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  1. In before the President repeats his "vote twice" suggestion in Florida and Arizona.
  2. Not even going to watch this one. If seeing the life snuffed out of a helpless George Floyd over 8 minutes didn't change people's minds nothing ever will.
  3. Bill Barr, not just a willing dupe encouraging foreign interference in our election, but also a willing dupe encouraging voter fraud. As far as Bill Barr is concerned the law is whatever Donald Trump tells him it is. If only there were a word for this sort of government.
  4. Kids, for an example of what not to do when you eff up, look no further than Nancy Pelosi's presser on this. Even if she was had, she should admit she was wrong, say she's sorry for setting a ####ty example, and stop making excuses.
  5. I'll can't find it now, but I saw a chart this AM that showed COVID deaths per million vs economic growth. I'll post it when I see it again. The countries that handled COVID well were absolutely crushing the ones that didn't (like the US, Sweden, UK, etc). Night and day. Dealing with COVID as the experts suggested would have saved the economy from almost all of the pain.
  6. Yeah -- I hadn't seen the 'mayor's building' story when I posted that. And I suspect the quote above was before that event too.
  7. Now imagine that instead of a percentage of rioters mixed in with peaceful protesters they were collaborators with a foreign adversary trying to undermine our election. And instead of bailing them out she pardoned them.
  8. Huh. It's almost like someone is misrepresenting the extend of the troublemakers to incite his followers to violence.
  9. "Mini-strokes" in one Act: Police officer: Can we speak with you sir? Trump: I don't know anything about the children buried under the shed. I didn't even know they were missing. I have no idea who cut them up.
  10. Also to enforce all the laws that have been broken already. Otherwise, what's the point?
  11. Best part of the Flynn ruling: 2-1 is a just application of the law, fairly reasoned; 9-2 is the DEEP STATE at work, out to get Flynn.
  12. 8-2 the Flynn case does not have to be dismissed. Trump lost 7-0 among judges not on the original three judge panel.
  13. Compared to what? I mean, the period from 1940 until recently was a hell of a run by historic standards. GOAT contender. Possible #1 selection in the "Eras" draft. Seems kind of shortsighted to throw the baby out with the bathwater because one of the two parties completely screwed the pooch for 10 of the last 14 years.
  14. Wait. Now the Trump folks care about tradition and mores and what's good for democracy? That ship has sailed. There's power and there's no power. If you have power you can cooperate with foreign governments interfering with the election. You can run straight propaganda using video that isn't what you say it is. You can block a Supreme Court justice indefinitely, until your guy wins. You can use the Presidency to enrich yourself. You can ignore Congressional budgets and spend the money the appropriate on anything you deem a 'national emergency.' If Biden thinks no debates helps him get power, then that's what he should do.
  15. Voted Dem. Given that he's ~9 points down, Trump needed to do more and it doesn't look like he did it. No change coming out of the conventions helps Biden. The debates are the last chance to really move the needle now.
  16. It's the one crime he knows he hasn't committed.
  17. The first few pages of this thread are pretty tasty. Who could have seen that this was just another grift?
  18. Hard to believe a thread about this powerful, grass-roots movement hasn't had any posts for three months. What with the swarms of Democrats in Congress and officialdom voting for Trump and all. Two-dozen former Republican Congressfolk stumping for Biden.
  19. Arguing it's bad but we do it too is pretty different from arguing they aren't doing it. Progress I guess?
  20. Wait... you're telling me CBS won the rights by outbidding other channels and then chose to stick it in the TV hinterlands? How does this make sense? And why would FIFA/UEFA give them the rights if it wasn't going to be televised for real? So many questions.
  21. It's ####### stupid. How are you growing the sport by burying the biggest game of the year on a channel virtually no one in the country has? And how did CBS Sports Invisible get the rights to begin with? I find it hard to believe none of the real channels was willing to pay a decent fee.