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  1. Flags, modern flags, do not ignite easily. Its not as it they are children's pajamas.
  2. Natural history museum, art museum, water park, airport, strip club, fight club with all the restaurants he can handle in between. I might try to work a quick trip to my doctor for vaccinations and antibiotics though for all I know that may kill him as much as cure him. Imagine my embarrassment if the natural history museum had a diorama of his home with a likeness of him inside.
  4. I like best that version of you which tends toward the sardonic.
  5. I understood your argument, or perhaps statement is more accurate. I am not refuting what was only an observation, and an accurate one at that from what I can tell. I am marveling at what has come to pass, and what is likely to come to pass.
  6. I don't believe that any "church" whatever the heck that is, is entitled to any more constitutional protection from lawful search and seizure than is any other business or public place. the deference is historical and frankly superstitious to reverent, depending on ones view, but I find no authorization for that deference in the constitution. With more and ore folks invoking a privilege that does not exist this will come to a head.
  7. This church sanctuary thing fascinates me. I get its medieval origins. What I don't get is people believing that a public building defeats a warrant. in this day and age. If they want real and meaningful sanctuary they should get on the grounds of an embassy that will harbor them.
  8. Arm yourself with a Zomboni. Just take a Zamboni and with a few simple modifications converting it from ice smoothing to body mulching it is good for harvesting zombies like a thresher harvests wheat.
  9. You and I are never going to reach consensus since you never reach it with anyone. You struggle to find the unreasonable and unlikely to justify a poor choice. That's fine, its your choice and I expect a certain percentage of folks to choose poorly, but have the grace to change your position or let a few go, either way. You are addressing the unlikeliest of scenarios to the detriment of far more likely, but still extremely unlikely scenarios. I get it, your AR helps put lead in your pencil. It is not, however, a good weapon for home defense during the night. It is better than a bag of feathers, put far worse than a pistol grip shotgun with a short barrel.