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  1. As a Bills homer I'm still cautiously optimistic that EJ can be the guy. He missed most of the preason and over a month of the regular season with a knee, so I think that has held back his development but he certainly has the poise, attitude, and arm strength of a franchise guy. Its quite obvious he can't play well in hostile enviroments yet, he has had some serious clunkers on the road where he can get skittish in the pocket. At times he will sail short passes mind-boggling high, but I don't think its a stretch to believe he can iron out those kinks in his game by next season. Remember the bills drafted two recievers early last year as well, and both woods and goodwin have shown promising flashes as rookie wideouts. I think there will be money/picks spent on the o line next year as well, and can see him being a low QB1/high QB2 next season. The rotoworld blurbs in general seem to have lost objectivity that last two seasons. Not sure how they divy up writing the updates, but its painfully obvious sometimes of a bias. Even worse, its more common to see them beech, moan, and openly hope for a larger/smaller role for a particular player than give a honest opinion of the situation going forward. Thats what message boards are for, not news sites. But still, I havent found a better site for up to date FF news so it will still be a daily read for me