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  1. It's definitely a tricky situation. He's clearly still a very good player that could help win a couple games this year, when compared to his replacement(s). It'll be interesting to see how it plays out...
  2. That is totally true, but are they less of a contender without him? They'd still have Gore, Yeldon, Singletary, Murphy. I'd say, yes, they are a bit less of a contender without him, but last year I feel like I finally saw a tiny bit of a step back in McCoy's quickness. I wouldn't blame them for following the Pats' model of getting rid of a player a year too soon as opposed to a year too late.
  3. Sure, cutting him would only cost 2.6 in dead cap space, but he's on the last year of his contract, so that would only free up cap space this year, no? What's the point? There's really nowhere to spend it at this point. I guess some could roll over to next year...?
  4. That is pretty surprising. I suppose the guy behind him is a little surprising, too. My guess was DeAndre Hopkins, but he's a few spots down. Also surprising was how low Edelman is. I would have guessed he'd be well over 5,390 so far.
  5. Agreed. A lot of overreaction to one clip from a rookie, early in camp, doing something we all knew was a weakness. I hope the first play in pre-season is him doing a double move off that route.
  6. I meant it rhetorically, since I had never heard of him. I did do a quick google before posting, though.
  7. He's definitely a pretty decent WR, but he's just hurt so often. Seems like a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation with keeping/adding him to your team.
  8. I think I'd put a large wager on that.
  9. Because they could play 9 in the box and shut them down even more.
  10. @AdamSchefter May 21 Bills’ DE Jerry Hughes is signing a two-year extension worth up to $23 million that includes $19.5 million guaranteed, per source.
  11. How does eligibility for this work? Is it as simple as: teams that don't want to do it are out, teams that have already done it are out, and the rest are eligible?