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  1. Back In Black is one of the all time great albums in rock history. There is your answer.
  2. 100% True. I love both versions of this band. Was a win win back in the day. The outgrew Dave and went on to write a bunch of great tunes with a new singer. Sammy is still a bad ### rocker/singer/songwriter. Dave is a caricature these days.....kinda creepy actually.
  3. Actually......not over the top. In the next 20 years I pray we can reverse the course we are on as a society and the current state of social media completley brainwashing people at the pace it is. The threat is so real. And ignorance of it will lead to our society truly crumbling and democracy as we had known it completely under attack right now.....and if you cannot see that...I do not even know what to say.
  4. Kiss it goodbye in 5 weeks.....kiss it goodbye.
  5. That shows you how bad the current State of the Union and the current resident in the Oval Office is.
  6. Naaa not even close to that. To truly understand what I am talking about you really owe it to yourself to check out The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It will blow your mind when you understand what I mean about regulation. Totally different animal from censorship. I am a musician and video game addict....I am not an advocate for restricting art, expression etc. When you watch this documentary you will understand what I mean about regulation on companies like Facebook and Google and it also spreads down to Snap, Instagram and Twitter. They are all following the model in what I am talking about. It goes far deeper than what you think I mean.
  7. I know he took advantage of it. And he has every right to use whatever tax laws he can as we all do. What is infuriating and highly shady and has red flags all over the the simple fact he refuses to disclose his tax returns to the very people he serves. The American Public and citizens of our country. He simply has no respect for the office and to us as citizens. Painfully obvious. Disclose them Mr President. What are you afraid of?
  8. Unfortunately the real debates happen over on Twitter and Facebook and it is mind numbing. We have sunk so low.......lord help us. We need to shut down skynet for 6 people can actually think for themselves and get out of the echo chambers.
  9. I know exactly how I am going to vote. Nothing will change my mind at this point. I do not want to deal with lines, or crowds of people. Simple. Early voting is great and it is our right. What is so hard to understand.
  10. I can get on board with this as well. We need to get back to moderate centrist politics. But will we ever back to be being decent human beings and compromising when our society is turning into "divided lines" in the sand and an all or nothing agenda. It is truly sad and it is a real problem.
  11. The real issue at hand is not the is the sheer amount of debt and who he owes it to. All that needs to be disclosed to the American Public. A clear appearance of a conflict of interest in terms of foreign policy exists here. If people can’t understand that then I do not know what to say. When you are being hired for a job your credit report is pulled and your background is throughly researched to see how much money you owe and to determine if your a risk. If you are desperate, or will your judgement be clouded under the pressure of massive amounts of debt you carry. We have to hold our Commander and Chief to those types of standards yet this guy....this so called President refuses to disclose his tax returns. Why? Because we will see the enormous amount of personel foreign debt he really has. And of course the insane amount of or lack of amount of federal taxes he has paid. Those defending him....on not paying taxes....get a grip. Really get a freaking grip on reality. November 3rd can’t get here soon enough.
  12. Which proves just how scary our country is these days. The lack of common sense is truly a threat our nation faces. I think his mighty base has truly shrunk over these last 4 years. He appeals mostly to the lowest common denominator in our country and he hoodwinked a lot of on the fence voters last time around. I do not think that happens this time around. That is where the election will turn. And the fact he is constantly barking about voter fraud and layering up is a clear’s going to be over soon. It will work itself out on election day. We can only hope. And for the record I have been a registered Republican my entire life until this past primary season when I switched to the democratic party so I can have a say in their primary elections (because I could not and would not want a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren running against Donald because then we would have surely gotten 4 more years). I am a moderate. A dying breed. But damn it we need to get back to being human beings again and meeting gin the middle and compromising and getting out of our echo chambers that have been created by all the social media companies that have ruined our society and continue to destroy our humanity. That is the true existential threat and it needs to be slowed down and regulated. I am going off on a tangent......but Twitter and Facebook are the blight. They are the true plague and our federal government is way behind and needs to wake up and hold these multi trillion dollar companies accountable for what they are doing to this world. It is truly scary and real. Anyway I expect Biden to do quite well tonight if he can manage to get words in over this sociopathic, narcissistic bully who has zero presidential qualities, and class. A pure #### show he is......and Wallace needs to moderate him to the extreme or this can be a farce.
  13. Ok after a long day of football and watching my Heat advance to the finals.....and seeing Aaron Rodgers continue to be great this season.....I watched The Social Dilemma late last night (after midnight). I had a hard time going to bed after watching it. It basically confirmed a lot of my concerns and fears of everything going on in our world regarding what I consider the arm pit of our society. The intentions were so good when this stuff (Facebook for example) first came around. A tool. But the evil empires within the board rooms only are about ho to monetize all of it. If you have not seen this.....I highly reccomend watching it with your children (if you have any). Major habit changes are in store for my 15 year old son...who is not on social media for the most part.....but the pick up habit and screen time habit are going to be curtailed a lot moving forward. I do not want it getting out of control as after you watch will understand. It truly is the Matrix people. And we are in some grave danger as a society if this keeps going unchecked and unregulated. it. Mind-blowing stuff. And not surprising to me at all.