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  1. Really no reason to debate whether or not there's a difference. Both were on video so you can see them and judge for yourself. (Spoiler alert: There's a difference).
  2. As a complete outsider to the team who never follows the Browns outside their fantasy relevance, I've been impressed at their turnaround. Mayfield, Chubb, OBJ and Hunt? Hey, this is a real team. Almost had a winning record last year. I could see them winning the division. I just wrote that I could see the Browns winning their division, and I'm not joking or being sarcastic. So I don't think signing Hunt has hurt them with the NFL fans. I have no idea what their identity is, or who their leaders are. Maybe they don't have one. I didn't say I thought they'd win the Super Bowl. Just being in the discussion is a win for Cleveland imo.
  3. Well, yeah. My last sentence said even when it's not a good defensive play it becomes a good defensive play. I meant that there were opportunities, and they rattled a young quarterback so he missed them when they came up. Those plays weren't good looks for the defense, but they earned a cushion by throwing him off mentally. I don't think Brees would miss a play like that. And while he threw a pick in NFC championship OT, I don't think he'd have thrown up that duck in NE territory. I think Lutz gets to kick a FG there. You can stop Brees but he'll still take advantage of a good play if you give it to him. But maybe they'd play him differently knowing that. Bottom line is I think they used Goff against the Rams, so even when the Rams had a shot to win, their young QB couldn't take advantage.
  4. I guess I don't have that competitive spirit. $20 million to be a backup? Little wear and tear on your body, basically no pressure and a salary in the neighborhood of Tom Brady? Yes, please.
  5. I mostly agree, except the value in selecting an early QB isn't to get yourself the hot passer that year. It's to secure a high floor and allow yourself to forget about the position. There's value in that imo.
  6. I don't normally go early on QBs but I've tried to be more flexible about it. This past season I got Hopkins and took Watson earlier than I would normally to pair them up. Worked out great. Point being that Mahomes going early might mean some other QBs (Rodgers maybe) go a little later and I might get one of them. So I won't get Mahomes, but I might get a guy that drops a round because of Mahomes, if "early QB guy" goes for him.
  7. Not to take anything away from the Patriots D in the Super Bowl, and not adding a "but" because I'm really not taking away the credit they deserve. I just want to add that they also took advantage of Goff by making him hesitate an extra beat or two. Some of that was mixing up schemes, but he had Cook wide open for a score and he was too late. That wasn't great defense. That was rattling a young guy with great defense for so long, that when an opportunity presented itself he couldn't take advantage. NE got away with getting beat because they had rattled the young guy. That hesitation also made him take a sack that could have taken away their only points. Zeuerlein bailed him out, but it could have been a shutout. If Goff makes that throw, we could be talking about Brady being 5-4 in Super Bowls. The defense got in his head, so even when they didn't have a good defensive ended up being a good defensive play.
  8. Really impressed with the Rams this year, but I was finally (for once) happy to see the Patriots win. It just didn't feel like the Rams deserved to be there. Not a Saints fan; it just felt like the wrong team was facing the Patriots. So I'm not sorry the Rams end up with nothing. Obviously we can't say they'll definitely be back, but they should be in the conversation for a few more seasons at least. Goff will only get better, as will McVay.
  9. Reid is a guy I'd like to see get a ring. So much has been made of his playoff track record (deservedly so) and I'd like to see him get past it once. I also think the Chiefs are the better team, and they're playing at home. So why can't I predict a victory for them? Coaching. The difference between BB and Reid is monstrous, especially in the post-season. I'd be happy to see KC dominate, but I think it will be close. And in a close game, not sure I can predict the Patriots losing.
  10. Yes imo. I will be shocked if the Chargers make a game of it. Rookie coach, hit-and-miss offense = trouble against NE in January. The Chargers will need to play a LOT better to have a shot to win Sunday. To their benefit, they're probably well aware of it and will try to adjust.
  11. I'm constantly amazed at how the Patriots convince teams to give them high picks for players, and then give up barely anything for decent players. Not all the time, but enough that I'm like "how can the other GMs keep filling their pantry?" BB has a lot to do with that. I think you could give him the head coaching job on any remaining playoff team and that team will be considered better. I can't think of a team that wouldn't prefer BB to whatever coach they have. Brady/BB are 5-3 in Super Bowls. They could have been 8-0 pretty easily. Let's say 7-1 because a lot had to go right to beat Atlanta. But the Vinatieri go-ahead FGs were when the games were tied iirc. They still could have won even if he had missed. I put 70 percent. Maybe too high. Maybe BB-50, TB-25, everything else -25. (not knocking Brady. I consider him and Montana co-#1, but that might be nostalgia. If you call Brady the clear GOAT I won't argue it).
  12. As a football fan with no rooting interest in any of the teams, Philadephia at Dallas in the championship game sounds like fun television. So does LA/NO rematch. Anything else would be just okay. Fun weekend.
  13. Coordinators have egos, too. Most of them eventually want to coach their own team. A few are happy to be career coordinators, but most see the position as a stepping stone to helm their own pro (or maybe college) team. I think teams sell their positions by touting the coach's ability to land a head coaching job if things go well, and they'll do everything they can to help facilitate that. Like recruiters trying to sign a high school kid, they promise opportunity and a good fit to get them to come aboard. So it's not that they sit around letting them leave. There's only one head coaching spot per team, and the understanding is that a good coordinator will get a shot to be a head coach somewhere.
  14. I often make the wrong decision when deciding between two players. Sometimes I can overcome it; sometimes I can't. In one league I couldn't (left M. Williams on the bench for Z. Jones) and got bounced in the semis. In another, week 17 title game, I chose correctly (CJ Anderson over J. Conner, Pats D over Bears D) and I won. Nice to get it right sometimes.
  15. I don't call making the playoffs basically every year mediocre. Weren't they in the conference title game not long ago? I think no losing seasons, plenty of playoff wins and a contending team every year is better than mediocre. Way better, actually. I think Steelers fans are a bit spoiled. And as a successful franchise, that's perfectly okay. You win, you expect to win. Just winning isn't good enough. I get it. If this "mediocrity" is all he brings to another franchise (if/when he gets fired) I think that franchise's fan base would be really happy. Maybe they're not a fan of underachieving and mediocrity. Maybe you're too used to winning every year. If you want Pittsburgh to ride the coaching carousel, I sure won't stop you.