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  1. but only because he has cancer. That overrides everything apparently. And when you have cancer, they let you do it. You can say anything. Whatever you want. "Coronavirus is the common cold!" You can do anything.
  2. That is what makes The inaccuracy of her statement so astounding.... Have you noticed that exactly zero lawyers on this forum think that her statement was astoundingly inaccurate?
  3. I'm fully aware. I was just offering what the commentary was. Bernie lost; America wasn't ready for him yet. They might be ready for him now. Another familiar commentary was something to the effect of, "The final score only looks like a blowout because Bernie voters gave up when they realized that the system was rigged against them!" (And that's supposed to inspire confidence that these same quitters are going to come out in force in November??)
  4. The narrative is all in the momentum. Cable news plastered the super delegate lead every chance they could, I think in some instances before Iowa even. I don't think it's 12 points worth of momentum though. Who knows, maybe the outrage over the "rigging" is what drove turnout in 2016 for Bernie in the first place. Just for the sake of facts.....Bernie also trailed in non-superdelgate votes for almost the entire campaign. He had a 36-32 lead for a few days after he won New Hampshire in February. That was it.
  5. Sanders is doing exactly what Trump did in 2016. He's using his enthusiastic voting block (of roughly 35% of the party) to beat a divided field. And the rest of the field is too stubborn and too egotistical to drop out. The difference in 2016 is that Republicans are dutiful party-line voters, so the vast majority of them held their noses and voted for Trump in the general election. The same can't be said for Democrats -- the Bernie Bros stayed home in 2016, and their right-leaning counterparts are going to stay home in 2020. You'd think that Democrats would have learned their lesson after the debacle of 2016, but.....nope.
  6. But that's the thing -- they don't even call him "Norm"! They blew the joke. edit: I guess they didn't really blow the joke because the whole point of the commercial is that Norm is NOT recognized by the people who work at Dominos. But he's freaking Norm Peterson! Are we really supposed to believe that the people at the local Dominos DON'T know his name???
  7. I’m sure his family is combing over the details of his will. I heard that he had no heirs.
  8. How old are you? All TVs had a UHF selector (for channels 14-83) starting in 1964.
  9. Doubt it. This is a business move, plain and simple. The company has been bleeding money for the past 2 years and they finally found a buyer yesterday.
  10. Paul English was basically a gangster who sort-of knew how to play drums. But Willie kept him around because he was loyal and he always had Willie's back. This article is a must-read for anyone who's a fan of Willie or country music.
  11. Apparently "desertion and nonsupport of dependent children" is a felony.
  12. Same here. Saints and Mauille make thought-provoking arguments.
  13. Fact: there are more males born than females. (And that doesn't even account for selective abortions.) But due to the reckless nature of the male gender, the ratio gradually gets smaller and smaller until women become the predominant sex by the time they're 40.