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  1. He suffered from severe depression. I don't recall if early dementia was suspected. But severe depression and anxiety can cause frustrating memory issues. He had Parkinson's, which can lead to hallucinations and other mental issues. Williams was initially diagnosed with Parkinson's, but he actually suffered from a related disease called Lewy body dementia.
  2. Does Mueller say no conspiracy yes or no? No, the Mueller report does not say "no conspiracy" anywhere. link
  3. Completely false. Mueller's report does say he could not prove collusion/conspiracy, this isn't a difficult concept to understand. See, this is another example of how you fail to "state facts". First, you'll claim that Mueller said "no collusion". Then, when challenged, you'll say "Mueller does not say he could not prove collusion". (Using double negatives and triple negatives to skew the meanings of your claims.) Then, you'll claim that your original statement ("no collusion") was accurate all along. It's not just bad shtick, but it's the very epitome of what disinformation is all about.
  4. So one cycle Two, actually. Utah had a senatorial election in 2016. Also, Romney would have been eligible to run for Senate in Massachusetts in 2014. So, technically, Mitt waited 3 election cycles before running. In "moving the goalpost" parlance, this is what we call a double doink.
  5. wrong, I only state facts and do not peddle conspiracy theories. You've been caught claiming multiple times that the Mueller report fully exonerated Trump and/or claimed "no collusion", only to later admit that you were actually referring to Barr's summary of the report. A few days ago you were caught claiming that Hillary's emails were on the DNC server, only to later admit that you were actually referring to the DNC emails. You've repeatedly defended or sympathized with various conspiracy theories invoking Seth Rich or Crowdstrike, including this post where you used a double negative to show your sympathy to Qanon.
  6. That’s that. Good thing Sondland put Taylor in his place with that text!!
  7. If there were any truth to this, then we would have seen widespread examples of non-citizen voting and duplicate voting in states that do not have strict voting laws. But we already have laws that call for severe punishment for non-citizen voting and duplicate voting. Those laws are an extremely effective deterrent on their own. I would think that a fiscal conservative would decry strict voter ID laws as being another example of bloated government duplicating adequate legislation already on the books.
  8. This seems like a weirdly specific condition designed to apply to Trump. Many of the most respected Republicans in this nation's history have lost an election and then gone on hold a different political job (Abe Lincoln for starters).
  9. "overeducated and elderly coastal elitist who supported an illegal war"
  10. Doesn't that directly contradict Sondland's testimony? I thought Sondland testified that military aid was not contingent on an investigation.
  11. Nope...I don't think thats why he does it. I think he says things like this cause he knows the left will they do everytime. And this will drive more support for him come election time. That strategy didn't work so well for Trump in the 2018 mid-terms.
  12. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been married for 73 years and 4 months -- longer than any other President and First Lady in the history of the United States. (They recently eclipsed the record set by George and Barbara Bush.) BTW, the record for the shortest marriage between a President and First Lady belongs not to Donald and Melania Trump (14 years), but to Woodrow Wilson and his 2nd wife Edith, who were married for 8 years when he died in 1924.
  13. Trump is screaming "Due process!" like a guy whose sole knowledge of the law is limited to what he's seen on his DVD collections of "NCIS" and "Blue Bloods". At this point I won't be shocked if he starts calling for the "Eric doctrine" to be applied. edit: that was supposed to say "Erie doctrine" but I'm leaving it as "Eric" because Trump.