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  1. Why not just put the 6-8 different starting lineups possibilities in a hat and draw one each year? More suspense? If I am understanding this correctly that would be the same end result as the 'draft' of positions, right? (I think that's the part confusing us.)
  2. You mean something like the difference between pick 5 and 8?
  3. VS. NEW YORK (AFC) - W AT MIAMI - W VS. LOS ANGELES (NFC) - L AT LAS VEGAS - W AT TENNESSEE - L VS. KANSAS CITY - L AT NEW YORK (AFC) - L VS. NEW ENGLAND - W VS. SEATTLE - L AT ARIZONA - W VS. LOS ANGELES (AFC) - W AT SAN FRANCISCO - L VS. PITTSBURGH - L AT DENVER - W AT NEW ENGLAND - L VS. MIAMI - W 8-8? Looking at the schedule now, it doesn't look as bad as when I looked at it back when it was released. I recall thinking it was brutal (Both SB teams, NE, several other playoff teams) and that it looked like a 6 or 7 win season. I think the two key points of the season could be the two pairs of back to back away games. (@LV, @Ten and @Den, @NE) I feel like those games could all go either way pretty easily. If they happen to lose both of the first two it could really set back the season. And the last two will likely determine if they make the playoffs. They might need to win both to get in. Also, I kind of wish the KC game wasn't in prime time. I feel like that will be an embarrassment.
  4. That sure would be nice, and the thought crossed my mind when this first started breaking out, as my family did get sick this winter. But, then I remembered we did actually take my youngest in and he tested positive for Influenza. Also, if this was going around back then there would have been a lot of hospitalizations/deaths. I can't think of a reason those would have been near 0% at this hypothesized wave 1 as compared to this March/April time-frame.
  5. UDFAs: Reggie Gilliam/TE/Toledo Josh Thomas/DB/App. State Ike Brown/CB/FIU Antonio Williams/RB/North Carolina Brandon Walton/OT/FAU Garrett Taylor/S/Penn State Marquel Harrell/OT/Auburn
  6. I was just about to ask the same thing. (I honestly don't mind the Rolle interview as I've been really impressed by his interviews over the past month.) All the other music and COVID talk is annoying to say the least.
  7. I greatly prefer this style of coverage, as opposed to what they did yesterday with holding up the announcements until TV was ready to announce them. I was really disappointed last night when they didn't go to this method like I think they usually do around round 3. (I think)
  8. I kinda agree on both accounts. You already have a good primary RB. Grab another off the scrap heap for depth, and use that pick on something more important. Again, like you said, I hope I am wrong, but I'm really not liking this draft so far.
  9. Yeah. He could easily get 50 of those 200 YPG.