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  1. Todem

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    LOL and we question when they shrink the house...what happens to the plumbing, the underground utilities blah blah blah......its a comic book movie. Suspend disbelief and let yourself be a kid again people. Anyway, I loved Antman. Top 3 Marvel flick for me personally. The sequel.....meh not so much. It entertained me, but did not hold a candle to the the original.
  2. The Rams lived off of the play action pass all season.....they simply could not sustain a running game today and it showed. Also Goff made some pretty bad decisions and showed how young he is. The Patriots seriously dominated the LOS from the divisional round through the Super Bowl. Simple as that. They turned it on big time and pushed people around on the LOS where the game is typically always won and lost. They morphed into a power running team in the post season and again proved that a running game and what wins championships. It was old school football. Hats off to them. Simply put......the greatest sports dynasty I have ever seen in my life. It has been an incredible ride. Goff was in freaking kindergarten when Brady won his first ring. I mean think about that.
  3. Todem

    Greatest Big 4 Sports Movie?

    Football - Remember The Titans and that was easy. Baseball - The Natural and that was so so difficult. So many fantastic baseball movies. Basketball - Hoosiers and that was very easy. Hockey - Slap Shot and the only other two I consider awesome are Mystery Alaska and Miracle.
  4. Baseball - The Natural Football - Remember The Titans Hockey - Slap Shot Basketball - Hoosiers Golf - Caddyshack Boxing - Rocky Soccer - Victory Wrestling - The Wrestler Other - Baseketball and Dodgeball
  5. Did he just say " they have been there millions of years" LMFAO.
  6. Right there with you. I wish they would simply just go back to the original system. Each coach get’s 2 challenges per half. Use one and lose the challenge you lose the second one. No challenges with under 2 minutes left. Only the booth can review at that point. Done. IMO replay has destroyed the NFL. Those of us who have been watching the NFL since the late 70’s remember a time when you had calls you talked about for years (like this blown DPI call which is unreviewable anyway and always has been), but at the same time.....the real time enjoyment of the game was always there. Sports are played on the field at real speed. Today in the NFL (and NCAA to a lesser degree) it is played in a “Stop” “Rewind” “Replay” state of mind and it is garbage. Funny thing is in Baseball replay is used perfectly and also the MLB umpires get it right 99.5% right. Don’t even get me started on the horror that is the NFL and officiating. It is comically bad at this point. And replay is a huge culprit.
  7. WTF is Vegas doing......don’t motivate those ###*****!!!
  8. Agreed....Rams have a legit shot. Just as good of an offense and a far better defense. Should be a great game.
  9. I was 31 when he won his first one. I am turning 49 on Super Bowl Sunday. FML. Signed, Dolphins Fan.
  10. “Yes...this is New York....yeah the commissioners office.....we need the double head the hidden coin switch a-roo trick.......Patriots need to win the toss”.
  11. What an Epic Championship Sunday we are getting.