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  1. I always laugh when I see politicians discussing the corporate tax rates... that rate is just the sticker price that literally none of them pay.
  2. Yea I agree with that too, it's probably my main concern about banning it as well. I think the best option is plan C which is essentially developing new(ish) technology and moving away from it entirely. I know it's a lofty goal and not something we can do immediately but I don't understand why the Democrats are so hostile to the Green New Deal types of legislation. Even if they think that's too aggressive it's something they could work off of. It just feels like they have no interest in it outside of their rhetoric every 4 years.
  3. Oh you're right, there is a MASSIVE difference, but that doesn't make fracking good for the planet either. My point is just that when a D is in office nobody seems to care when a pipeline bursts or a spill happens, but when an R holds the office (especially this one) there's outrage. I hope that continues because it would be the best of both worlds. The problem with regulations is really two fold...who sets the regulations and where is their funding coming from, but more importantly that nature is so delicate that it's not as simple as regulations and offsets and moving on. A doctor I like who does a lot of speaking likes to say "You can't do just one thing." Dam a river to improve one area, create droughts in another. Deforest and replant trees in another... get invasive species you didn't expect in both. I understand why people want fracking for economic reasons (my degree is in finance) but there are so many documented problems with fracking that it's just not a trade off I'm willing to make.
  4. I really thought this country reached peak selfishness a few years ago but the last 6 months have been eye opening.
  5. Hoping everyone who screamed at the top of their lungs about Trump and the environment (rightfully so) doesn't go to sleep the next 4y. I won't hold my breath...
  6. After 9 years of caring 0.0000% about sports my son is all about football and wants to be a Giants fan like dad.... soooo they're definitely gonna cancel. I agree though its probably the right decision.
  7. It's funny you say that because to me (a lefty) it feels like they're doing the exact opposite with welcoming in the Bush era republicans as much as possible. I think Susan Rice would be a good pick also, though Ive thought it will be Kamala all along. If the DNC could have skipped the primary charade and chosen a candidate from the jump I believe it would have been her. I'm sure they'd love to get her in there now.
  8. Oh interesting I'll have to check that out... I've withdrawn a lot from political twitter over the last few months (to the tremendous benefit of my own mental health). I voted for Hawkins for Gov in 2018 because he was the only real option for me but I definitely don't love him, especially the Russiagate BS. Aside from Jesse obviously I kinda liked Dario Hunter but it seems like he ruffled feathers within the GP too. If there is a dust up at the GP convention I hope some of them latch on to the Movement for a People's Party and get it rolling. I'm more excited about them than any other group at this point.
  9. I wonder if they're considering any republicans for the position... Someone like Condoleezza Rice. Choosing someone like that might present an "all of us against him" appearance. Of course that's the marketing strategist side of me, personally I'm still hoping for a one in a billion Tulsi or Nina which of course is never going to happen.
  10. How is she on the environment? I find a lot of points of agreement with libertarians but fracking and anti regulations usually turns me off to them Still holding out hope that the Greens give Jesse another call (highly doubtful)
  11. Lots of discussion on the backgrounds of Lincoln Project founders on the latest Chapo podcast
  12. If its the same spotting that I'm thinking about, they figured out it was a picture from an earlier date due to one of the movie ads in the background.