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  1. A great rock band that does not get much notoriety. I am going to see Rival Sons for the first time on a club headlining tour in May. I am stoked. Love these guys.
  2. Yeah.....she did. It was hardly a debate. It was a public lynching. They debated nothing. It was all bashing, screaming and a full on #### show. She is one pissed off woman. Thank god she will never be Commander and Chief. God help us if she was. IMO the debate last night sealed the fate of the Democratic party. Trump won the election......last night.
  3. If Bernie wins the nom......Florida is lost to the Democrats. Trump takes this state in a landslide with Bernie as the Nom. Only the tri-country area is heavily democrat but also heavily anti-socialism.
  4. It will probably be the most polarizing election of our lifetime. Two fanatical bases going at each others throats. In the meantime.....the incumbent will win...easy.
  5. All for term limits. Serve your 4-8 years (8 if you get re-elected)......go back into the work force. It is not a is serving your country. That has gotten lost. Career politicians are the blight on our country. It would go a long way to getting things done. I have always pounded the table that we should have term limits in congress and the senate.
  6. I live in South Florida. He has zero....nada shot at winning Florida.
  7. That is the way to do it man. At your pace and leisure.
  8. Yeah just read up on it. There are a few still together, married, engaged etc.
  9. I never saw him on the Bachelorette. This is the first season of The Bachelor I have watched since season 1. And I only watched season one of the Bachelorette. The couple from season 1 on the Bachelorette are still the only one in the shows history to tryly make it correct? And a fine couple they are. Totally real true love. Was pretty cool to see.
  10. Not surprising at all. She’s a baaaaad girl in bed and out of it. Hence why he wants the fantasy suite with her. Can’t blame him. She is ####### hot. But he will lose Madison for sure if he sleeps with her or Hanna or both lol. Hanna is plan B