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  1. Non PPR...............Clement or L. Murray (Cook officially out).??
  2. So Murray or Clement if you had the option (non PPR)??
  3. Anybody got the stones to plug this guy in today (with AP/Gerhart reportedly out)??
  4. I'm debating E. Sanders or Holmes this weekend. Think Sanders is the safer play, but Holmes might have the higher ceiling (just don't know). Also think the Raiders are going to be slinging it early/often.........
  5. What did you say to get that? Seems strange for them to give it away knowing that is likely going to cost them sunday ticket purchases. Didn't even know it was possible. (When I asked last year they told me it wasn't).I got the Redzone as a stand alone (last season), simply by telling them that I was switching from DirecTv to Dish........just because the Sunday Ticket price was too high, and all I wanted was the Redzone channel anyway. They obviously didn't want to lose a customer over such "small potatoes". I've also been a customer of DirecTv for 15+ years (not sure if that helped or not).