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  1. "When you want to own the libs, but can't think of a single word that starts with Q."
  2. Some S####horpe from Sevilla just MMAd Larouci. Straight out kick to the back leg while 3' from the ball. Straight red and he may have broken the leg. Can he be suspended due to a friendly? Like for the season? Sevilla player should have been off in the first half as well. ETA: Klopp on Larouci tackle: "It is much too early in the season to create headlines by saying what I think. It looks like Yasser was lucky but we have to wait a bit. He couldn't keep on playing but in dressing room he looks okay."
  3. He's been locked in at +40 to +42 and -52 to -54 (-10 to -14) for basically the last year. This swing between "Everyone knows polls are no better than reading fortune cookies! What's next, the entrails of a goat? HAHAHAHA" and "Hey everyone, look at this one poll by a dubious pollster that shows Trump at a historically terrible approval rating -- I told you everyone in America loves him!" is pretty weird.
  4. This. 1) Most of them will eventually be denied asylum and returned to their country. Something like 2/3rds are denied (prior to Trump -- it's likely higher now). But it's legal to ask. 2) Depending on the source you use, somewhere between 92% and 98% of the asylum seekers show up for their court dates after being released. Most of the others go home. Some small percent remain in the US illegally, but can be found with ankle bracelets. 3) The vast majority of the crisis happening now relates to changes to #2 above. By detaining all of them for years while their cases are disposed of you create a problem that mostly did not exist before. And by insisting on holding the asylum seekers indefinitely you are forced by law to split up children and parents -- as children are not allowed to be held for more than a few weeks. 4) None of this has to do with illegal immigrants who are not seeking asylum. To seek asylum you have to present yourself and ask for it. Which, again, is legal.
  5. I can see not finding Ibra's schtick funny, but that dude is amazing to watch and if you don't enjoy that you don't enjoy soccer.
  6. Reminder: people of color were legally blocked from immigrating to the US until 1952, and de facto prevented from doing it until 1965. Until that year brown and black people weren't even considered for immigration, as the official policy of the United States "declared that Northern Europeans are a superior subspecies of the white race. The Nordics were superior to the Alpines, who in turn were superior to the Mediterraneans, and all of them were superior to the Jews and the Asians." Again, blacks and browns weren't even considered. 1965. IOW, everything happening now has an antecedent -- it's not happening in a vacuum. Racist America didn't disappear in the 1960s with the Voting Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act or other changes like the one above. It was just driven underground by decency and shame and the greatest wealth of any nation in world history. What's happening now is that indecency and shamefulness are winning the day. Being normalized again by the President. Reminder #2: no one EVER admits to being racist. David Duke doesn't admit he's a racist (seriously -- he's said he's not).
  7. ETA: and his "playoff mode every game" post-game comments were classic as well. Everything he says is delivered like he's Louis XIV sitting on a golden throne at Versailles in 1687.
  8. Said it before... I love goals that I've never seen before. Something unique. I think Zlatan has more of them than anyone else. His highlights are just so different than everyone else's. To hit that first ball with the outside of the right and get enough power on it to drive it is just nuts.
  9. OMG, Zlatan. Chests it, volleys it back over his head with his right foot, then turns and hits it inside out with his right foot again from outside the box. Sorry, Jozy.
  10. Reyna was pretty invisible overall. Brewster too. Kent and Wilson were kind of interesting though. Dortmund passed it really well considering it was the pre-season. Can't imagine forking over $$$ for these games.
  11. Gio Reyna starting tonight for BVB vs Liverpool.
  12. We've lived in our house for almost six years and never had anything nest in our carport or around the house. This year I've taken down a total of six nests. Paper wasps (smallish, chambered nests with holes exposed to view -- not enclosed), but with some vaguely yellow jacket features. Was thinking it was weird they all found us at the same time.
  13. I hope all of them live long enough to have to own the shunning and the shame. Trump is a scarlet letter and they're sewing it on themselves. The 60% of the country that sees this for what it is isn't going to forget.