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  1. I really enjoyed it, though I would’ve liked to see Duke Silver there at the end.
  2. I’d like to see them take a few weeks to show some of the classic episodes from the 80’s and 90’s. It would be interesting for some of the younger fans to see how the show has changed over the years.
  3. Other: Walter Johnson’s 110 complete game shutouts.
  4. Has anyone else seen this ‘Project 88’ craziness? Apparently, some filmmaker remade Back to the Future II by piecing together 88 different scenes submitted by fans all over the world. Everyone who wanted to participate was assigned a particular segment around a minute long and had one week to recreate that scene shot for shot. The variety of styles is amazing. Some of it is REALLY good, and the rest is just plain fun to watch. I opened it up to take a quick look, and I ended up watching the whole thing with my six year old.
  5. Here is my problem with opening things back up before we have reliable ways to prevent transmission - such as a vaccine: Essentially, it forces everybody back in whether they are prepared or not. If an elderly, diabetic couple run a small restaurant, they will have no choice but to open up so they can compete. Otherwise, they face a situation where everyone is making money except for them, the stimulus funds won’t be coming anymore, and they run the risk of losing their regulars to the competition. I guess you could say that’s just capitalism doing its thing, but it seems unfair to stack the deck against vulnerable people.
  6. It’s like a parade of Florida Men. And of course, the world debut of Oklahoma Man.
  7. 1. Baconator - Wendy’s 2. Big Pal - Pal’s 3. Frisco Breakfast Sandwich - Hardee’s
  8. Maybe some of these other suggestions can be in the NIT.
  9. Ok, now where have I heard this before? Apparently, it was in a couple of movies, but I haven’t seen those. Commercial maybe?
  10. I was walking through Metro Center in DC back in January and I passed a busker playing ‘Ain’t No Sunshine.’ When he got to that part, he actually counted the I know’s out on his fingers. Cracked me up. RIP Bill