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  1. I probably have moved Gibson ahead of him on my teams pecking order. Not that anyone cares....
  2. I take it back. Would trade Mixon for one of Barkley’s cleats.
  3. I’ll get blasted for this but I don’t know that I would give up Mixon for Barkley straight up. I am VERY concerned about Barkley’s future. 😞
  4. I still say Rose should have made room for you on that door.
  5. Urge a little caution here, because at the same time last year JJAW was being equally hyped from similar sources. That being said, It’s nice to read.
  6. They’re all so damn good. Looks like Eagle is learning to play smarter and not always throw the hero shot, like Simon does.
  7. I confess that I actively root against Nick Chubb because I chose Michel over him, and if Chubb doesn’t do well either I don’t look like such a dummy.
  8. Glad to see Ricky is winning again after his bout of Lyme disease. I feel like he is the biggest threat to McBeth for world #1.
  9. I’m keeping it under control but the temptation is real. I have about 30 discs and when my wife shakes her head I tell her she has no idea how bad it could be. Since taking it up 4 years ago I have discovered that one of my friends from grade school and high school that I lost touch with the second we graduated has now become one of the big names in disc golf stamp art, so I’d like to add a bunch of his work to my collection at some point.
  10. Definitely adding one of these to my bag. At the same time I have hard time justifying buying new discs because I’m always convinced my issues are with the archer, not the arrow.
  11. This is just one of those sports where I am getting much better even if my scores are not. I’m making 3’s in completely different ways now. I still can’t throw reliably over 280’ and people make it seem like it should be the easiest thing in the world. I watched Eagle McMahon put it pin high in 2 on an 1100’ par 5. I have never been in awe of pro athletes as I am with pro disc golfers.