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  1. Wow. 350K deaths might have qualified as "isn't so bad" if we hadn't partially shut down the economy and imposed social distancing. (Since most of those early models did not account for those actions.) But 350K with shutdowns and social distancing? My God, that would be an epic disaster.
  2. First you complain because the page only has 999 victims instead of 1000, then you complain because they're acknowledging 95K dead instead of 100K. Really weird takes.
  3. Travel restrictions. Hard to give him credit for saving lives when he waited 2 months to "close" the border -- and I put "close" in quotes, because it's still not closed (and he has continued to allow thousands of potentially infected people from Brazil to stream into the country).
  4. Don’t agree that population density is the sole reason when we are talking about a closed environment I.e. nursing homes. Especially when ct population density 84% higher then Florida yet nursing home deaths 10x. If your theory had legs, then CT's non-nursing-home death rate would be much lower. NURSING HOME DEATHS: FL: 1043 out of 72741 (1.4%) CT: 2190 out of 22653 (9.7%) <-- BTW, this is 6.7x Florida, not 10x as you've been claiming NON-NURSING HOME DEATHS: FL: 1194 out of 21,404,996 (.0056%) CT: 1503 out of 3,542,634 (.042%) <-- 7.6x Florida Therefore, these numbers would indicate that CT has actually done a better job of protecting its nursing home residents when compared to the rest of the population. Population density is your answer.
  5. It’s based on total nursing home population vs total deaths. OK. In that case, the answer to your question is probably along the lines of: the reason why CT has a higher rate of deaths-per-population (among those in nursing homes) is because CT has a higher population density. It's the same reason why CT also has a higher "death rate" among those who don't live in nursing homes. CT: 1503 non-nursing-home deaths (out of 3,542,634 people) = 1 in 2357 dead FL: 1194 non-nursing-home deaths (out of 21,404,996 people) = 1 in 17927 dead
  6. Where are you getting your numbers? According to this report, Connecticut has had 2190 confirmed and probable coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, out of 7875 cases (27.8%). Meanwhile, this report shows 4287 coronavirus cases in nursing homes in Florida, and this link shows a death total of 1043 (24.3%).
  7. Accuracy is accuracy in any reporting. This was something as simple as reading an obituary and the NYTIMES got basic data entry wrong. Not a good look. They corrected the error almost immediately instead of doubling down or complaining about fake news. Demanding perfection is disingenuous distraction of sociopaths.
  8. Mickelson: "Is it too late to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?" (not a real quote)
  9. I stole that quote from a CNN talking head. That was their standard that you call a war on media. Was the talking head talking about the media, or talking about Trump? And were they talking about uncorrected things, or things that were quickly corrected?
  10. No media outlet in the history of the world has ever gotten all of the small stuff right. This is an example of the War On Media. Complaining about the correction instead of complaining about the uncorrected claims.
  11. You are conflating "deaths" with "cases". If you're doing it on purpose, get the #### out of this thread.
  12. Praise Trump for putting all decisions in the hands of governors. Praise Trump for blaming those governors when people die. Praise Trump for following the principle of states rights. Praise Trump for threatening to impose federal power if churches are not opened. Praise Trump for creating guidelines that should be followed. Praise Trump for criticizing and undermining those guidelines. Noticing a pattern here...
  13. Come on Max, you're better than this. There was one name out of 1000 that was mistakenly inserted. They corrected the error within a couple of hours.
  14. I’m talking about COVID-19 in the ***Official*** COVID-19 CoronaVirus Thread. I’m sorry that upsets you. You're not talking about COVID-19. You are attempting to create an issue out of one solitary error in a single newspaper. If your goal was to generate discussion about newspaper corrections, then I would suggest moving the discussion to a more appropriate thread.