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  1. :Blackdot: Been considering The Frame for our remodeled home. Looking at the 2019 version which is OLED. Curious about your thoughts on this - is the art function just too gimmicky, or does it look good? For a lower price I can get the same size OLED tv. Wondering if the extra expense will be worth it. I like the idea of not having a big black rectangle in the living room when it's not in use.
  2. Liked The Dirt, too. Not really breaking any new ground in that it's what you'd expect a bio on Motley Crue to be - sex, drugs, and rock-'n'-roll with lots of nekkid chicks. It's a fun wild ride. They did a really good job of matching the look of Crue back in the 80s - the photos/old video at the end credits are fun to watch The scenes with Vince Neill towards the end hit me pretty hard - had no idea he went through that.
  3. Florida man sentenced to 10 days in jail for dragging live shark behind boat. Florida man caught exposing himself in Walmart pillow aisle. Doesn't start with "Florida man", but of note: Helicopter rotor decapitates man at Brooksville-Tampa Regional
  4. I interpret the rules to mean no labelling at all. Don't dq your super session triple artisanal seasonal brewer's-choice ipa for the sake of your label. There's big $$$$$$$ on the line.
  5. Was randomly singing parts of "Love Song" in the kitchen the other day. Just being goofy. I sing out "I carried a watermelon! I want to feel vulnerable." Wife, from downstairs, who has no clue who Idles is, "Is that from Dirty Dancing?"
  6. Wow. Looking at a trip in about 3-4 years from now with then 5 and 7 year olds. Just reading through the last few posts this sounds absolutely miserable. Does this require meticulous, to-the-minute planning? Is there any ability for spontaneous fun? Although I would not enjoy waiting in interminable lines while only getting a handful of rides in a day, I would not want to have to organize a "fun" trip like it's a military op.
  7. Another vote for Love, Sex, and Robots. Pretty much a screen version of a Sci-Fi anthology, so some stories are better than others. At about 10 minutes per story, real easy to jump in and out. Really good animation/graphics to boot.
  8. In all seriousness, I never looked at her collective work. She's done some quality stuff.
  9. Voted for the lesser-known Bonnie Dearest.