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  1. See that is where we differ, I do not think they are very few, and I think this rhetoric is drawing more and more into there numbers. We have klan rallies and a president who says there are good people on both sides, so being in a right wing hate group is not longer a disqualifier for someone being a good person?
  2. You don't think that gays or minorities are hated in this country? Or that they vote conservative?
  3. Wife is from Holmes, NY. not far from you. We still have a house there. Love that area, mainly for the outdoors.
  4. Fried eggs in bacon grease Fried eggs in butter Fried eggs in sausage grease ------------------------------------------------ Hot sauce on fried eggs No hot sauce in fried eggs. ------------------------------------------
  5. Not yet, and not in the foreseeable future. The GOP have a good thing going for them , between Russia helping them, voter restrictions, and the gerrymandering it will be almost impossible for the GOP to ever lose control of all three houses.
  6. Tim if you think for one minutes Republicans will work with Democrats then you are misguided, they define themselves by opposing democrats, that is their whole persona.
  7. Pelosi is a beast, the GOP was scared to death of her and tried their best to derail her bid for Speaker including supports opponents in her district. She will go down as one of the greatest- if the greatest speakers in modern times.
  8. The Alt-Right Playbook: The Card Says Moops It is kinda long but worth the time to watch.
  9. One day her nude photos will leak and her popularity will go thru the roof.