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  1. Looking forward to this too. Just finished Dr Sleep.
  2. I grabbed the 75 TCL a month ago. No banding issues whatsoever. Been very happy with it, especially at its price. Picture is fantastic (full disclosure this is my first 4K, upgraded from standard HD). Love the Roku system. Highly recommend.
  3. 4 y.o. daughter called me into the bathroom. I get in there and she's beaming while pointing at the toilet, "Look at how big my poop is!" Proud Dad.
  4. Packing up all my equipment and sending it back today. Feels good. Will also be glad when the ST contract runs out for these clowns.
  5. Dude. Our good hero has shown throughout the course of this thread that he is more than capable of pulling some new hugs when he wants. This just happened to him. And clearly it's someone he has feelings for. Let the man do his own thing and move on when he's ready. So, yeah, don't be a **** to him right now.
  6. This is the way to go, as hard as it is. Perhaps a respectful, but firm, cutting off of contact will put you on the path of healing and moving on. Having constant reminders of her by way of communication will not help. Put all your focus on work, your kids, DFS or whatever, the Saints (who dat, brother), working out, anything that keeps your mind off of it. You'll be surprised how much this helps. Real sorry to hear this, man.
  7. Have had the exact same experience with three #s you listed. Seriously, the 410# can't help because I've got an older DTV account#? I'm being penalized for being a longer-term customer, I guess. Frustrating, given the success others are having here. Will be curious about your second efforts, but I'm heading down the Reddit/streams YouTube TV route soon. DTV can suck it.
  8. Called the 410# - said that a buddy told me to call them before I shipped back my equipment. They could not help me right then - said my account# is an older DirecTV account # and not a newer AT&T#. However, said his boss can handle it and they will call me back by tomorrow. He did seem willing to help out, was not concerned how I got that #. I'll call the 855# tomorrow.
  9. 👍 I struggled with this package a little bit. Knew you weren't a drinker, so couldn't go heavy with the beer paraphernalia. Also could only fit three bottles of soda in that box. Sorry about the odd #.
  10. I'm an idiot and can't seem to update on my phone. I have received. I have sent.
  11. Package finally sent today to the State for Lovers. ETA - packing is solid, just a messy conglomeration of packing material as I used whatever was on hand in my office.
  12. Just called to cancel - service to shut off on Sunday. No attempt to offer me anything, even though I was talking to the loyalty dept. Literally said, "We have no offers for you." I'll give it a shot a couple of days after service cuts off, but this really may be the end of DirecTV for me. C'est la vie.
  13. Dude! Second package arrived! Thanks so much! Pics will follow sometime after this weekend. Thanks for everything. I'm a big IPA, Pale Ale fan. Choice beer selection!