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  1. I am a bit behind because I’m watching this on DVR so I can blow through commercials. Apologies if this has been said. But Dear Brian Griese: Nobody wants to listen to you go on about Dak Prescott having to ‘settle’ for $70 million. I wish him the best with his recovery, but I don’t really give a #### about his long-term financial prospects when that number is the best he can do.
  2. I was in Monaco a few years back and wandered into the Grand Casino. I dropped a Euro in the first machine I came to and won €14 on the first pull. I immediately turned and walked right back out. I beat the system and was happy as hell for the rest of the day.
  3. This movie was fantastic – vaulted straight into my top 10. So given that, what other movie recommendations can you folks give me?
  4. Actually, I think it might have a lot to do with how we have come to romanticize the protests of the 1960s. People in this generation want to get a piece of that – being part of a movement that is bigger than themselves, standing up for what they think is right, etc. You could even argue that the violence we see now is proportional in terms of shock value to what folks in the 1960s were doing In their day. Burning draft cards may have been as extreme a reaction for its time as throwing fireworks at policemen is now. I’m not sure I’m willing to go that far, as I wasn’t there. However, I do believe that the cultural norm of looking back fondly at the act of making a scene to promote your cause in the face of authority has, in part, led us to where we are today.
  5. I remember that they used to run flights like these from New Zealand that flew over Antarctica. You’d be able to look out the windows, take pictures and tell people you’d been there, more or less. That ended when one of them crashed into Mt. Erebus.
  6. This ruling was total BS. I would have spelled it the same way. Close enough. Funny that the article is filed under ‘Sports.’
  7. I think I could be a philanthropist, a kickass philanthropist. I would have all this money, and people would love me. Then they would come to me and beg. And if I felt like it, I would help them out. And then they would owe me big time!
  8. After plowing through both seasons, I went back and watched all of the movies with Pat Morita. Then came the remake. My seven-year-old liked it, and there were certain aspects that were OK. Jackie Chan wasn’t nearly as likable as I thought he would be though, and Jaden Smith was, shall we say, miscast. Also, it’s kind of weird having a movie called ‘The Karate Kid’ that does not have any karate in it. Technicality, but still...
  9. People who say ‘nucular’ and then get all pissy when their husband corrects them.
  10. I remember watching that game. Right before halftime, one of the teams – I don’t remember which one - tried an insanely long field goal from midfield. It was short. But with a second or two left on the clock, the other HC figured ‘what the hell’ and tried his own, even longer field goal the other way. That was short too. I’ve never seen that before or since. It’s funny, the things that stick with you. ETA: Elam missed left from 65, then Fassel had Owen Pochman try from 63. McCaffery broke his leg in the 3rd. It’s interesting to read his recollection - trying to make sense of the horrible news the next morning from his hospital bed through a morphine fog.
  11. I didn’t know you did a Dylan list. I wonder what else I’ve missed along the way. Maybe you should think about updating your first or second post with links to your other lists. I’ve enjoyed all of the ones I’ve read.
  12. Every time I hear this one, I think of This Week in Baseball. They would always overlay this song with Mel Allen’s commentary when Earl Weaver would get in an umpire’s face just before the inevitable ejection.