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  1. I'm an idiot and can't seem to update on my phone. I have received. I have sent.
  2. Package finally sent today to the State for Lovers. ETA - packing is solid, just a messy conglomeration of packing material as I used whatever was on hand in my office.
  3. Just called to cancel - service to shut off on Sunday. No attempt to offer me anything, even though I was talking to the loyalty dept. Literally said, "We have no offers for you." I'll give it a shot a couple of days after service cuts off, but this really may be the end of DirecTV for me. C'est la vie.
  4. Dude! Second package arrived! Thanks so much! Pics will follow sometime after this weekend. Thanks for everything. I'm a big IPA, Pale Ale fan. Choice beer selection!
  5. Got a sweet package from the state of CT yesterday! Pics to follow. Will get my package out next week as I have a trip to the mountains this weekend to finish procurement.
  6. I'll go ahead and out myself. Two shirts and a piece of swag acquired. Want to get more on an in-state trip to add to the loot. Sorry FBG buddy on the East Coast. Go ahead and shame me. ETA - what happened to the bag smiley?
  7. Watching Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Netflix with the kids. And drinking a local IPA.
  8. Fudgesicle is the shiznitt
  9. Fake or not, I'm not seeing why this is such a miraculous event.Looks totally coincidental that a guy walks behind the shopkeeper just before a van drives by and the gate swings closed.