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  1. C'mon Brown! Reach for that and make the catch. Don't wait for it to hit your breadbasket.
  2. Wow. Down. Thank god. That was awkward. Allen trying to be too safe in avoiding contact. Similar to a QB sliding awkwardly...
  3. Yeah, that's what drove me crazy on that one. You know it's coming, yet they were so unprepared for extra pressure.
  4. Terrible execution on that sneak. It was so obvious what was coming. Great effort by Allen to convert.
  5. Maybe Edelman wasn't faking... Maybe he was out for a second or two...
  6. Who cares? I'll take the ball at the 20 every time if the upside is that once in a while I'll get it at the 50 or a TD or whatever.
  7. Agree. I don't know what to think... The Pats dominated the first half, as usual, so I'm inclined to feel like they are going to put this away soon, but the scoreboard.
  8. He doesn't have elite straight line speed, but his 5 inch vertical is what makes his a great endzone target.
  9. Gotta double that guy on the goal line. Pats should be ashamed.
  10. I'd run that power QB sweep type play they ran a few times earlier in the season.