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  1. I think they would find it odd that Brady would single out the strongest unit on the Tampa Bay team. There are bunch of other areas Tampa needs to focus on than adding ANOTHER pro bowl caliber WR, and a cancerous one at that. I would take it personally. But that’s just me, I guess.
  2. He’s been with the organization for 30 seconds and is already expressing doubt in his new team. If I’m Godwin or Evans and someone comes in and states they want an absolute head case on the team, I’d have a problem with that. Yes they don’t care about FF stats but these men still have pride in the work they have done and their importance to the team.
  3. What an absolute slap in the face to Godwin and Evans.
  4. During the first round of our (collegiate) conference championships, I managed to par the front nine without carding a single par. 5 birds, 3 bogeys, and a double. Glorious? Probably not...but definitely unusual.
  5. Ah. I’m betting then that I’m higher on Kirk than you are.
  6. I would be surprised if Arizona goes WR that soon. Without looking it up, it feels like they’ve put a lot of draft capital into WR recently.
  7. Also an EE from our alma mater, and honestly I don’t see what the point was. I could count the good professors on one hand.
  8. Central Ohio is actually fortunate to have a handful of very nice courses. If you have to travel this way don’t be afraid to bring your discs with you. And if you would like to help a noodle-arm with his game....
  9. You’re not supposed to investigate. You’re supposed to assume the worst, then do whatever it takes to support your assumption. It’s like you haven’t paid attention to this thread at all, man. (All in good fun. Happy New Year)
  10. So he tried to do/say something lighthearted and people automatically assumed the worst. Gosh but that has to be annoying.
  11. Verified. Do this all the time.
  12. Chicken: B+ Canes Sauce for said chicken: A+ Fries: C-/D+ Texas Toast: A++++++++++
  13. Spicy chicken breakfast burrito.
  14. 5 weeks he had less than 10 points (0.5 ppr), which is my personal benchmark...others might vary. That’s too many to be considered plug and chug IMO. For comparison, Dalvin Cook had 1. Zeke had 1. Henry, Ekeler, Chubb = 3. I like him. I’m not selling, but unless I see GB commit to usage more I think I will still be playing matchups with him alongside guys like Drake and Mixon. I just think that’s an unusual stance regarding a guy who finished #2. It fascinates me.