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  1. I don't have enough time to complain about that rule, but WTF, you can't block unless you are facing your opponents endzone. That is basically the rule. It's SOOO stupid. I can understand wanting to get blocks that clean some guy's clock - because he's running some opposite direction - out of the game, but that is not what the rule has become.
  2. Dunno about strokes, but I can attest to two heart attacks in my household tonight.
  3. I was actually thinking to myself, if I were Josh Allen, there, I'd say "Yes, can you repeat all that? I wasn't listening."
  4. "There has never been a playoff game 19-19 at the end of regulation..." Joe Tessatore Who the #### cares? These idiots just keep spewing useless information that is making me want to body slam my TV.
  5. Rules don't matter in this game. The refs call trhe game by 'common sense.'
  6. Right. Just don't listen to the idiots in the booth.
  7. And now they are going to lose 10 seconds regardless of the outcome of this review...
  8. I blame the Bills' coaching staff in the 2nd quarter for this loss.
  9. After all that garbage they let Watson just stumble up field for 6 yards. FML.
  10. Prediction: Ultra-conservative call on 3rd down. Bills get a FG. Texans march down the field for a game winning FG. (Too much time left to just take the FG attempt on Offense.)
  11. God, I think the next 15 years of my football fandom life are going to be on pins and needles every time Allen runs the ball, just hoping he doesn't fumble.
  12. Wow, he actually had to kneel before they blew the whistle...
  13. ####### Allen! Hold the ball. That was barely grazed and you fumbled...
  14. Yeah, I've hated that guy every time I've heard him this year.
  15. I hate the feeling of this... The Bills are still up by 8-10, but it feels like they've lost all momentum, and the Bills sideline looks deflated after that TD*. * - Under review
  16. Speaking of bad refs, they blew that fumble recovery dead way too soon.
  17. No kidding. He did not give himself up. He tossed the ball away before the play was over. Should be a TD. What's next? One of these plays where DeShaun Jackson drops the ball before crossing the goal line and they say "Well, he meant to score the TD. No fumble."