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  1. LOL, I'm not sure. I was doing a lot of copying and pasting, so I must have copied the wrong guy.
  2. Some guys that I thought would be picked heavily... Luck Total Teams 2016 Brady Total Teams 4423 Bradford Total Teams 4621 Lacy Total Teams 921 Peterson Total Teams 2557 Ivory Total Teams 3350 Brown Total Teams 1684 Devante Adams Total Teams 7740 Jordan Matthews Total Teams 2175 Gronkowski Total teams 2977 Eifert Total Teams 3317 Rodgers Total Teams 2522 That's really less than I thought for most of these guys. Roster diversity may not be a big issue this year. Just for fun, I checked these... Jordy Nelson Total Teams 95 Kelvin Benjamin 23 Brandon LaFell 77 Garret Hartley 736 Shaun Suisham 206 Kendal Hunter 43 Brian Quick 988 Logan Paulsen 17 Niles Paul 90 Those are just some names off the top of my head, and granted a large portion of it is Kickers, but there are a large percentage of teams with some dead weight on their rosters already.
  3. West = In the coaches doghouse all last year, showed up this year a little chubby and back in the doghouse again. Crowell = Runs like a beast on fire, but tends to put the ball on the ground once in a while. Duke = They have specific plays in the playbook with him in mind as a pass catcher. Tweaking his hammy has them a bit ticked. He was penciled in a 3rd down role at least when he was drafted and now they have to rethink that. If he can't prove he can pass block his playing time might be severely limited. He can't prove that riding a stationary bike. I give Crowell the edge but I'm betting someone shares the load. That could be West if Duke takes longer to heal or West could be cut altogether if he keeps ticking off the coach. West has skill but his work ethic isn't the best.
  4. Coaches had written him off before camp and are now singing praises. I didn't think it was possible but he might be the week 1 starter. That being said, I don't think he stays healthy even if he is able to perform. That happy feet thing he does will get him killed in the NFL.
  5. I think West is the odd man out in Cleveland right now. Things can change in training camp, but I think Pettine likes Crowell a little more. I think Crowell and Duke will split time in the beginning but Duke can walk away with the job if he proves worthy. He's got a huge upside in PPR leagues. The Brown's have been talking non-stop about how they plan to use the RB's more in the passing game and he fits that plan.
  6. This is Bill Belechick we are talking about. No RB is safe.
  7. This kinda pornographic stuff should be kept out of the shark pool.
  8. 1) Every defense is droppable, but you should be dropping for a reason. 2) The Seattle D is probably trade able. Why not get a back-up player out of the deal? 3) Streaming defenses is a new term this year I think. It used to be "defense by commitee." 4) The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you are worried this much about a top rated defense you are probably ignoring the real problem.
  9. The other side does practice defending trick plays. I thought I had succeeded when I got 2 fingers under the hinge of her bra strap. She was prepared ahead of time with the super glue.
  10. In my opinion Rubin and Taylor have looked liked school girls in the last 2 games. If you want to fix the run defense I'd start there. After that, I'd end every practice with tackling drills for our lb's and db's. I'd make it so painful in practice that they'll stop being lazy in games to avoid it. They are in the right spot, they just tackle lazy.
  11. Where is this thread? It's one of the few reasons I read the Shark Pool. It's the reasonings of others that make it special. It's not so much the "Who's", but the "Why's" that impress me. So I'll start it off this week... Sell High. Jamaal Charles- Practiced all week last week and still didn't play. Been practicing this week and rumor is he won't play again. Kniles Davis looked good in relief. This is a guy I would have taken #1 overall this year if I had that pick. But RB's are disposable and JC is getting old. Even if he comes back healthy, KD deserves to cut into his workload some. I don't see his ceiling being worth his trade value. Buy Low. I'm not as confident on this one, but I think Toby Gerhart is a good buy low. Lot's of guys paid too much in the draft expecting "All Day" 2 in Jacksonville. I think Toby has the talent but the rest of the offense is so inept, he hasn't had many chances. Blake Bortles is now the starter so 1 of 2 things are gonna happen. 1) Blake lifts the offense and Toby gets more carries without teams stacking the box. 2) Blake is just as bad and Jax is hopeless for the rest of the year. You can probably trade a kicker for Toby right now, so in my opinion it's worth the try for a week or 2. Ok the rest of you post something better.
  12. I have had Romo the last few years and avoided him this year because the back injury seemed to be a bigger deal in the off-season. I'm glad I did. Normally QB's with back injuries start strong and get worse as the season goes on. Romo is starting weak, and playing QB in the NFL isn't gonna make his back any better.
  13. I hate NE RB's to begin with, because Belichick is 2nd only to Mike Shanahan in screwing your starting RB over in the last minute. If you own him, I wouldn't cut him yet, but I wouldn't start him until he shows you some points on the bench. He could have 2 broken legs and Bill isn't gonna put that on the injury report. Bill will also trade him for a lunch-able and a half flat can of Schlitz malt liquor if he isn't producing as much as Bill wants. My best advice to Vereen owners is to try and trade with the Ridley owners because they are as scared as you are. Trade him away instead of trying to trade for Ridley. Bill is equally likely to sign a guy at RB because he liked how the guy broke the line when he stole Bill's wallet at the Bus Stop. That stooge will start the same week he's signed and probably produce. NE RB's are always a soap opera.
  14. Thanks, I was actually hoping that White coming back would give Douglas value as a 2nd option. Sounds like he may be a good candidate for me to try to sell high. Any other thoughts from anyone else?
  15. I'm wondering If Ryan looked that good and could force it to Douglas anyway or if TB just looked that bad. If the truth is somewhere in between, what do you think 10 points a week, 12?