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  1. Going to piggyback along here Kelly.. Looks like 2 of my leagues in the 250$ were dropped this year. Looking for 1-2 drafts close to opening week, either live or email type, ppr, 12 teams, preferably @ MFL.... thanks,
  3. Have a Live Draft, trying to fill... Wednesday 29th, 8pm, vp's, ppr, unique line-ups
  4. Live Draft, held @ MFL , unique line-up settings.. Need 4-5 to make it happen..
  5. All, This draft will be ran by Coin Flip, who most of you know runs several redrafts and dynasties. We're planning on drafting August 29th., It will be 8pm eastern time.. We need 12 commitments by Friday 24th and all LS fees in by Sunday 26th This is 1 ppr w/ VP's. Entry fee is $105 handled w/ leaguesafe., Unsure of how many new owners we will need at the moment , but will need 3 for sure. Unique line-ups here, I'll attach 2017 link. start 9 but only required 1, qb, 1 rb, 1wr, 1 te,, 5 flex from rb, wr, te Please email Coin Flip @ or myself @
  6. League Is Full.. Sorry Derby, just saw this.. Will contact if anyone drops..