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  1. One of the many problems with this 'One thread per player' model...
  2. Squish the Fitz!
  3. I've been a HUGE fan of Sammy since he came into the league, and I cannot figure him out. I'd love to hear from teammates as to whether or not what we saw in that montage was really him, or somewhat of an act because he knew he was mic'd up.
  4. So, as I was watching the first drive last night, I realized I didn't actually submit my pick of NE for this week yet... Going to go with KC for one, and GB for my second one. Feeling far less confident in those picks than last night's gimme.
  5. Totally agree. I agree that the Pats haven't been playing great, but the Giants are so banged up, and obviously have a rookie going against BB. We all know how that has fared in the past.
  6. I'm not, but for a 2021 5th round pick? What's the point?
  7. But, if they did I'd say they Natrone MEANS Business.
  8. Not a fan of that wimpy call on 3rd down...
  9. Anyone know if the definition of the (stupid) horse collar rule has changed in terms of how the player goes down? When it was first instituted, the rule stated that you had to pull the ball carrier down backwards to get the penalty. That is, if you grab the shoulder pads behind the neck and the offensive player drags you forward, that is not a penalty. I seem to see any grab of the "collar" as being a penalty these days. That said, I know the collar of the jersey is now included in the penalty. I'm just talking about the pulling-backward part. It seems like that part of the rule is gone now, but I don't remember hearing that it has actually been removed from the rule. Anyway, it's a stupid rule.
  10. Really weak call on the hit on Allen while watching live. Replay made it look a bit closer. (Can't let D throw knees at down players) Either way, not worth a flag, IMO.
  11. My thoughts exactly. If I had to guess, I'd say his back foot was probably still over/behind the LOS, but based on the one angle they showed before the commercial, there is no way to say that for sure, so it should stand.
  12. Defensive players need to be able to twist the laws of physics on a whim in today's NFL...