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  1. Damn you guys, I just bought 3 hoses and the reels this past weekend. Mine will probably suck since they were bought without the official FBG seal of approval. FWIW I bought Neverkink hoses.
  2. Awesome thread. I went through it last weekend and just kept adding stuff to my Amazon shopping cart til I got through the thread. Getting home last night after another week on the road was like an early Christmas! On a side note, Amazon sent an e-mail saying they broke up my order into 5 orders for some reason. Fine with me except some of them charged shipping after they were broken up. Is this right? I guess after they broke up my order they no longer qualified for free shipping? Confused.
  3. It sure looks like the Humphries pick(to Arizona) in the first round threw a monkey wrench into our draft. It shouldn't have been a suprise since there were several teams picking right before us with the same need. Oher was pretty bad the last two years at right tackle, so I can't imagine they really believe he will magically turn into a serviceable left tackle.
  4. Well there's our OT. Gave up three more pics to get him. OVERVIEW First-team All-Big 12 in 2014, starting every game at right tackle. Started 12 games at right tackle and one at left tackle in 2013 en route to being selected second-team All-Big 12. Was Honorable Mention All-Big 12 as a sophomore in 2012, but missed final three games with MCL sprain in right knee. Was a four-star recruit by Scout and Rivals and graded out at 93 percent, with 38 pancakes and no sacks allowed. PRO DAY RESULTS Three-cone drill: 8.18 seconds ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Physical at the point of attack. Comes off snap with bad intentions and rolls hips under him to drive defender off the ball. Tough guy who leads by example on the field. Works to the whistle and enjoys the one-on-one run-game scraps. Competes as a pass blocker. Sees and reacts well to twists. Has power in his hands. Buries defenders on down blocks. Outstanding football character and overall work ethic. WEAKNESSES Below-average athleticism. Won't be much of a factor in getting back-side cut-off blocks against quick linebackers. Gets weight forward and will lose balance. Marginal lateral movement. Plodder. Shuffles and gallops to wide pass sets. Struggled against Baylor and rung up for three holding calls. Unable to smoothly change directions and redirect. Body control needs improvement. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 5 BOTTOM LINE Williams is a competitive player with all the football character you want and NFL power to match. When he gets defenders lined up in his sweet spot, he can drive them out of the play. Winning with guile and toughness over skill, Williams' lack of functional athleticism is a concern and might be a catalyst for a move inside to guard.
  5. From today:. Panthers GM: No more shopping at 'dollar store'By Marc SesslerAround the NFL WriterPublished: Jan. 13, 2015 at 12:32 p.m.Updated: Jan. 13, 2015 at 12:49 p.m.Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman made a stir two summers ago when he offered "a pregnant, seven-second pause" before agreeing that Cam Newton was the right quarterback for Carolina. Gettleman mustered up no such drama on Tuesday, telling reporters point blank that -- "Yes" -- he views Newton as a franchise quarterback. The GM, though, refused to talk about Cam's contract, which runs out after next season. "We need him to be more consistent and we need the players around him to be more consistent," Gettleman said, before crediting Newton for overcoming a flurry of injuries behind a patched-together line to guide Carolina to a second straight NFC South title. Coach Ron Rivera said Tuesday that Cam could "be a very special player," noting: "He wants it more than anyone I've been around." It might not happen right away, but we have no doubt about the Panthers offering Newton a handsome extension. Can his mechanics improve? Can he develop into a more reliable passer? Of course, but Carolina isn't about to part ways with a player of Cam's potential at the most important position in the NFL. Here's what else we learned from the Panthers: 1. After dealing with Greg Hardy's domestic violence incident, Gettleman acknowledged he "would have to really think" before pursuing a college prospect with character issues, saying of the Hardy situation: "Nobody in this room is trained to handle that. Nobody. And that was an incredibly difficult situation." Looking back on the team's choice to franchise-tag Hardy in February for a guaranteed $13.116 million, Gettleman said: "I thought it was extremely important to keep the (defensive) front together. That's why we made the decision to franchise Greg. And obviously it blew up." 2. Gettleman has bemoaned the team's cap space for two straight offseasons. This time around, the Panthers have a chance to spend some scratch in free agency. "Last year we were shopping at the dollar store," Gettleman said. "This year, we're able to move up in class." 3. Both Gettleman and Rivera emphasized the need to add wheels to the roster, with the GM saying, per The Charlotte Observer: "We need more speed. We know that. We're not silly. You don't want to miss the obvious."
  6. Dalton just doesn't have near enough arm to throw in the wind. This is gonna be bad.
  7. I've got Sanu in over Beckam Jr. Felt pretty good about it, too. Dang you guys...... but I think I'm sticking with Sanu. My last minute changes always stink and I'm a 20 point favorite. Sanu has been too good all season.
  8. That actually makes sense to me. I thought many times while listening to FNZ that he had to be pissing off his teammates. That, and while I doubt many guys on the team would confront Smitty, I'm sure that alot of his mouthy "leadership" was recieved more with eyes rolling. He's hasn't exactly always been a model citizen. The part I don't get is how saving 3 million against the cap by cutting a guy you couldn't get off the field with a bull dozer, and replacing him with a guy who costs 4.5 million and can't stay on the field, is an improvement. I must be much more concerned about Nicks health than most. Add in that his prospects of ever returning to the elite threat he once was are slim IMO, and I just don't get the move. Aren't his knees trashed?
  9. Absolutely loved this chili. Well done Judge Smails! After eating ground beef for all these years the tender stew beef was awesome.
  10. Well after reading about this chili since 2007 I finally went and bought all the ingredients and it's cooking right now. I should have paid closer attention to the little side note about getting the beef from Costco. $4.99 lb was a little steep for what were using it for IMO but my local Harris Teeter only had Angus. The Ribeyes were on sale and only $1 more, but I'm sticking with the recipe! I'm only making a half batch since it's just for me and my wife. I have to say that when you are browning the meat with all the garlic, cumin and oregano it's very tempting to stop right there and just eat the meat as is. It smelled awesome. The beer cooking smell has my wife concerned but It'll cook off I'm sure. Will report back later. Damn, I'm starving now! P.S. If you are going to cut the beef into 1/2" to 1/4" size, it'll take a while if you start with the size chunks i had.
  11. For those who grew up in Charlotte I think it was mostly a split between the Redskins and Falcons. More Redskins because the Falcons were always awful. My wife still claims she's a Redskins fan but can't name one player.
  12. Per NFL Network Wilson fears his neck injury may be season ending.
  13. ESPN reports: Coughlin tells RB David Wilson: " We need to see you in the endzone". Boy I hope so. Got him back in for the first time since week 2.