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  1. IIRC, they also said they weren't interested in Ben Tate a couple hours before they put a WW claim in on him. I don't recall reading that anywhere. Link? Either way, the Colts don't sign players with Rice's baggage. PFFT, save me the Colts homerism. Remember Dominic Rhodes? Beat his live in girlfriend, was placed in the diversionary program to avoid prosecution. Colts kept him on the team until the DUI. Plenty of Colts in trouble the past few years.
  2. Hey, don't forget the other 110 players with more TDs than McCoy. That number should only increase after today. Good times. At least next week I get Denard back so I can put McCoy back on the bench.
  3. Has it really come to this? It's bad idea to play RGIII over Colt McCoy? His injury was supposedly a 6-8 week injury and sunday will be 7 weeks. Teammates have said that he looked ready to return 2 weeks ago. I have to agree. Seems like everyone's mind is made up that he is coming back 'too soon' or 'still injured'. I don't see the evidence for that and the previous regime is no longer in town. Not saying he is a good start necessarily, but that is a separate concern.
  4. I agree with this, and that is what causes a lot of dissension on a fantasy board. For me, he is a fine fantasy QB because of volume, but in the NFL, he simply seems to take too long processing information and really doesn't handle pressure, or even the threat of pressure, very well.
  5. Exactly, and with those touches he could land in RB2/RB3 territory and be even better in PPR. And if you factor dynasty into it, he could potentially hold that role for the next few years with the limited usage he has on his body to date. Not bad for the price of a mid-season waiver claim.
  6. That would be Jones, and I don't think it's close. Sanu has been underwhelming, and if you look at the production in the last 4 games in 2013: Jones: 19/254/3 Sanu: 10/93/1 it is clear that Jones had already passed him. For the entire 2013 season, despite the fact that Jones' snaps were very limited in the first 5 games, he had 10 TD's to Sanu's 2. More importantly, Jones is a red-zone beast. Last year, he had 14 red-zone targets, caught 12 of them, 9 for TD's. So far this year, the Bengals have a grand total of 1 TD pass in the red-zone. Andy Dalton caught it. Think they're excited to have Jones back?? Its worth mentioning 4 of those 10 tds came in a single game. How does that change anything? A couple of them don't count because they were all in one game? It certainly doesn't change the answer to the question of which is the receiver to own. Pretty clear to me. In my league only the first two TDs count each week. It's called the anti-big game bonus. Helps keep all the games close. In fairness to the question - I think Jones has shown a ton, for only being in half the offensive snaps last year. Yes, this is a run first team and yes AJ Green is on the other side and yes there are a lot of offensive weapons. But I think some are still underselling just how good this kid looked last year. This is only his third year and he really progressed last season. I don't think it is too much of a stretch to see him as a WR2/3 the rest of the way. Something like 675/4.5, that would be right in the neighborhood.
  7. For dynasty purposes the only thing that matters to me is if he can still produce decently with increased touches. In two years, I might have traded my whole team away and traded half of them back.
  8. Is it really so surprising? Take everyone that was on board in 2009 and subtract those burned in 2010, then remove those burned in 2011, make sure to take off all those burned in 2012 and finally get rid of everyone burned in 2013. Now look around at all the empty seats, is it still surprising?
  9. The Bill gave two 1sts and a 4th The Bills got pick 4. The Bills traded two 1sts and a 4th for pick 4. Pick 4 = Watkins. When you say they "traded a 1st and 4th for the right to move up 5 spots", you are right. When other people say "the bills traded pick 9, a 2015 1st, and a 2014 4th for Watkins", they are also right. It's like people arguing if some 500 pound guy is "big" or "large". You're both right. It could be that he is just 'big boned'.
  10. What are you suggesting here? That this worked out to the benefit of all sides? That isn't an option on these boards. Pick a side, bash the other, refuse to listen to any cognitive discussions, trash rationale perspectives... Become a "hater" or a "fanboy", your choice, but don't suggest this lunacy.
  11. Don't think this is necessary. I am personally not blown away by Dalton and feel that he is more a product of all the weapons around him, rather than the opposite, but I think we can all agree that this type of post isn't especially helpful.
  12. I don't know, but I must be losing perspective. When I read the title of the thread it says worst dynasty trade you have been offered, but when I read some of these, my reaction is simply meh... Are these really the worst you have ever been offered?
  13. Dalton is actually following a similar career path to Brees...but also Sanchez. I'm not sold on him, especially with the number of INT's. For me this is a make or break year that will be very telling. Come on now. Dalton is no Sanchez. Give the kid SOME credit. Sure he looks better but Sanchez never had AJ Green. In his 3rd year Sanchez threw 27 TD's and looked like he was turning the corner. I agree with the point that this is the year for Dalton. I think oftentimes we tend to cherry pick one stat to 'validate' our position and only assume that said player will continue either trending up or down. Very rarely do we suggest a player will stop progressing or actually change their trajectory. For me, there is a bit of a disconnect between his fantasy and NFL value. He was a decent fantasy option last year, but I was less than impressed with his overall bearing during some games, especially when things were more difficult.
  14. That is a great story. I love that Jimbo has the stones to throw out his star QB and I also love how Winston publicly handled it. No crying or whining, just winning a championship.
  15. Me too. I think he's one of only a few QBs worth 1st round rookie draft consideration. I am very intrigued to see what situation he gets drafted into. I feel he has a chance to be a dynamic play maker in the NFL In our dynasty league QBs have been creeping up the draft board, partially due to 6 point TDs. As 5000/40 becomes more the norm, dynasty owners need to re-evaluate their priorities. It used to be 3 to 4 out of the top 5 were always RBs, but that has long since changed. The teams making the playoffs each year have Brees, Manning, etc. And the teams trying to unseat them are looking for the next Rodgers.
  16. It will be interesting to see what another year of development and on the field exploits will do to his stock. He certainly looks to have all the tools right now. He had an uneven performance last night (you could tell the pressure was getting to him), But add another year of growth and experience and he is at a minimum a top flight pick in dynasty drafts next summer/fall. Traditionally, most non start 2 QB leagues have RBs go first, could he challenge that position with a very strong 2014 season?
  17. As long as you are referring only to yards and TDs and not ligaments or cartilage.
  18. That's all Griffin had for much of the season too. Reed only played 9 games and was knocked out early in the 9th. I'm not saying that Cousins is a better QB than Griffin, but count me in the group that would like to see him get another shot with a clean slate. Not at the end of a dying season with a lame duck coach who has become known more for his ego than actual coaching skills. I personally am not reading a lot into his performance in these three games. I would have liked to see him play better, but am not at all surprised by the outcome given the circus like atmosphere surrounding that franchise as the season came to an end.
  19. Hmm... This article concerns me a bit. Seems there are character issues-- the kid almost quit because he wasn't getting his way? What happens when he or his team hit a long rough spot? Reading that really surprised me........concerns me a bit too. I think he is being very candid, something you don't get much in professional sports these days. There is an adjustment that almost all NFL rookies need to make. Since they were 5, they were the best player on the field and now all of a sudden they are on a team with 52 other people that had the same background. It is my belief that a lot of NFL players have similar feelings after leaving college. In this case, you just got a clearer glimpse into his thinking than you normally get. I don't see how in a keeper/dynasty league he is anything other than a solid keep. ETA: His main concern/flaw coming into the NFL was his lack of speed. As a rookie, he has consistently demonstrated how he can still get separation from NFL DBs and he has shown a better than anticipated elusiveness after the catch. At this point, his career path is pointing strongly up.
  20. This PFF ranking supports my claims imo Washington has the 4th highest rated line in the league Honest question: Do you really think that Denver's current O-line, the one that has been ravaged with injuries, is the #1 (that's right, very top of the league) in pass-blocking? Because your cited rankings as proof and those rankings say they're #1. Common sense, and actually watching the Redskins play now and then, can quickly tell you all you need to know here. PFF's pass-blocking stats are severely flawed. I have no doubt they ranked Peyton's Indy O-line as top of the line too, until the moment his quick release and decision making suffered a neck injury. Suddenly, magically, the backup QB was getting sacked at the highest rate in the league. Funny how dependent these rankings are on the QB, isn't it? Using the PFF as the be-all, end-all of rankings for O-lines is lazy. Just open your eyes and watch a Redskins game, that'll tell you all you need to know about their pass blocking. I honestly have never looked at the different metrics and analyses that go into PFF's oline rankings but I do know that they are widely cited as being credible. Denver being ranked #1 indicates there are some results-based numbers used (results-based as in the qb didn't get pressured ergo the o-line did it's job, not adjusting for individual qb variables etc) but doesn't that assumption mean that RG3 shares a larger portion of the blame than expected? And I know I'm coming off as a RG3 hater or whatever but when I watch Washington play I notice how jittery/frantic/terrified RG3 looks in the pocket. That and his egregious overthrows While you are watching RGIII run around, spend some time watching the oline. No way they are top 5, and I like their site and how they use statistics to measure players.
  21. Exactly. This is a rookie that was having a serious disconnect with the coaching staff during preseason. He has been showing some signs of putting it all together with his obvious physical talents, but I would temper expectations, especially for the remainder of this season and possibly even next year. IMO, he has FF starter potential, but I don't feel comfortable crowning him just yet.
  22. You are probably right, but I think we may see a high uptick after this game.
  23. I'm putting his numbers in perspective, he's on pace for 50/600/6. That's on par with what a lot of good TE's did in their 2nd year - Gonzo, Vernon Davis, Rudolph, Daniels, Finley. That is a good perspective and I need to keep that in mind. My issue is when you watch him, he seems to play without confidence. Additionally, he doesn't appear overly strong on running precise routes (rounding them off in many cases). Both of those are fixable however, but I would have certainly liked to see him get a strong grasp on the #1TE for Indy this year while Allen was out.
  24. I see this a lot in regards to discussions surrounding Eagles skill players and their projections. However, there are two parts to this equation. The Eagles D was putrid last year and I don't think they will be much improved this season. Part of running a lot of offensive plays is the ability of your defense to get the opposing offense off the field. Something that I think they will struggle with. There is little doubt that Chip WANTS to run more offensive plays and run uptempo at almost all times, but wanting it and executing it are two different animals. It is fair to project an uptick in total offensive plays this season but to expect a considerable delta in year one is overly optimistic, IMO.
  25. Based on? Just because it's that time of year. A lot of extra patience is needed between last week and a month from now just to read these boards. I'm a Wilson is a future top 5 guy. He still needs to learn some things; get down or out of bounds when there's nothing left, become more patient with the blocking scheme, widen the vision cone, become intimate with the pass blocking/route running. He's not there yet, but he has a very good opportunity to be there in the next year or two. Borderline top 10 RB this year. Who knows, I was a year too late on J. Charles and Shady. We'll see what he's made of this year and we'll know next year if he's topped out yet. I wouldn't say he's topped out yet... I will say I think you're under-estimating how far along he is though. I honestly think with Brown now out of the picture for 4-6 weeks (or more) that Wilson has a really solid chance at Top 5 this season. I thought he had a solid chance at Top 10 prior to Brown's departure... which is the reason I reached for him in most of my drafts. Oh, I'm hoping so. I shuffled draft picks to be in range to pick him as a rookie last year. I think he has special ability, but he also has shown a propensity to do some really bad things (running backwards, taking too much punishment) that may have worked in college but won't in the BIGS. He absolutely has potential to be top 5 this year, but he could get Eli nuked, fumble, get dinged, drop passes... any number of things could limit him and he's just too young and inexperienced to say with any certainty that he's reached his peak as a young, 22 year old who has most of his reps as a kick returner. I'm hoping for top 5, expecting around 10-12 and would be disappointed with anything outside of 20 (which would almost have to be injury). I'm a bit of a glass-half-empty guy but... If it tells you what I'm thinking on him, I'm committed to a playoff run with said dynasty team having Wilson as my #1 RB. I think this is about as close as we are going to be able to dial it in until we start seeing live action with this guy. If you haven't bought in yet, it is too late unless you are willing to overpay.