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  1. That great 🙂. I would have preferred to order from your place. The stuff I received smells like rubbing alcohol and I honestly don’t know for sure how it was made. No label on the bottle. At the time it was the only place I could find that said they still some in stock. I know my wife would prefer something that smells better!
  2. I just received my gallon of hand sanitizer from Bulk Apothecary. No scent but I’m happy to finally receive it. Ordered it March 9th and arrived today. Going to share with friends who have run out.
  3. Have a feeling even if Chase is there at 3, Quinn will take Okudah. Love your draft. Talent meets need.
  4. Hearing the same. An announcement may be coming this weekend. This is from someone who works for the state of Michigan.
  5. Thank you for the information. I’m sure the cough and fever made a big difference. I have neither thankfully. 🤝
  6. If you don’t mind me asking, What were your friends symptoms other than fatigue? Curious how they got tested. I probably missed part of the story but I’m very interested. Whatever it is that I’ve got now has me exhausted...I can barely walk across the room right now but my only other symptom now is headache and mild body aches.
  7. I’m way behind in this thread so not sure if anyone here has experienced any Covid-19 symptoms but I’m currently in bed with something that is laying waste to my energy and strength. Had a dry cough all day Monday that went away Tuesday. Tuesday I felt perfectly fine. Woke up yesterday with a mild head ache and stuffy nose but otherwise felt fine. Finished my work at home day and as I walked my from basement office to our kitchen I was completely winded and had no strength. I was instantly exhausted. I laid on the couch and stayed there the rest of the night. Woke up this morning feeling a little better and thought I’d log into work. Walking downstairs to my office took all my energy. I logged into work to tell my boss that I’m going back to bed. Just finished a Video appointment with my doctor who told me to stay home, use my inhalers and take Tylenol as needed. He advised that if I’m short of breath to get to the ER. Right now my primary symptom is exhaustion with minor head ache and some minor chest discomfort when I take a deep breath. Otherwise breathing normally. Don't know what I have right now but it has wiped me out. My concern right now is @davidLat Twitter. His COVID-19 symptoms at first sound similar to mine and he’s now in the hospital. He’s a lot healthier than I and I have asthma. Keeping my fingers crossed that I just caught a bug unrelated to C-19. I will post the occasional update. Back to bed.
  8. Against my better judgement I got a haircut today. My buddy’s wife cut’s my hair and I wanted to support her. The 20 minutes in the chair were the most uncomfortable, paranoia inducing of my life. I noticed every time I felt her breath on my face and twice she laughed and i could feel it even more. I wanted to run but sat their politely. I’m convinced if I get it it happened today. She’s been in contact with hundreds of people over the past month. I am filled with regret and anxiety over a stupid hair cut. My opinion. Every salon and barber shop in the country needs to be shut down immediately.
  9. Good article. Falls inline with my thinking on the subject. So many here associate the mask with being sick; not the protective device that it really is. I’m wearing a mask everywhere I go but most everyone I associate with believes they don’t help at all because the media/experts are saying it doesn’t. I believe they are saying it because of the shortage and to prevent further runs on any that become available. if you have a mask wear it when you go out!
  10. I say yes. My wife refused to stop going to the gym or shopping with I’ve had a cough the entire day with chest tightness. Hoping it’s nothing but the anxiety is awful. Dont put yourself in this situation if you can avoid it. she has now agreed to the stay home for the most part now.
  11. Been very impressed with Whitmer’s handling of the entire situation.