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  1. Gordon was offered the best possible deal for him last year and turned it down. This year he was offered the best possible deal for him (in this climate for RBs) and took it. He did fine for himself. Sometimes you take a chance and lose. He didn't lose that badly, all things considered. I don't really see either team making the playoffs, so whatever. Nice paycheck.
  2. Gurley will have plenty of choices. He'll just have to accept the new value of RBs in the league. The SF and KC showed you don't need a franchise RB to reach the Super Bowl. You can afford to get by at the position if you have strength in more important areas. The Cowboys are one of the few teams with a real franchise RB and it hasn't done too much for their title hopes imo. Gurley will draw interest at $5 million a year. He'll have his pick from several teams at $4 million a year. I don't think the position is even worth that much, but he'll land on his feet.
  3. It's hard to imagine a worse decision for the Bucs than to bring in Brown after signing Brady. WR is the last thing they need to upgrade. Brady has plenty of weapons. It's probably a big reason why he chose them. They're probably just kicking the PR tires on signing a guy to a deal that's way below his talent level (but appropriate for his toxicity). I'd be surprised if they actually did it. Fantasy-wise I think signing Brady hurts the receivers. No reason to sling it all over the field if you're not putting your team in the hole with bad interceptions. The Buccaneers have been fun to watch but tough to support. I suspect they'll be more boring and more successful.
  4. The flu is actually closer to .1 percent in the US. That makes Covid-19 10 times more deadly, even at just one percent. In any case, the numbers vary dramatically by age. If you're a young, healthy person, it's not really as serious for you. Even if you happened to get it, you should recover pretty quickly. But if you have a loved one drawing Social Security, it's exactly as scary as the media makes it seem.
  5. Not in stats, but the team doesn't care about that. Will Dalton put them in bad positions that require slinging it like crazy in the second half? Will he make the wrong throw at exactly the wrong time? Will he turn it over nearly three dozen times? Dalton won't make the Bucs a more explosive team, or more fun to watch. But he just might make them a better team.
  6. Congrats Arodin! After sitting at the bottom for most of the regular season, I'm happy to finish the playoffs near the top!
  7. Is there any way we could do it where each half is its own game? Like 1st half: O-- SF D-- SF 2nd half: O-- SF D-- KC Just one game doesn't allow for much movement, and almost half the field is between 28-38. Just a thought. If not, no prob. Just thought we might want to allow for more movement in the final game. Or maybe add the Pro Bowl into it? O: AFC D: NFC? That kind of thing. Just throwing it out there.
  8. Used: O: NO (20) KC (51) D: NE (20) SF (10) Total = 41 Conference Championships: O: SF D: KC
  9. I'd say Washington as well. They're just not run like a real team. All teams have talent, but not many do less with what they have. They're run like a fantasy football team come to life, with hothead decisions, short-term thinking and bad lineup choices. I see too much of myself in that team, except I have successful seasons mixed in with the losers. I'm hit and miss. They're pretty much miss.
  10. Used O: Sea (21) Cle (23) Phi (24) Det (30) NE (33) KC (24) LA Rams (37) NO (31) Dallas (37) Bal (49) SF (36) Atl (22) GB (31) Min (20) Oak (16) LA Chargers (17) D: Phi (27) Cle (3) NE(14) Bal (40) Car (27) LAC (24) Chi (36) Seattle (20) Buffalo (9) NO (26) Oak (10) Pit (10) Dal (26) Min (7) TB (17) Denver (17) +138 Week 17: O: Tennessee D: Indianapolis Edit: Sunday morning switch to O--Ten/D--Ind. I'm up for a playoff game as well.
  11. I remember Peyton Manning dong that once late in a season, and it ended up being the difference... a high-scoring total points league where each team scored more than 3,000 points.