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  1. Was this sometime around 1989? I remember hearing about that when it happened – although I suppose it could’ve happened more than once with that guy. I met John Dunsworth and Patrick Roach (Mr. Lahey and Randy from Trailer Park Boys) at one of their shows in Bristol, TN a few years back. They both complimented me on my Tragically Hip T-shirt and we talked for a bit about Gord Downey, who had just been diagnosed with glioblastoma. Both had a great deal of respect for him, as did I. Last October, I was eating at a diner in Midtown Manhattan when Morley Safer came in and sat down right next to me. While he was waiting for his order, we talked a little about current events, the weather, and stuff like that – small talk mostly. It was really neat, that is until I looked up his Wikipedia page later and found out that Morley Safer had died in 2016...
  2. And by ‘met’ I mean, exchanged words with – meaning both of you spoke to each other. Bonus points for shaking hands or touching in some other intimate way.
  3. Wife and I are going to Taiwan the last week of March. I’ve been hoping this thing doesn’t become a big deal there, but maybe I need to go purchase some travel insurance.
  4. People who are thanking God that they retired BEFORE all this started going down: 1. David Letterman
  5. This showed up in my Star Trek feed - some Orville love from across the pond. Star Trek Discovery Not Going Boldly Enough for You? Set a Course for The Orville.
  6. It's BS that you have to shell out $6/month for All Access and there are STILL commercials. Have to pay extra to get rid of those. No way I'm doing that - I'll just sit there and fume for three minutes 4-5 times per episode. And maybe it's just me, but I HATE subtitles. I get it, it seems more authentic. Point for the production team there. But Episode 2 is about 25% subtitled Klingons talking to each other. You spend so much time watching the bottom of the screen, you end up missing everything else on the screen, including which character is talking. Drives me crazy, especially because it's just so, so unnecessary. I guess I understand why the story launched right into a war out of the gate. Gotta show off all those special effects to keep the mouth-breathers entertained. I just hope the storytelling ends up being good enough to make it worth it. Ultimately, I'm just hoping it's better than Enterprise. And for now, I haven't seen anything definitive that makes me think it won't be.
  7. Great thread! I've been a fan since about 2002. I was living in PA and a buddy asked me to ride shotgun to go see the Hip in DC at the 930 Club. There were probably only 200-300 people there, and most of them were Canadians. I liked the music a lot, so we got in the habit of driving to see them in Philly or Pittsburgh or wherever anytime they did a US swing. It was awesome getting to see them so close. If you got there early, you could squeeze in right up front. Damn near close enough to reach out and touch Bobby. I had always heard that seeing them in Canada was a totally different experience. Finally got a chance to do that last winter in Montreal with 20,000 other people at the Bell Center – as rabid a crowd as I've ever seen at a concert. Until a few weeks ago. I live in Tennessee now, but when news of the cancer came out, I got ahold of my old friend and we were able to come up with two tickets to Ottawa. I met him there, had an unbelievable night at the show, and then watched the final concert on CBC two nights later. It's really been an amazing ride. I think I will go pop in "That Night in Toronto" now. Time for a fix.
  8. I don't think it's a real university.Nevertheless...
  9. You know, I feel kind of bad for the University of American Samoa. That episode wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement.
  10. I was surprised that the documentary didn't even mention her and the fact that she hasn't been seen publicly in several years. As I understand it, even discussing her whereabouts is grounds enough for a member to be deemed a 'suppressive person' and thrown out of the church.
  11. Are you at the Hampton on East College? There's a pretty decent sports bar near there, Damon's, but the real action is further down the road, past the stadium given the direction you'd be heading. Worth it though, it's a great downtown. Very walkable with lots of quirky restaurants and basement bars.If you're going to be at the Hampton on Waddle Road, that's a little further out. Probably close to an hour walk. I live about two blocks from there though and I can tell you there are some pretty nice bars nearby, including Otto's – a good local brewpub. And yeah, it's a major tailgating scene. I'm not sure how easy it will be to find the UMass crowd, but there will be plenty of parties around. You should be in for a pretty fun weekend, depending on your expectations for the game of course.