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  1. Of all things, I need help with my gin and tonics. Outside of a whiskey, neat, probably the simplest drink to make, right? My problem is the tonic loses its fizz quick. A couple of sips in, I'm drinking flat, watered down gin. It's not good. The same drink at the bar keeps it's bubbles much longer, making a much better drink. Not sure what I'm doing wrong - tried two different types of tonic (Canada Dry and Q), tried putting in the tonic first, then putting it in last, cold tonic, warm tonic, etc. I'm at altitude, but don't think that should make a difference. Any suggestions, recipes, help?
  2. Anyone having any luck running a web browser on their Roku system? Found a YouTube video to install Chrome on a fire stick. But the "mouse" utility that you must also download to use your remote as a mouse just sucks. Can't get it to work.
  3. Trying out the eye(s) of round (s) tonight. Will report back. Thanks everyone!
  4. Looking for a meat recommendation to smoke this weekend. Will be using my in-laws smaller Traeger. Need to smoke something that is not pork due to the Jews in the family. Feeding 8 adults, 7 kids. Anything, beef-wise, you'd recommend besides brisket or beef ribs? Cost is an issue - don't want to blow over $100 just on meat alone. Although, as I type that, I may sound like a cheapskate when I'm considering 15 people.
  5. Really not sure why this is still up for any logical debate.
  6. This afternoon, Colorado governor issued state-wide mask mandate for all public indoor spaces (includes stores, places of employment, "services", whether publicly or privately owned). Any individual that enters a public indoor space without a mask (exceptions for those with medical issues) can be subject to criminal/civil penalties. Owners, managers, or operators of public indoor spaces may not provide services to someone without a mask, nor allow them inside. ETA - totally applaud this. Love this quote: "You know, wearing a mask is not a political statement,” Polis pointed out. “I don't know how in anybody's mind it became a game of political football. It's simple. It's common sense and it's data. The virus doesn't care what political party you are in. The virus doesn't care what belief system you have. The virus doesn't care what your ideology is. The virus is the virus and it is a threat to every single one of us.”
  7. Yeah, this is a newer twist. I'm happy with everything I've ever gotten out of this. But here we go: Any color shirt Got an extra big head if a hat's involved (7 7/8) Love me some West coast style Ipas - don't like the juicy kind. In a legal state - no need for herbals Love hookers and coke.
  8. Thanks to @Faust for all the info and links!