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  1. Read right before bed last night that Manafort had filed, and the OSC did not oppose, a request for extension of his own sentencing document until Monday. So possible Mueller filed and it's under seal, but also possible they're holding it until both documents are in. Or somesuch? ETA: I think the timing of the news from the NY AG yesterday was interesting. Felt like they're leaning on Manafort one last time by removing the possibility he skates with a pardon. Would it be unprecedented for a defended to truly flip at this late date and answer the remaining Qs?
  2. Dinsy Ejotuz

    name a band and their greatest song

    The Beatles - Penny Lane
  3. Rudy sure has been quiet lately. Where'd he go?
  4. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Were the state subsidies "extra" or no? Missed your response on that.
  5. Seems like there has to be a federal crime in there somewhere, no? Let's charge Dowless with everything under the sun and see what he has to say.
  6. Without weighing in on the legality or justice of the case, the additional info would seem to limit its use as precedent at least.
  7. Dinsy Ejotuz

    2020 Presidential Election Thread

    Beto's in that same group where he's available.
  8. Probably that. Not sure what else it could be.
  9. This. The Mueller report will have more spin-offs than Happy Days.
  10. Once upon a time there was a guy named Lyndon LaRouche. Dude was certifiable. Not quite to the level of Pizzagate, Uranium One or US Federal law enforcement can walk into the Ecuadorean Embassy at any time and force residents there to sit down for an interview on top-secret information in an unsecure location certifiable, but, you know... way way out there. Anyhow, everyone knew this guy was nuts. He'd been around for a long time. And eventually everyone just ignored his crazy ### to the point where he'd send his handful of like-minded lunatics out into the city to sit at tables just to try and corner hapless passers-by into discussing whatever whackadoodle thing was on his mind that day. But, since everyone knew this guy was completely insane, no one paid any attention to them. Even though they were sitting right there babbling nonsense at you on your way into the Metro, everyone just put their heads down and kept walking. No idea why that came to mind just now.
  11. Another judge who refuses to grade on a curve. So nice.
  12. I know she's probably not going to do it but I'm going to need to see a doctor in four hours if she sends him to prison.
  13. Haven't heard much about this to date, but now that I'm catching up I hope they throw the book at him. Jackass.
  14. Judge pressing him on how exactly he found the image if it's any of the things he says it is.