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  1. I would say that power corrupts, but so too the lust for power over principle.
  2. I think he is dead wrong. He mistakes the temporary alignment of power as indicating a permanent state which can only be undone by becoming that which one has previously, and rightly rejected. It is panic. It is a lack of faith that one's principles will prevail if given a chance to be fairly evaluated. I would reject that argument even if it held ten times in a row, but it prevails now only once. Our current situation is anomaly, not norm, mistaking the two shows a lack of clarity.
  3. I'm going to say appendages are the best part of mine, all six of them.
  4. Becoming that which I despise. Hmmm. Has not my enemy then won?
  5. Did Hitler create his times or did his times create Hitler? In his absence would the void have been filled by something more virulent? Hard to imagine, but possible. Absent Hitler what would Stalin have been or done? I would have a hard time killing a baby. It would help if the infant was sporting a Hitler mustache, then, maybe.
  6. Sure, I should have got that. I guess I was hoping it was something more ribald, though that is fairly racy just in and of itself.
  7. Oh, if it turns out to be drug related confiscate the offending substance(s) and mail them to me for proper disposal. Oh, when I say mail them to me I am, of course, referring to the drugs, not the kids. You can keep them. I am already raising one of your kids, I don't need more.
  8. They are probably not old enough to remember wood tennis rackets, nor the presses you stored them in between uses. Damn I'm old.
  9. Mad respect for Dawson for starting the Vikings on a decades long, and thus far unbroken string of Super Bowl futility.
  10. Few teams, if any, could match Starr, Rodgers, Favre, and Lynn Dickey for their top four. That means Lambeau, Canadeo, Herber, and Rote don't even make the list. hell our second four would be legends in Chicago, but in Green Bay, well hell, they are legends too. Suck it Bears!