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  1. Last year of his contract and He wants to get paid.... Sleep on him this year and you will regret it big time... Im not just saying this because I know him
  2. Id never let them give me a Covid Vaccine Via Good Ole Billy Gates trying to save us from Germs... This over-hyped fear mongering is clearly favorite is MSM always having a Graphic of the Covid-19... I hate this stupid lockdown... I was hooping with a bunch of LA Chargers... heard Keenan speak his mind on the QB situation... and became friends with Derwin James... ####..we went from playing ball 3 days a week to this crap... no more hoax
  3. Everything will be fine..... most of us had this virus in January ... soon enough testing will prove herd immunity and we can get our scheduled prorgrams/production back to full speed ...
  4. in the beginning of the season last year ...DJ showed solid pass catching ability... He had a sick catch for a TD thrown over his shoulder... looked like a WR He's gonna bounce back hard
  5. DJ in a for a huge bounce back season... Hopkins... Yikes,,, Murray isnt the most accurate QB
  6. Josh Allen hasn't unleashed his legs yet this year like he did a few games last season.... today he's going to look like Lamar Jackson's clone
  7. Seahawks are over achieving this season and will come back to Earth
  8. New Orleans will unleash Kamara's Bull ring and he'll go bonkers on the Vikings
  9. Karma time for cheaters... Titans will stomp NE into the ground and AJ will go T.O on Gilmore
  10. Ya win some... you lose some.... dumpster fire in this case
  11. Choo choo all aboard... just confirmed by Kurt Warner.. Boone in... everyone else out