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  1. That same black guy somehow gets the exact same seat for every rally. Crazy!! Are you talking about the "Blacks For Trump" guy? He's a cult leader and accused murderer. This is the guy who Trump and his supporters truly believe will deliver the black vote.
  2. "InfoWars" analysis - 'extreme nonsense containing fabricated info damaging to public discourse'
  3. Huh? Have you not heard Ocommunist Cortez speak? She said we need a Marshall plan for climate change. Sounds pretty one world government and U.N. Agenda 21 to me. The Marshall Plan was specifically designed to oppose the "one-world-government" model. I mean, come on. Learn about history before repeating phrases that you hear.
  4. I suggest you don't insult them unilaterally, especially their intelligence, character or value to society. This is a good point. "Cling to guns and religion" and "Basket of deplorables" do nothing but solidify their allegiance to the (R).
  5. This is where Trump's constant crowing about the black unemployment rate can backfire. He can't say "Illegals will take your jobs!" because we already have 11 million illegals and yet blacks are doing better than ever. A savvy politician might even go so far as to point out that the illegals are doing the minimum wage jobs that used to be reserved for black workers -- allowing blacks to move up the economic ladder.
  6. The student housing deals would be a 4-year lifespan, and I'm quite confident that we would generate enough business to sustain me being there long term. I am going to have lunch with him on Thursday and am going to tell him about the builder gig (which I'll know more about after Tuesday). I will most certainly bring up my reluctance to sign on with his company again if there's gonna be instability. The 4-year commitment would make me lean back towards your buddy. Are you at all concerned that the new dynamics (him being part owner, you being much more than just an assistant PM) could lead to tension that could strain your relationship?
  7. Why is that disturbing? That’s just the logical conclusion of the net effect of mass migration. The reason why it is disturbing is because this country's identity was developed around the idea of being open to people from all over the world.
  8. If you go back to work for your buddy, would it be another situation where the job ends as soon as the big project ends? If so..........I'd lean towards the manufactured home company.
  9. Voted for Cal Naughton Jr. because it's the most popular movie on the list and because he has a prominent (co-lead) role in it.
  10. I like my Corvettes to have rounded edges. This latest one reminds me of a Transformer. Which, I guess, is the look people are going for nowadays.
  11. Garage doors -- the ones used for cars, at least -- are designed to keep out animals, not sunlight and air.
  12. I can see how these ideas would appeal to Democrats and left-leaning independents, but they actually play right into Trump's hands: "Health insurance is worse because the libs won't let me replace the disaster known as Obamacare!" "Infrastructure is just fine. I fixed all the wasteful spending and rebuilt the military!" "Foreign policy is just fine. Hillary would have started a war with Russia, North Korea or Iran. I saved the country from war!" "Nobody loves the environment more than me!" "The libs are the ones who want to destroy democracy! That's why they tried to steal the 2016 election! EMAILS!" "I'm tougher than anyone on dictators. Besides, what's wrong with having a good relationship with other countries? I'm saving the country from World War 3!!" "I've always been willing to be bipartisan, but the libs want open borders and crime and we can't allow that." There's no way to attack him on policy because there are too many independents who truly believe that his "policies" are good and that they are working.
  13. He's probably just now realizing that it wasn't smart to include Pressley -- a black descendant of slaves whose American roots can be traced to the 1800s -- as part of the whole "go back to where you came from" theme. #blexit isn't going to happen if he keeps telling Pressley to go back to Africa.
  14. This is something that I've started to consider after his immediate backpedaling on the rally. It is entirely possible that Trump has created a fascist movement largely on accident (by a combination of his ignorance and personality), and with decreasing control over where it goes from here. I don't think Trump's movement was created on accident. I think he knows what he's doing and he knows how to tap into nativist anger. But he's also politically savvy enough to know that "Send her back" is not a winning slogan for him right now. (But that may change if the economy continues to slow down.) Watch for the chant to change at the next rally -- maybe to something like "Go back now" or "Love it or leave it".