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  1. The episode made it a point to emphasize that Jon is willing to give up everything to save humanity (The North) and questions whether Dany would. At some point that question will have to be answered. This to me was a big set up for the season.
  2. One of my favorite scenes as well. Dinklage killed that scene with few lines, and Oberyn is still a top 5 character for me.
  3. Tywin Lannister is a badass. Wish he made it to the last season. Would like to see how he would handle the the current state of things in the show.
  4. Looking for top notch and active owner for a single opening in a long standing non-ppr league. The league has $75 entry through Leagesafe, scoring is standard non-ppr with 5 pt bonus for 30 completions, 25 carries, or 9 receptions. (24 player roster) Picks: 1.03, 2.03, 3.03, 4.03, 5.03
  5. Agree about the character arcs. I just can’t let go of my dislike of early seasons Sansa.
  6. I'm fine with Sansa dying. I get the feeling she will be the biggest "winner" after Jon and Dany die. Never been a fan of the character.
  7. Been thinking about this. Read an article where Masie Williams says that season 8 is a lot like season 1. I’m certain Jon will die or sacrifice himself and I’ve figured his death would make him the hero, but what if he’s doomed to repeat Ned’s mistakes? What if he gets played by someone like Cersie/Tyrion/Varys and he dies tragically...not as the hero but as a honorable man who didn’t know how to play the game?
  8. I think Tywin’s last words were something along the lines of “you’re no son of mine”. Would be cool if Tyrion was a Targ but I don’t think we’ll get that in he show.
  9. Any season 5 rewatch has to include episode 8. Hardhome. Top 10 episode of the series.
  10. Battle of Wintefell is going to be epic and exhausting with that run time. May have to take the next day off to recover.