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  1. Steve King implies that victims of Hurricane Katrina were lazy handout-seekers, while victims of Iowa floods are selfless helpers
  2. Sure he's a long shot, but if reality TV star can do it, I say why not. Being a mayor of 100,000 people is more politically relevant that being CEO of a family real estate business. Let's not fall into the trap of "Because Longshot X won, therefore Longshot Y has a similar chance of winning."
  3. Mayor of a mid-sized flyover city. That's the extent of his political experience. I mean, he seems like a good guy and I'm sure he's very intelligent. But this country does not elect small-time mayors to be President Of The United States.
  4. I appreciate the subtle and possibly unintended irony of this post.
  5. I don't think it's even close to "exactly" the same thing. An accurate analogy would be someone responding to a Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter. It's a "What about us over here that nobody seems to care about?" Definitely uncool. But nowhere near like telling a Black Lives Matter person, they really shouldn't be so upset and here's a bunch of links why. Consider, for a moment, that perhaps the reason why you don't think it's the same thing is because you're not from New Zealand, you're not Muslim, and you have virtually no connection to the murder victims there.
  6. The sad reality is that this is exactly what your Facebook friend did. They charged in with the Breitbart link to why people really shouldn't be that upset over the people (in New Zealand) being murdered. And they weren't delicate at all.
  7. That's not how Occam's Razor works. At all. Oh, and let's not forget this oldie but goodie:
  8. There isn't a single complete sentence in this post. But I totally agree that you gotta follow the agenda Joe Bryant.
  9. Like this one? Replying to @bridgieleela @MeghanMcCain @realDonaldTrump Hard to respect a bull####ter and a traitor. Your dad graduated 5th from the bottom of 900 in Annapolis. He crashed several airplanes and was no Top Gun pilot. Grandpa bailed him out. John delivered the Dossier to screw the POTUS. He should have been charged with treason. It's funny and sad how they turn positives into negatives. "He graduated from the Naval Acadamy" (YEAH BUT HE WAS ONLY THE 894th BEST OUT OF THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS WHO APPLIED!!) "He was a fighter pilot" (YEAH BUT HE WASN'T A "TOP GUN" EVEN THOUGH THE "TOP GUN" SCHOOL WAS CREATED TWO YEARS AFTER HE WAS SHOT DOWN!!) "He was shot down over Vietnam" (YEAH BUT HE CRASHED A PLANE!!) "He turned over the dossier to the FBI" (YEAH BUT HE SCREWED THE POTUS AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT "TREASON" MEANS!!)
  10. "There's no reason to believe that the story isn't true" Really? No reason? Not one single reason? "Because Brietbart is known as a purveyor of fake news" isn't a good enough reason?
  11. My first reaction was, "I bet there's more to this story and it's being simplified to provoke a particular response." Which, yes. I'd ignore them, personally. They're following the story to prove something they already believe and no amount of anything will convince them that the story isn't being under reported because the liberal media hates Christians. I wonder if those people will still complain about the story being under-reported when the headline is "CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS MASSACRE 130 MUSLIMS".
  12. Well, the first thing I would do is Google the story to get it from a more reliable source. And it turns out that Brietbart is exaggerating if not outright lying. Also, the Brietbart story conveniently ignores a Christian terror attack from February which killed 130 Fulani, which may have been the entire reason for the Fulani attacks this month.
  13. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word "Excellent"? To me, it's gotta be one of three things: 1. Bill & Ted 2. Wayne's World 3. Mr. Burns
  14. I remember having arguments with friends and relatives who basically said, "Even if Saddam doesn't have WMDs, we should still invade because he supports terrorism by not denouncing it when it happens."