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  1. We have heard from Mueller. The Russia case is looming. It's not rocket science to figure that out at this point.
  2. Rick Santorum apparently wants people to stop posting pictures of him and Butina to the Internet. The Internet does not :like:.
  3. I think it's about 0.01% the former and 99.99% the latter. If the US government does it, it's bad. A default setting where no interpretation or nuance is needed.
  4. The judge's reasoning is being savaged in most places I can find. No one expects it to survive on appeal.
  5. And those who think that conspiring to undermine democracy in the US is bad.
  6. The funny thing is that he's currently under investigation.
  7. Bull#### Poisoning: when someone swallows enough of their own BS that they believe it.
  8. Dinsy Ejotuz


    I'll turn you on like a tiger, baby.
  9. Dinsy Ejotuz

    So Brexit is really going to happen on June 23rd?

    I've got a ton of respect for May. True leadership in an impossible situation.
  10. "I haven't really been paying attention, but I'm offended anyone's taking the investigation of the President seriously and feel the need to re-puke all the bad stuff I read about Mueller at RedBrightMaxNews.RU."
  11. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Yoga - not the pants thread

    I've always been super unflexible (my trainer at one time said stretching me was like working with an elderly rehab patient), have put on +25% of my body weight since I got married 10 years ago, my cardio is shot to the point where 30 mins of light tennis and I'm huffing, I've got a bad disc in my neck and likely a bulging disc in my back. How in the world would I get started? And which of the above issues would it help with? I've been thinking about it, but have no idea what's feasible or where to begin.
  12. Dinsy Ejotuz

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Because, Leeds.