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  1. Value wise would you prefer Johnson over someone like Gallup or Deebo?
  2. This sums it up well. Quinn and Patricia are as unlikable as it gets.
  3. He’s no speedster but the kid is a good player and has better hands than you’d think. The oline doesn’t do him any favors.
  4. I am being offered a 2nd rd pick for him and I have been rejecting because it’s too soon after giving up a first (Sunk cost) but for those that drafted him last year in the 2nd you might be able to get him for a 2nd. I think a 2nd is a win for the person getting Singletary.
  5. Before the draft I dealt my 2021 1st for Singletary in 3 separate leagues where I thought he’d be the missing piece. Thought I was smarter than everyone else. I’m not smarter than everyone else.
  6. I’ve been watching the same Lions team for the past 40 years. Same story different season. Next offseason we move on to new coach/GM And we start over
  7. I don’t want to pile on the front office because it’s so cliche but I don’t think we’d be talking about Peterson if we’d drafted Taylor or Dobbins.
  8. Sometimes you’ve got to over pay a little to get your guy. Like you said, you’re happy with the deal and that is what’s important. And I agree that Ekeler in your lineup each week looks a lot better than those other guys. Good luck!
  9. All they had to do was not quash the rumors about drafting Tua, but no, let’s not piss off Matt and Kelly. You couldn’t call Matt and say “hey Matt you are our guy but you’re going to hear some rumors...just sit tight...we have a plan to help us win with you.” This regime literally creates a void and then forces themselves to fill the void.
  10. Can’t wait until they fire Quinn and Patricia after this season and we get to start all over...and spend the next 4 seasons replacing Patricia’s guys with real players.