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  1. My brother and I used to quote this movie and this scene all the time. I will always be a Cusack fan. Ice Harvest is such an underrated movie. Agree Lloyd is the signature role but better off dead, Sure thing, high fidelity, gross pointe blank and ice harvest are all better movies.
  2. I’m satisfied. For the people that have a problem with it, don’t blame the show runners. They signed on to adapt GRRM’s books, not write the story. George failed them.
  3. There’s been nothing but pissing and moaning since the show passed the books. Doesn’t matter what the ending is.
  4. That was on was a set up for the payoff off them ending the series together.
  5. Last scene will be Jon in the north or heading north...likely reuniting with Ghost
  6. I would think any time your plan is to kill the queen, you probably don't expect to make it. Doesn't mean it won't happen....or she thinks that once she kills Cersie that she will live in Kings Landing when Sansa is the queen.
  7. Can we pour one out for Missandei. One of the finest humans on this planet.
  8. Why. They just fought a war where they fully expected to die and somehow lived. And they were drunk. Short term love affairs have occurred as a result of so much less.
  9. I take great satisfaction in the foreshadowing that Jon actually lives and reunites with Ghost in the North. ETA: The real North BTW - Sansa will be the queen in the end.