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  1. You need to read the thread. It's been covered ad nauseum.I imagine it has over the past 36 pages, but just won't ever understand someone's reasoning as to why the dog over a human.PS: I am a dog lover myself.In a nutshell the dog is family and humans suck. A fairy taleCop: NCCommish I have some good news and some bad news.NCCommish: Give me the good news first.Cop: A stranger managed to save his drowning dog and it's going to be just fine.NCCommish: and the bad news?Cop: Well, as for your daughter....... she drowned. He said he could only save one and he chose his dog, but he knows that you'd understand.NCCommish: I do understand completely, it really would suck to lose a good dog because in a nutshell the dog is family and humans suck. Please tell the stranger that my family and I are so thankful that his dog is OK.and all but NCCommish's daughter lived happily ever after.
  2. Actually with my huge gain in my portfolio today, I am planning on ordering a few plates. Hell I might even smash them into the fireplace celebrating the next big day in the market. With the way things look like they may be going, I probably should pay expedited shipping.Keep it up David. Looking forward to next years $50,000 survivor contest.
  3. Although our house prices are probably considered low compared to what most americans are paying, our house prices (in Edmonton,Alta.)have skyrocketed in the past 3 yrs. The 2BR - 2BR 1000 sq. ft. si-rise condo that I purchased for $150K in Sept. '04 would easily sell for well over $300K today. Average house prices rose from Mar. to Apr. of this year from $385K to $410K and condo prices rose from $246k to $261K. Predictions are that house and condo prices will rise AT LEAST 5%-6% PER MONTH until at least Sept of this year when they are expected to slow down to ONLY 2%-3% PER MONTH. Sure glad I moved back to town when I retired and purchased right away otherwise today I might need a mortgage.