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  1. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    Did you already do the one in Alaska where the guy kidnapped a lady, choked her out, self-gratified on her prone body and was sentenced to two years house arrest (one year suspended, one completed as time served during trial) upon the guilty plea?
  2. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Thoughts on this video?

    Long semi-related story... In college I lived downstairs in a tri-plex apartment building. A pair of two-story units side by side over top a long one that ran underneath both and walked out onto the back yard, downhill from the front of the building. Behind our building was a small gravel parking lot, shared by three different buildings. We had maybe six designated spots, the house to our left at the end of the gravel access road had a couple and a building on the other side of the lot -- even further down the hill -- had one or two. Every now and then someone else would try to squat back there, but they'd get towed in no time. It was a good setup for a college town where parking could be hard. One Saturday night me and my two roommates hear a loud commotion alongside our apartment. We go to the window, which looks out on the side of the stairs/hill running from the top two units to ours and two women (who were a couple, and a bit older than us) from the building over the hill are screaming bloody murder at one of the girls that lived above us. Turns out they'd parked in one of our building's spots and she'd had them towed. The two get aggressive enough that the girl's boyfriend gets involved. He was probably 5'10" and 140 pounds -- very skinny and very very country. Not super confrontational, just telling them to back off his girlfriend. But when he intervenes one of the two women gets aggressive and backs him up the hill that paralleled the side of the house. Has her finger in his chest and jabs it with each step as she moves forward. #### talking him as she does. Step, jab. Step, jab. Each time he takes a step back he says, "I ain't hittin' no girl." I don't remember what she was actually saying, but it really was fightin' words. She was ready to go. So it's step, jab, "I ain't hittin' no girl." Maybe three or four times they go like that, up the hill. Until finally country has had enough, grabs her by the collar and the belt and chucks her about five feet down the grass embankment, yelling, "BUT I'LL #### YOU UP IF YOU WANT ME TO." This was not a small woman, but he had her airborne. It was incredible, not least of which because we had no idea he could physically do it. A total shock. Anyhow, she hits the ground and it knocked the fight out of her. Her partner comes over and they disappear back down over the hill. The couple from upstairs go back in. Next morning the two women are outside our house, looking around in the grass. Apparently she lost her keys when she hit the ground. Definitely a walk-of-shame moment for them as we went past. Always think of that when I hear stories like the OP. In hindsight maybe he could have done more, but in real time I gave the dude credit for trying to defuse things and for ending the situation without pummeling her.
  3. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Jamal Khashoggi - Disappearance/Possible Murder

    So fascists around the world have a go-to talking point.
  4. Rs have been signaling this for some time. Namely when all the Sessions protectors in the Senate suddenly came out and said, "well maybe it would be OK if the Prez changed AGs after the midterms" on the same day.
  5. Dinsy Ejotuz

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    So in. All the way in.
  6. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Board Software Upgrade

    Is the "won't see replies to ignored users" thing viable? Didn't see the resolution to that, but the upgrade doesn't seem to have done anything.
  7. Dinsy Ejotuz

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Hey... did the "you don't see replies to ignored users" thing start? Or am I just getting unreasonably lucky? ETA: NVM...can still see them. I thought the upgrade might be tied to that. Is that idea DOA then?
  8. Dinsy Ejotuz

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Eric Dier, hero. ETA: after 20 viewings that gets more fantastic each time.
  9. You don't know that, Henry. "Joe" could be a white guy. Joe, can you show us your righteously indignant face and make some angry noises? Maybe something about how you're the real victim here?
  10. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Jamal Khashoggi - Disappearance/Possible Murder

    Yeah, people are weird, but the symbolism and brazenness matters. South African's apartheid regime was horrific if you were black, day in and day out. But the killing of Biko still rallied people to the cause.
  11. Dinsy Ejotuz

    Jamal Khashoggi - Disappearance/Possible Murder

    Because the Saudi government lured a journalist into a consulate in a third country and murdered him in cold blood?