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  1. Pretty stoked about Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends (2020 and 2021). Halloween 2018 was a strong entry and nice alternative arc. So we have 3 different story arcs now. Crazy. LOL.
  2. My son and I watched this last night. Holy freaking ***t!!! Excellent. I love anthology horror movies like Trick R Treat and several other 70’s anthology type horror movies (as well as Creepshow of course) and this was some freaky goodness. Great recommendation. Highly recommend as well.
  3. My son and I watched Terrifier on Netflix and was a brutal slasher. The Character that does all the mayhem “Art The Clown” is extremely creepy. The movie was made on a 100K budget. It has what I consider the most brutal kill I have ever seen on film.....jeeeeeez!!!! For a 100K was well done. It created a sense of dread, had some good music and of course borrowed some atmosphere from the legendary classic “Halloween”. A nice throwback to the great slashers of the 80’s (the good ones of course). This is fast becoming a major cult classic in the genre. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars grade. The sequel is filming this Fall. And the director is touting it as 10X’s what the original was.
  4. Saw the new Childs Play. Decent. Seeing Annabelle Friday.
  5. Saw it. Good watch. Predictable but well acted. 2.5 stars.
  6. Agree....pure recycled stuff for a decade running. And they wonder why the box office receipts are plunging. Yeah streaming has taken over....but the quality of the movies have been going down rapidly in terms of originality.
  7. The worst thing to ever think a music critic has any clue...about music.
  8. Crash Davis. All three of his baseball movies are classics. Yes...even Billy Chapel. For Love Of The Game was a great baseball/love story/date movie. Dances With Wolves is epic. I love that movie. Elliot Ness....great breakout role for Costner IMO.
  9. So Vegas has gone Disney on our asses. My sister In-law just came back from a soccer tourney. I have not been to Vegas since 2015. They all charge to valet your cars on the strip now? WTF is going on. Food has become outrageous I heard too. Man....Vegas was such a great place. And I still love it. I play a ton of craps and poker......but I guess they figured #### this.....we are going to nickel and dime now for everything. They finally caved.
  10. Simply plan way ahead with fast passes for must do rides....the rest is all whatever you want to do. It is fun. Just know it is a ton of walking, standing and waiting in lines. But the kids love it. That is why we go.
  11. I have been going to Disney World since the mid 70's. It is not even close to what it was in the 70's, 80's, 90's or even early 2000's. It is a puppy mill tourist trap to the extreme now. Now....I have enjoyed the parks dozens of times in my life being a Florida resident and I was getting off so would seem like stealing today. I am talking 1992 - 1999 we could go to all the parks, ride everything, stay off property (never ever stayed on property). We had many slow periods when we knew we could go and ride everything 3-4 times easy and wait in lines for 5 minutes tops. Those were the days. 3 day play tickets for Florida residents were 75-90- bucks tops. So we are taking my 14 year old son and my 13 year old niece this Friday for a 4 night stay (off property of course) and we got Florida discovery 3 day tickets and we are going to MK, Epcot and HS. All our fast passes have been set. All our dining is set. You have to plan ahead big time. Since we have been to the parks so many times we know exactly what rides are a must. We also just enjoy walking the parks and spending time together and having some laughs. But man.......the parks are packed year round. There is never any down time at all anymore. Times sure have changed big time. Oh the cost of the 3 day tickets total for 4 adults? $745.52 Lord man. But when you break it down. It is $62 per person per park. That is better than 110 or whatever they charge for a one day ticket. My hotel is running $600 for 4 nights. And it is a one bedroom at the Diamond Resort Beach Club. A great place 5 minutes away from Disney. Food will run 500-600 for 4 people....gas and tolls. Looking at $2100 and change for 4 days and 4 nights and 3 parks for 4 people. Not crazy $$$$ like people who stay on property. That is highway robbery. Yes it is is stealing. I wanted to have a Tee-Shirt made of a man bent over and Mickey standing Behind him with one hand on his tail bone and the other waving and the caption above his head saying "See you real soon!!" I would sell 10's of thousands of those.
  12. This is the only album from CC that I enjoy. The rest for me was extremely meh and never ever captured this albums vibe. Good album. But I can't take his voice past this album. Saw them live two times. Sucked both times. First time was when they first hit the scene with their debut album. Just atrocious. The second time was opening for Live. They sucked even more....just not my cup of tea at all. But yet.....that first album has some outstanding songs. Just the whole vibe of that album. Magical sessions.....never to be captured again.