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  1. “Tyreek Hill had a sternal clavicular joint injury which is where your clavicle comes into your sternum. If it goes posteriorly, like Hill’s did, it an become a medical issue. Hill didn’t have any issues, but he was still transported to a local hospital. Obviously be safe.” James Palmer
  2. Andy Reid confirms Chiefs will be implementing “running back by committee”
  3. Just like every other thread that remotely involves Seattle this year.
  4. Does anyone know what the exact injury is? Did he have a hamstring pull or sciatica? Is the surgery to fix a bulging disk or something more serious?
  5. Weren't you the one that said a couple weeks back that he injured his arm his senior year of college? Not sure who you talking bout...I think I said he got injured in college and that his arm is stronger post injury. It's true. Dude has been pushing more weight than Colombia in the gym and much better deep ball than Schaub. That's what I'm referring to, but it sure seemed like you were implying he injured his arm his senior year at UH. Busted
  6. I'd be worried if Kubiak opens up the playbook. Case has that chutzpah. I have him stashed in all my keeper/dynastys. He killed it in camp/preseason. And they only reason he wasn't the #2 is b/c of Kubiak's loyal to a fault approach to handling personell. Major will go on the record saying 280 yds passing, 32 Rushing and 3 TDs. All of your credibility just flew out the window.