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  1. We shall see if this horse has the endurance to be a #1. Hopefully he can get a clean break out of the gate in the first quarter and sprints to a great finish for us!
  2. I am going to have disagree after watching him for years now. He is not a chain mover. And he looks to always hit home runs which hinders his game. It is a between the ears thing. Nothing to do with his physical makeup. I just don’t think he has a workhorse mentality and he frustrates coaches with too many negative plays. I think he is a talented back. But I have seen enough. He will have huge games and then he can simply disappear. Consistency has been his achilles heal. A new team.....maybe it can change. But I don't think teams are going to approach him as an every down back.
  3. " I have got 5 kids to feed".
  4. He looks bad. Feel for the guy. Looks totally unstable mentally just by looking at his mugshot. Glassy eyes, looks bad.
  5. Clock is ticking on a potential trade. And I expect one at some point. No reason to let him walk for nothing. I don't think they have any intention of resigning him. And he really is a true COP RB. Not a 3 down workhorse.
  6. Turf toe is never good. I do not own Adams. But you really should be actively finding way to overcome him not being around for a while. Toe injuries are really tough, especially for RB's, WR's, CB's who do so much cutting on the dime and planting. Regardless of the fact I have no information or MRI reports to look at....the history of this injury suggests an extended absence, and comes to pain tolerance and will he take an injection to play.....which I hope he would never do. It destroyed OJ McDuffie's career. After the week 11 bye is a good target for his return. If he rushed back and re-aggravates it? Done for the season most likely and it will really be a big risk. Maybe he get's back earlier. Maybe not. All you can do as a FF is monitor updates. That is all we really have. But the moment he went down with a toe injury...I would have been working the market hard. Knowing the history of big toe injuries does help.
  7. He is a grinder. And he is playing well this season when he has been given the chances. I still think he is long term JAG. And I do think the Packers will be in the market for a RB next season. But he looked good last night. Best I have seen him look actually in his career thus far.
  8. Crazy right? I drafted him as a rookie on my dynasty squad and watched this guy develop into the most dominant WR in the league for a long time. Never heard a peep outta Pittsburgh with him until the last few years. Something really malfunctioned in the grey matter over the last several years. I really did not see this coming at all. Shame.
  9. Reid has a history of only getting his teams so far. Why? Simply bad football 101 ball control. He is not great at managing games...tight games that require patience in the running game. He is one of the worst big game/post season coaches I have ever seen. He can get them there but can never finish the job. Now it all does not come down to just him. Players have to execute. But so many times I have seen his play calling and lack of commitment to ball control cost him games.
  10. I have been using a couple of cash back no fee cards from Chase (Freedom Blue Visa) and BofA (Cash Back Rewards MC) the last 6-7 years. By year end I typically have $1200-$1500 in cash back the I use for holiday shopping every year. Gas, Groceries, wholesale clubs, eating out, travel and my surpass tolls are the bulk of the charges. I average 3% cash back on gas and groceries. Of course I pay my bill in full every month. Some quarters I will have 5% back on groceries and gas with the Chase card. Always 3% on gas and 2% on groceries with BofA. Works out nicely every year.
  11. Aria has a great spa. We have stayed at Aria every time we have went to Vegas since that hotel opened. However we have stayed and used the MGM Grand spa and it is good as well. I like to simply use the spa at the resort I am staying in. Last thing I want to do after a relaxing several hours at a spa is have to leave and drive back to my hotel.