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  1. It is even worse when taking the previous play into consideration. 3rd & 1 against a defense that cannot stop the run. A first down wins the game. Why not just run it twice here? Worst case, Rodgers gets the ball with less time on the clock than he had (at about the 2 minute warning), most probable case you win. Instead the play-call is incomplete pass followed by field goal.
  2. GreenNGold

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    I made a dummy submission a couple weeks ago and forgot to go back and analyze it. Alive for now and probably a few more weeks but there won't be a deep run for me this year.
  3. OBJ No idea how people think he is still good much less worth getting a good contract.
  4. I can't believe the Vikings are only favored by 3, this is going to be a blow out.
  5. This is going to be an absolute blow out. I cannot believe the Vikings were not favored by more.
  6. nice job Philly, good luck against Minnesota!
  7. yes, at least since the last superbowl, i'm not sure how much farther back than that
  8. You will need to ask him after the game. I'm guessing because he had already decided to throw the ball as the whistle was being blown.
  9. There was a clear whistle.
  10. Agreed, and I don't understand why I hear so many people repeating it thinking it is funny.
  11. no I was correctly a notorious chump kelly basher and a terrible decision basher, which as an eagles you were overly offended by. I like the current Eagles team with Wentz at the helm, unfortunately he went down, but your future is still bright.
  12. yeah basically with a different QB