your thoughts? Thanks as always, Sig.
  4. Waffling on my Flex position options in a PPR: leaning Vernon Davis, but also have Jordy, Mixon, Crowder and Dion Lewis. What would you do?
  5. Sig - Who would you play as the flex in a PPR league: Dion Lewis or Corey Davis.....OR would you pick up Gabriel or Burkhead this week off waivers and start him instead? Thanks, Bloom.
  6. Which streamer wide receiver home run gamble do you like for this one week? Ryan Grant, DeMarcus Robinson, Willie Snead or Curtis Samuel? Or with the news that Fournette is out, is Ivory a better flex than all 4 of those options? Full PPR. Thank you in advance
  7. Hey Sig - In a full PPR, would you run the risk with Tate, or pick up TJ Jones, Pryor, Paul Richardson, Lockett, Marquise Goodwin, John Ross or Demarcus Robinson? Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm leaning Lewis, but what are your thoughts on full PPR flex position between Dion and Mixon? And do you think Ellington will have any flex appeal moving forward with Peterson? Thanks Bloom.
  9. Full PPR, need 2 of 3: Mixon, Pryor or Theilen...
  10. I understand that much of the negative comments about Ivory's fantasy potential on the Jets is centered around this point that the Jets team is just awful. But I think anybody that focuses on that point, more than talent or opportunity, is being a little shortsighted. While offensive prowess is a factor, talent and opportunity typically have a higher priority. At least, in my opinion. Cleveland sucked last year, but TRich still produced. Ditto Doug Martin. And MJD on a piss poor Jaguars team. The Bills and Eagles look like dumpster fires, but CJ and McCoy held significant value. Even Fred Jackson had value on a bad Bills offense. Talent and opportunity usually supercede overall team performance. Similarly, some of the top scoring offenses in the NFL don't always necessarily product fantasy RB gold, usually due to a lack of talent and/or opportunity. The Broncos, Chargers, Lions...and the Saints. So my point is that I don't think the Jets horrible offense should be the main deterrent of Ivory's value IF he gets traded. If you believe in his talent, and/or you believe he will get more opportunity to shine than Goodson or Powell, then I think that has more merit in his ranking. Team performance is more of a secondary or tertiary factor in determining value. Just my two cents.
  11. Thanks for the response Chad. But I am still confused a little bit, because the two points above seem to be contradictory. Unless I am misunderstanding (which is entirely possible, as I've only had one cup of coffee today), but any RB in the RB20 to RB30 range would EXACTLY fall into the RB2 or RB3 range. And I think that is what gives Ivory value, as nearly every single league starts at least 2. And at 25 years old, there is long term possibilities. Just my two cents.
  12. Not trying to nitpick or stir things up, but can you elaborate on this point because it doesn't make sense to me. It would seem to me that in a start-2 league, 24 RBs would be in starting lineups (plus more if there is a flex). That would make an RB 20+ a borderline STARTER, which is very valuable in fantasy football.