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  1. I'm considering avoiding Miami on offense and defense all year just to make it interesting (and I'm already way behind). Used O: Sea (21) Cle (23) D: Phi (27) Cle (3) +14 Week 3: O: Philadelphia D: New England Edit: Swapped in NE on defense.
  2. Kicking a 40-yard FG reliably is really easy. Doing it under game conditions with NFL pressure? Not so much. I think kickers, QBs and coaches get paid for their ability to perform under pressure as much as anything else. Andy Reid is gold when the games don't mean much. Same with Schottenheimer back in the day. There's something about the Patriot Way that allows them to execute with the same sense of calm whether it's week 2 or the AFC Championship game. Belichick and Brady don't perform better under pressure. They perform exactly the same and eventually, the opponent blinks. Their competition is only human, and they're not. I think the Giants got the better of them in both Super Bowls because they didn't blink. They had nothing to lose so they just played and (barely) won. Regarding Tomlin, I think his teams play pretty much the same in the playoffs, but not exactly the same. That's why they lose to teams with football robots who feel no pressure. I'd keep him because I'm not sure who would do a better job.
  3. Used O: Sea (21) D: Phi (27) -6 Week 2: O: Cleveland D: Cleveland
  4. I heard that the Raiders were willing to move forward with no guaranteed money, and they could try to void those guarantees due to his previous behavior. In those circumstances, Brown didn't want to play there anymore. That's why his online behavior got weird (thanks to consulting with social media experts). Regarding whether this was orchestrated from the beginning, I'm not a superstar athlete but I'm not sure why someone would sacrifice $30 million guaranteed to take <$10 million guaranteed. Is that the cost of playing for a contender?
  5. Weird game that either team could have won, and the Packers come away with a road win against a division rival. They have that in their pocket and extra days to rest, all in week 1. They have to be pretty happy. The Bears have a lot of questions, dropped a home game to Green Bay and have extra days to endure a brutal media dissecting their performance. As for me, I couldn't finish the game. I followed it, but I couldn't keep my eyes on it.
  6. Imagine this happened on the Patriots. What would they do in this situation? Whatever you think that is, that's what the Raiders should do.
  7. Neither. Six points per TD and no PPR. Conner, Bell and Gurley were the next three to go. Wasn't excited about any of them.
  8. Tonight Elliott went 1.07, and I would have taken him at 1.08. Went with Mahomes instead. Not sure where Gordon went. I wan't that interested in drafting him, and by the time I even considered looking for him, he was gone.
  9. I see what you're saying. We're just a speed-obsessed society, and technology allows for immediate information. And really, Luck controlled the narrative. He knew when he was retiring before anyone else. He chose not to tell his teammates for days. He chose not to tell them that very night in the locker room. He chose not to tell them while he was on the sidelines. And he obviously told some people, because it leaked, and he didn't tell his teammates. That's his decision, and that decision comes with the risk of people finding out. In retrospect, he probably would have told his teammates right after he told the team. I don't fault reporters for reporting, nor do I think it's even a bad thing that it was reported. I think Luck could have done a better job of informing everyone before it got out. He'll be fine and the fans will be fine. They just need some time to process.
  10. There will be a comprehensive inside story. There will be quotes and in-depth coverage. But in 2019, the public doesn't have to wait until everyone is ready to hear the narrative they most prefer. They can get the basic info now, and then get more info later. I think that's fair.
  11. That's good info. Thanks. That tells me he made his decision then, but who knows how long he was showing signs he wasn't into it, maybe floating the idea of retiring? Maybe telling coaches he didn't think he could go through this? Maybe saying "It's not worth it" and "I could just retire and forget all this" and the like? If your star QB is saying that in the spring (just saying if that happened) you might want to make plans for the future. But if this came out of the blue as the preseason was underway, I think he did a disservice to his team that could have spent the draft and free agency finding replacements.
  12. To not report news of this magnitude would be the breach of ethics. Reporters report. It is their job to get the information correct, and when they don't we can and should criticize them roundly. But when they report accurate information, they're doing their job, unless it's a matter of national security or something, and the information puts lives in danger. The information was correct. Nothing wrong with reporting accurate information. If someone knew about it to leak, then people already knew before his teammates. He could have gone to them before the game, in the locker room. He was alone with all of them, and chose not to tell them. I'm sorry, but that was his choice. It was not disrespectful to Luck to report the truth. It would have been disrespectful to his readers and his employers to not report it. Just my opinion.