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  1. Thanks for responding to my question. I totally agree with the first reply you got here. It looks like Gillislee is going to be the workhorse and will also get the carries at the goal line BB really trusts White and I believe Burkhead will be third in line for touches
  2. Dynasty .5 ppr / 6 per TD rush and rec My team added Gillislee at the end of last season and now has even more RB depth, my team lacks WR depth imo with: Diggs, Landry, Sneed, Crowder, Gabriel, Zay Jones, Chris Godwin, Chad Hansen, Josh Reynolds, After yesterday's strong opening performance by Kenny Golladay I was sent a request to consider a trade that sends Golladay my way for Gillislee.
  3. I am seeing Turbin's name more and more. However recent injury news for Turbin solidifies Mack as the backup to old man Gore.
  4. Lem do you still have that keeper league spot open? Interested if so.

    1. Lemmy


      Yes I do. 

      Send me your email address and I can set you up. 


  5. I play about 50 a game during football season. I have received a $50 free play for being one of the first to settle up my account at RB. I have an account at and have always been paid just as quick or quicker w Howard's book when it's time for me to collect Just my .02 cents I find RB as trustworthy a book as you will find
  6. I am sure it has been mentioned but the new Netflix series Derek is really good. Especially if you like Ricky Gervais. He plays the mentally challenged nursing home worker well. Solid supporting cast. Funny, touching, and moving at times. Really liked it. 3.5/5
  7. I'm a little shocked that anyone is buying Scott at all... he's a mediocre late round talent. He's fast and... that's it. That's all he offers. The Giants know exactly what they have in Scott he's been on the team for three full training camps, offseasons and 2 full seasons now. The Giants know what they have in him, he's nothing more than a 2nd-3rd string guy. Even if they sat Wilson and gave him the starting job I'd expect his upside to be like... James Starks aka fantasy irrelevant. Your love for Wilson is a little uncomfortable at this point. You are a bit too emotional to take your advise or get into a reasonable debate with. Wilson has not been productive and opened the door for Scott to prove himself. We typically move when situations like this occur, even for bums. He is obviously the top RB pickup this week even if it amounts to nothing. I'm just shocked not even one gup made a gamble or any experts are recomending him. They ignored Andre Brown and then ran with him in a simular situation when Wilson flopped, so the "they know what they have" argument isn't a great one.Scott hurt his knee today. Nobody in their right mind is going to pick him up right now until there's at least clarification on how bad the injury is. For now, Wilson is 100% the play. The Giants really have no choice. You could do worse than adding Scott for a few blind bid bucks
  8. It says a ton about ESPN when they still have on Berman and Stuart Scott and neither one has changed his shtick in over 20 years.At least Scott switches gears and is not so bad to watch and listen. When Berman goes into "Tahhhhhhhhasssraayyyyydahhhhs" mode, I turn it or mute it. Like last night my wife asks why are you watching the football game with no sound?
  9. OK I hope Bernie is good. If not back to watch seasons 1,3, and 4 of The Wire for the 100th time.
  10. Would have been better off making this a spoof of all the current Ghost shows. 1/5
  11. Damn. I didn't expect to have my mind changed on him...but I might throw a couple deals around. He looked really good against NYG in the opener, and I do trust his talent.I wish the guy ran as hard and fast at OU. He would have won a Heisman. He seems to have gotten faster. I think he is a definite hold for a few more weeks. Some softer run Ds coming up. Also it helps when Romo isn't throwing 5 ints and they are playing from behind.