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  1. For those watching, what is up with Kenyan Drake? Hurt? Not Playing?
  2. I have OBJ and I'm starting Shepard over Tyrell Williams if that helps anyone.
  3. I'm gonna piggyback on this thread since the problem was solved. How often is DD updated now that it is online? The rankings seem kind of old right now. For instance Spencer Ware is still ranked way too high and Kareem Hunt ranked way too low for the injury.
  4. Just my two cents from a fan that has been watching him closely... He shows tons of potential. He has great poise in the pocket. He is really good at pre-snap reads. He has a terrific arm, but the ball tends to sail when he forgets about his mechanics. The Browns defense is the real deal and will immensely help to keep him from having to put the team on his shoulders. The offensive line is vastly improved and the running game will be great as well. All of that being said, his read progressions are almost non-existent and I don't think I've seen him actually throw the ball to somebody that wasn't his first read the entire preseason. Opposing teams will double Coleman and blitz like crazy until he eventually gets carted off the field. Besides Coleman, he has no other consistent receiving options. Njoku has been banged up and could become one, but that isn't a given. Duke Johnson has been playing some slot, but I haven't seen Kizer look his way. I personally think that Kizer is being thrown to wolves a little too early. There are plenty of things that rookie QB's can learn on the field, but read progressions aren't one of them. If he makes it to the bye week without being injured, I'll be totally shocked.
  5. Okay I guess I was wrong when I posted that last week. After the contest I emailed DD like they asked for the top 5 to do and was told that I would get an email from Joe soon. A month later and I still haven't got the email to start the process. I would think that we would have got some kind of contact by now. How long does it take to send an email to 5 guys? Can anyone that has won before give us an idea on how long it took for you to actually get your money?
  6. For anyone else in the top 5, I see 3 years added to my subscription, so I expect that the rest is coming soon.
  7. Yep, lots of fun and I got my best finish ever. 3rd place this year! My moment was when I realized that 12.65 points made a difference of $18,000.
  8. Since this will probably last just a few minutes, I'll post that I'm currently in first place. Everyone still in the contest can now commence on the crushing of my hopes and dreams now. Entry 100467Score: 183.90 Pos Player Team Price FPts QB Carson Wentz PHI $6 14.30 QB Tom Brady NE $15 9.30 QB Blaine Gabbert SF $7 0.00 RB Devonta Freeman ATL $26 35.50 RB DeMarco Murray TEN $15 19.10 RB LeVeon Bell PIT $27 18.10 RB Melvin Gordon SD $14 0.00 RB Arian Foster MIA $12 0.00 WR Brandin Cooks NO $22 37.60 WR Michael Thomas NO $9 18.20 WR Demaryius Thomas DEN $21 16.10 WR Sterling Shepard NYG $11 15.60 WR Rishard Matthews TEN $6 14.50 WR Tyler Boyd CIN $6 3.30 TE Travis Kelce KC $20 8.60 TE Antonio Gates SD $11 2.60 TE Zach Miller CHI $8 0.00 PK Dan Carpenter BUF $3 9.40 PK Nick Folk NYJ $2 9.40 DST Kansas City Chiefs KC $6 7.00 DST San Francisco 49ers SF $3 3.00 Leaderboard Rank Entry Score 1 100467 381.50 2 105969 377.20 3 106883 369.70 4 109556 368.75 5 103529 368.05 6 113400 367.40 7 107728 366.40 8 108889 359.20 9 105314 358.40 10 110495 355.50 11 102132 351.75 12 107308 351.50 13 107281 350.80 14 110749 350.30 15 103547 350.00 150 Min Cash 287.40 251 Last Place 174.60
  9. Sitting at #10 right now with Sterling Shepard and Tom Brady left to contribute. I am starting to think that I might just have a slim chance at this.
  10. I never post on the board, but I'm still alive and the is the closest that I have ever been. QB Tom Brady NE $15 0.00 QB Blaine Gabbert SF $7 0.00 QB Carson Wentz PHI $6 0.00 RB LeVeon Bell PIT $27 0.00 RB Devonta Freeman ATL $26 0.00 RB DeMarco Murray TEN $15 0.00 RB Melvin Gordon SD $14 0.00 RB Arian Foster MIA $12 0.00 WR Brandin Cooks NO $22 0.00 WR Demaryius Thomas DEN $21 0.00 WR Sterling Shepard NYG $11 0.00 WR Michael Thomas NO $9 0.00 WR Tyler Boyd CIN $6 0.00 WR Rishard Matthews TEN $6 0.00 TE Travis Kelce KC $20 0.00 TE Antonio Gates SD $11 0.00 TE Zach Miller CHI $8 0.00 PK Dan Carpenter BUF $3 0.00 PK Nick Folk NYJ $2 0.00 DST Kansas City Chiefs KC $6 0.00 DST San Francisco 49ers SF $3 0.00 I was lucky enough to stay reasonably healthy so far, but this cut in half this week is scary looking at the other rosters.
  11. LOL, I'm not sure. I was doing a lot of copying and pasting, so I must have copied the wrong guy.
  12. Some guys that I thought would be picked heavily... Luck Total Teams 2016 Brady Total Teams 4423 Bradford Total Teams 4621 Lacy Total Teams 921 Peterson Total Teams 2557 Ivory Total Teams 3350 Brown Total Teams 1684 Devante Adams Total Teams 7740 Jordan Matthews Total Teams 2175 Gronkowski Total teams 2977 Eifert Total Teams 3317 Rodgers Total Teams 2522 That's really less than I thought for most of these guys. Roster diversity may not be a big issue this year. Just for fun, I checked these... Jordy Nelson Total Teams 95 Kelvin Benjamin 23 Brandon LaFell 77 Garret Hartley 736 Shaun Suisham 206 Kendal Hunter 43 Brian Quick 988 Logan Paulsen 17 Niles Paul 90 Those are just some names off the top of my head, and granted a large portion of it is Kickers, but there are a large percentage of teams with some dead weight on their rosters already.