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  1. Watching the usual Twitter turds call Chris Wallace a leftist member of the Deep State is something else to behold. We joke about Dear Leader, but for a non-trivial portion of the population it's a reality.
  2. Oh, and Divok Origi may make me eat my words yet again. Partly it was just having four attacking players, with Firmino dropping into more of a true 10 role, but he was fantastic once he came on. Henderson, Wijanldum and Fab never make runs beyond the forwards and don't scare anyone when they do. Having someone(s) in the midfield that has to be accounted by the defense for is what separates City from Liverpool in attack.
  3. Also, they announces yesterday didn't mention it, but Wijnaldum's shot was deflected down by the defender trying to block it -- almost like a hockey player tipping the puck off the ice after someone's shot it from the point. If you watch again you can see the GK hitch as the trajectory changes slightly and the ball bounces. Pretty sure that bobble is what did him in -- messed up his timing just a tiny bit.
  4. For the nerds out there... 538's predictive soccer area is fantastic. You can see W/D/L odds for each match ahead of time and then see detailed stat nerd taeks afterwards in the "completed matches" area. I like the latter to get a feel for how what I watched lines up with reality. I use an average of Shot Based xG (expected goals) and non-Shot Based xG as a good measure of what "should" have happened. After yesterday's match I felt like Liverpool were a goal better than Sheffield U, even if the goal itself was wonky. And using the idea above it worked out to Liverpool 2.1 - 1.3 Sheffield United. So, just about a goal better. It's a nice reality check.
  5. This is just informed speculation based on human nature and Watergate, but thought it laid out the way it would go if Trump did eventually resign:
  6. On the off chance bananafish is right, I'd like to apologize to all the people I've wronged, wish you all well and say a fond farewell. Because if it goes down like this I'll be raptured straight to St. Peter's gate.
  7. It's not that they have more power exactly, it's the the courts will be quick to help them assert that power because starting an Impeachment inquiry makes such a clear case that they need the information they're requesting. At least that's the theory.
  8. Said it earlier, but I'd be careful reading too much into the polls -- or expecting much from them. Trump's support generally has been around +42/-53 for more than a year. So unless support for Impeachment was above, say, 58% or so I think it's just people who already don't like Trump getting on board. If it gets to 60%, it starts to be a problem for Republicans. OTOH, before the Watergate tapes were released it was only 53/47 in favor of Impeachment. The support came only after Nixon's support in Congress had disintegrated.
  9. Hey Mick, the Prez murdered four hookers last night -- two young men and two 15 year old girls -- and we're releasing the video at 3pm. Need your PR strategy by COB.
  10. We'll see I guess. I think touches will be even-ish, but Ekeler gets the catches.
  11. Barring injury, I think Ekeler keeps most of his role and Gordon slots into Jackson's spot for the rest of the year.
  12. Man. Take a nap on a freaking Satruday and you miss news. Link?