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  1. I can't comment on previous games, but he certainly fouled this one up good.
  2. For several seconds there I didn't think they were going to call that OPI.
  3. Gannon hasn't been right about much today, but that was certainly a dumb pass.
  4. Could have been a broken leg, too. Bills are SUPER lucky if that isn't serious.
  5. "All of the quarterbacks on the Denver Broncos' roster are ineligible to play Sunday against the New Orleans Saints after being deemed high-risk..." Ouch. Seems like a good week to play NO if you have them and want as sure a bet as you can get.
  6. Or the offensive coaching staff needs to make some adjustments...
  7. I love the title of the thread, because... Is Darnold better than Flacco? Is Minshew better than Glennon? I kind of think no, on both questions.
  8. I've had GB penciled in for this week, but I'm really considering saving them for week 15, as my next best option that week is Arz vs Phi. Something scares me about that game. (One of those... Arz isn't quite as good as their record; Phi isn't quite as bad as their record (and has upside) situations) So, if I choose to save GB, I'm looking at Miami@NYJ or NYG@Cin. I never like picking divisional games. And, Miami looked a bit shaky last week. And, the Jets could very well be cranking up the intensity and pull out a good game as 0-16 bears down on them. Ugh... According to the data I'm looking at about 11% of folks are choosing NYG. It seems a wee bit risky to pick a .300 team in a survivor pool when you don't need to, doesn't it? But, boy, Cinci wasn't very good with Burrow. Now they go into a game with Ryan Finley, on limited preparation. That feels like a decent pick, but I hate the possibility of a rally-around-the-backup-QB scenario, which seems to be a real thing in football. Anyway, I'm just trying to contribute to the thread...
  9. That should have been a -8 yard completion, no? Nevermind. I see how it played out... Two completed passes on one play.
  10. Agreed. Pretty sure Hill was not out when he was hit. He jumped in that direction, but I don't think he was actually out yet.
  11. Was going to say it earlier, but restrained... Agholor still can't catch.
  12. I certainly don't, but how many does he have? Probably not many, no?