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  1. You’re not supposed to investigate. You’re supposed to assume the worst, then do whatever it takes to support your assumption. It’s like you haven’t paid attention to this thread at all, man. (All in good fun. Happy New Year)
  2. So he tried to do/say something lighthearted and people automatically assumed the worst. Gosh but that has to be annoying.
  3. Verified. Do this all the time.
  4. Chicken: B+ Canes Sauce for said chicken: A+ Fries: C-/D+ Texas Toast: A++++++++++
  5. Spicy chicken breakfast burrito.
  6. 5 weeks he had less than 10 points (0.5 ppr), which is my personal benchmark...others might vary. That’s too many to be considered plug and chug IMO. For comparison, Dalvin Cook had 1. Zeke had 1. Henry, Ekeler, Chubb = 3. I like him. I’m not selling, but unless I see GB commit to usage more I think I will still be playing matchups with him alongside guys like Drake and Mixon. I just think that’s an unusual stance regarding a guy who finished #2. It fascinates me.
  7. I don’t question his ability/talent. I question the regime. I’m not sure they realize what they have, or maybe they do and aren’t as impressed as I am. My point is I got him on the cheap in dynasty, as I imagine most did, and therefore I have other RB talent as well. I don’t think that despite his high finish I will able to auto-start him every week. To be fair, I am the king of paralysis by analysis. How about you...if you have other viable options, do you think Jones is matchup proof yet?
  8. I don’t know what to make of him yet. #2 RB but I don’t trust him fully. Very odd to be the #2 RB in FF but be under 1000 rush yards. He’s feast or famine.
  9. Thanks man. I appreciate you. Have a nice day.
  10. You’re saying that you notice people’s disabilities? Kind of snooty.
  11. People are addicted to feeling morally superior, and jump at every opportunity to get another fix.