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  1. Boy is crazy. I could see him showing up for some ninja-style revenge on Kraft, Belichick, or Brady. (why? - Because he is crazy, he does not need a rational reason.) Imagine old Bob. He is not sleeping well since he has had to avoid his favorite stress relief places. He hears a rustling of curtains in his bedroom. "The wind" he thinks. He rolls on to his back and looks up. There, clinging to the ceiling like Spiderman, wearing a ninja style outfit, all Raider black, in a ten year old helmet, with a live streaming phone in one hand and another in his other hand, skyping with Drew Rosenhaus, is none othe than Antonio. He lets go, shrieking about wanting his two-fiddy. Bob has a heart attack and dies. Antonio is discovered because he leaves two perfect impressions of his feet at the scene. Actually he leaves the actual soles of his feet at the scene having done cryo treatment yet again, but having not learned his lesson about wet socks. Antonio's response to getting arrested is to tweet threats out to his pool designer, a man who has gone unpaid for years as well as a woman he saw at a stop light the day prior. Drew Rosenhaus finally realizes, to his everlasting shame what he has enabled. He forsakes his business, moves to a monastery and changes his name to Andy House to hide from the press.
  2. So Derrick Wolfe goes out, hurt. After that there is still more than a half of football to play. from my memory they only ran to his replacement one time, one time. Me, I am old so maybe old school. I like testing backups forced into action.
  3. I don't know about others, but I gave him my proxy on October 3rd, 2016.
  4. I thought her best work was in American Flyers. Her most compelling work was in Quest for Fire. Her most powerful line delivered in film was in Commando where she totally nailed "I say again, Commando!"
  5. Are these laws subject to abuse, probably. Have they been abused, I am guessing maybe, occasionally, but not routinely. Do I have Constitutional concerns about them, certainly. Will I form opinions about them based upon fiction, no. Our constitutional experiment is ongoing. It is too early for me to make any conclusions whatsoever on these laws. The data is sketchy at best at this point. Legally I like due process, notice and an opportunity to be meaningfully heard. As a practical matter I understand that LEO appearing at ones home with warrants, ready to confiscate property when one has not had an opportunity to be heard will generate confusion and conflict. Worse yet if that happened at night which is why there are some presumptions about serving warrants during daylight hours in many jurisdictions. Still, I also understand the desire to not announce to a potentially unstable and heavily armed person that L.E. is coming. On this matter I wait and watch, concluding nothing as of yet.
  6. Coach LaFleuer, when the other team' stud defensive lineman goes out hurt you might try running the ball to that side more than once the rest of the game. Broncos got hosed on the Sanders hold. Really, three drives of what 16, 15 and maybe 12 plays, come on D. Had I been told the Packers would have 6 sacks and three turnovers on defense and none on offense I would have predicted at least a 21 point win. Still, 3 and 0.
  7. He knows what a period is, its another paternity suit avoided.
  8. My memory of Dr. Lee's testimony was that law enforcement did not follow proper and established procedures in some instances and that the failure to do so would cast some doubt on the reliability of some collected evidence and that it would have theoretically also allowed for affirmative tampering with other evidence. I do not recall him going so far as to state that law enforcement did tamper with evidence to inculpate, just that their failures allowed that possibility to exist and also that their failures also allowed for inadvertence to creep into the interpretations of the implications of the evidence. perhaps my memory is now faded, failing, and inaccurate. At the time I watched most of the testimony, but it has been a quarter of a century and I have not viewed the testimony since I first saw it. What do you think, has my memory been clouded, drifting over the years to the point of a present misconception? Certainly it is possible.
  9. I don't need my Supreme Court Justices to rise to the level of Caesar's wife, but very nearly so. I want intellectual honesty and fearlessness and moral courage. I want mature restraint and a passion for constitutional justice. I want an example of the highest aspirations and qualities of an honorable profession, not a bitter partisan hack who will dissemble and prevaricate because his feelings have been hurt.
  10. Like to see them build on the positive record with a bit more positive offensive production thrown in as well. Slight improvement every week, keep that arrow pointing upward.
  11. What's a sloppy joe? And please, no jokes denigrating the site owner.
  12. Taco flavored kisses for my Bin.