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  1. What’s wrong with Bobulinski? He can't prove that he met with Joe, plus he admits that Joe rejected the proposed deal anyway.
  2. Are you talking about Hunter or Don Jr here? To be fair, you did cut off the part about the dad being VP, so he clearly wasn't talking about Don Jr. He was obviously talking about George W. Bush.
  3. Wisconsin Republican Party loses $2.3 million from hackers in phishing scam The scammers somehow submitted fake invoices which the party kept paying. Apparently, the state party tried to hide the mistake from the Trump campaign, and now the Trump campaign is furious about it.
  4. Thanks. The date is August 13. Perhaps there was hope then that we were past the worst of COVID. But I have a hard time believing that even then it was 4th on the list. I would imagine it’s easily #1 at the present time. You guys are both wrong. The #1 current issue in American politics is: social media likes. So sayeth one of Trump's Executive Vice Descendants
  5. Miles Taylor, former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security.
  6. Yep. The woman who made the video the removal of which is being decried as censorship by the right wing today, and which caused Don Jr. to be suspended from Twitter for posting it. She also threatened Facebook that Jesus would shut down Facebook’s servers if it doesn’t put her video back up. Also she believes endometriosis is caused by women having dream sex with demons. BTW, this crazy lady will be part of a Trump campaign event in Texas tonight.
  7. Two big actions by the Supreme Court today. They have rejected Republican requests to stop Pennsylvania and North Carolina from extending their mail-ballot deadlines. That means that PA will allow ballots to arrive as late as November 6th, and NC will allow ballots to arrive as late as November 12th. (The Court has indicated that they're willing to revisit at least the PA case after the election, so it's still possible that they could retroactively nullify any late-arriving ballots.)
  8. Which interview are you talking about? Are you talking about this one, where he says that "masks are important" to prevent infected people from infecting someone else? In that same interview, he does say "Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks" -- but that was in early March, when A) it was believed that there were very few infected people on the streets of the USA, and B) we didn't have conclusive evidence about asymptomatic superspreaders. And, even then, in the same interview, he said it was "fine" for 85% of the people to wear masks in public, and that the "point" of his quote was to prevent a shortage of masks for people who need them. So, if he really believed that people "should not be wearing masks" (your exact words, not Fauci's), then he would not have stated that there were "people who really need them".
  9. The disconnect is off the charts. One guy has NH (currently Biden +10.4) going to Biden, but has NM (currently Biden +12.9) going to Trump?! Another guy is speculating that the NM senate race (currently D+13.7) could flip. And lots of people are acting like Tony B's upcoming interview with Tucker Carlson will result in the imminent arrests of.......I dunno, everyone? And they're all whining about Twitter while simultaneously posting on Twitter. People are complaining that they can't link to the NY Post....while simultaneously linking to the NY Post. It's the Keystone Cop Echo Chamber!
  10. I agree that if Biden loses, the analysis will show that Trump had a stronger ground game in certain states. However, I also think that you can argue that Trump is making a similar tactical error. For example, Trump has campaigned quite a bit in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio -- and while he does need those states to win, I think you could argue he should be spending his resources on states that he needs to flip. Basically, at this point in the campaign, Trump needs to just cross his fingers that he'll win FL/NC/OH, and then focus entirely on closing the deficits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and/or Arizona.
  11. It seems like something Russia would do......because they already did something similar, in 2016. Also, you are incorrect that the assertion is based solely on the fact that it's an attempted smear of Biden. In their letter, the 60 IC officers also cite the previous intelligence about Russia targeting Burisma's emails, plus the previous intelligence about a Russian agent being involved with Rudy Giuliani. (And, gee, what a coincidence that the Hunter Biden story just happens to contain those exact elements!) In other words, if we removed the previous intelligence reports from the equation, then you would have a decent argument that the assertion was based solely on the smear of Biden. (By the same token, if you kept the intelligence reports, but changed the scenario to a different type of Biden smear -- say, for example, an adult video starlet who claimed that she had an affair with Biden -- then you would also have a strong argument that the IC's assertion was based solely on the smear of Biden.) But when you combine all of the known elements of the current story, then it's absolutely fair for 60 former members of the intelligence community to describe it as "earmarks of a Russian information operation". And, the Trump campaign is free to get 61 former IC members to sign a letter stating, "Nuh-uhh!"
  12. (41% x 64%) + (59% x 35%) = 46.9% for Biden (41% x 25%) + (59% x 56%) = 43.3% for Trump If you give Trump 70% of uncommitted voters (assuming that Jorgensen's 2% holds), you end up with 49.2% for Biden and 48.8% for Trump.
  13. Literally no evidence. The DNI made clear that there was no evidence. No one from any side is claiming that these are fake emails. No one is claiming that the content is made up. A group of former intelligence people, with no evidence, claimed it "had the earmarks of Russian disinformation". That's the standard? Its ridiculous. The standard -- in terms of journalism -- is not based on what is said, but who said it. If 60 former intelligence officers issue a press release saying "it has the earmarks of purple monkey dishwasher", then it will be reported. By the same token, if a homeless guy issues a press release saying "Joe Biden killed five hookers", it would not be reported.
  14. And the DNI has come out and said there is NO EVIDENCE of this. None. Which the mainstream media has also reported.
  15. It's a correction that was coming. If anything, look to be buying cheap. That's small consolation for millions of people. Also, it takes away one of Trump's talking points. I mean, a large component of Trump's re-election rhetoric has been (paraphrasing) "At least the stock market is up!" Take that away and his résumé becomes considerably less impressive.