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  1. Am afraid of swimming in shark infested water at night and jumping or large spiders.
  2. So, kind of a modified and expanded Gale Sayers, I am Third, philosophy. Nice.
  3. I'm well aware of the Colorado law. You would be well aware of my awareness if you are following along, or perhaps you are addressing others through me.
  4. I don't know why, I could speculate that it has to do with a defect in character or intellect, but clearly, from your many posts, that is what you are trying to accomplish, to dissuade them from one point of view and towards your own,
  5. Or perhaps his dog is gassy because the Anderson Toddler did not agree with him. We can't know. Not until we see the toddler alive and well for ourselves.
  6. #1 Donald Trump #2 Communist who keep their people behind a wall #3 Buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies. Sure enough, there it is, #1 on the list.
  7. Lashing out at one of the most reasonable and respected members of this board is no way to get converts to your position. It only serves to further impugn your emotional and intellectual stability. Perhaps you can adopt another pit with a past you cannot fully know and so a future you cannot ever really predict and train it as an emotional support animal who can sense when you are becoming this kind of overwrought and that animal can intervene.
  8. Easy answer for me, assuming that by "Criminal" you mean someone convicted after due process of law, which I do presume since you are a reasonable fellow, the answer is "yes". I also believe that felons ought to lose their right to vote, if not permanently for a substantial amount of time. I am not a fan of prohibiting them from residing in certain areas once they are no longer under encumbrance of a sentence.
  9. An aside. Reading this thread only confirms my belief that voting ought not be expanded. Many argue that participation in the process is a good in and of itself. I am convinced that many who already participate are simply too obtuse to have that right. Folks ought to have to take a test on our constitution, our system of government, and on basic deductive and inductive reasoning. Only then should they be able to participate. This thread convinces me that many here should not vote. So many who simply cannot reason and don't understand language. I also wonder at those who say a multiparty system would be a disaster. Sure there are plenty of examples of it making matters more complex. Developing coalitions takes statesmanship. That said, if we had a three or four party system I could see impeachment moving forward much more easily. Currently obstruction from one party, unwilling to admit that the emperor has no clothes even as the naked bastard romps through their streets, is enough to stop that process. Imagine if the House and Senate were both populated by 1/3 from each party, or 1/4. Then a collation of those not from the party unwilling to do its duty due to loyalty to party over country could be formed and we could get where we need to go, to an evaluation of conduct, not an evaluation of blind partisan loyalty. Sorry for the tangent. Back to ignoring each other as you reiterate your positions for the umpteenth time.
  10. Annette Benning, Grifters, Margot Robbie, Focus, Ned Beatty, Network, Newman and Redford, The Sting, Clooney, O Brother Where Art Thou. The Ocean's 11 crew, and of course in real life and in film Frank Abignale.
  11. No speed limits, but there are signs. Like: Apologists use left lane only. Rest stop for enablers , 1/4 mile. Lobbyists and Attorneys may not share the same vehicle. Pedo Crossing