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  1. If they had something that damaging on Bernie and the Clintons/DNC didn't use it to burn (Bern?) him to the ground I'd be stunned.
  2. I think he leads at the convention but i don't think the DNC lets it happen
  3. Supposedly all the money he's spending is paid for by just the interest coming off his $60B... he gets something like $2B off that if I heard correctly
  4. I may be way off on this one but based on her comments for the last couple months I don't think she wants him to win
  5. Yea thats why i added the "in public" part... they've certainly been feeding from the same trough for a few decades now, aside from the abortion/gay marriage social debates. If there is any redeeming quality about Trump (and there certainly arent many) it's that he's forcing all of this toxic garbage out into the open
  6. Just found out that I know one of the people featured in the commercial... small world 不
  7. It really does feel like the 2008 Republicans are taking over the Democrat party (in public this time!) and the MSNBC brand democrats are giddy about it
  8. Apparently some of the blurred out names were Warren supporters, not Sanders
  9. More ghoulish stuff
  10. Someone did a forgot password request on it and it came up "L*******" 不
  11. "Chinedu" Twitter Responders: 不不不 She deleted the account but Fortunately the internet never forgets
  12. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving
  13. Maybe Skip Bayless helped her set it up? Also - Good reminder how easily "vicious Bernie Bros" can be faked