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  1. Love it. Was going to take another Bridges' song this round, but I'll switch to plan B.
  2. Hey Porkchop: M.C. Jose’s Top 30ish Covers by Dr. K Chaudhry (NO SPOTLIGHTING)
  3. You can have your computer on while testing??? Violation here. I'm in charge! 👮‍♂️
  4. Just a genre of rap- dark, focused a lot on drug use and depression, lots of synthesizers. Think it it like the emo rap movement. Soundcloud is website/app where people can upload their home-made music and is the source where many of the more successful and influential modern rap/trap artists have started out. Can we just call it "Face Tattoo" and call it a day?
  5. Leaving your crap in a shopping cart. (wipes, receipts, plastic bags, half eaten food/plates/napkins from samples) You people are animals.
  6. Do we have to pick a "home" category? P.S. What about a "motown" feel category - I've heard quite a few artists that give off a Motownesque sound recently.