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  1. good post. when you can catch a football - nothing else matters.
  2. If Martin leaves, then Tampa will get another back.
  3. Manning had carry teams with mediocre defenses his entire career. It's about time a great defense carried him.
  4. Prefer we go with a defensive minded coach. Nothing against Gase per se, but not overly impressed with what he's done in Chicago this year. Has Cutler been that good? And I do wonder how much of his Denver success rests with personnel like Manning, Thomas, Sanders, etc. Maybe it's me, but every year there is a 'hot offensive guy' and they seem hit and miss. Plus, as mentioned if our O does very well the OC is likely to be plucked. That said those in the know seem to rave about his smarts and his youth doesn't scare me off. thanks for the reply. The next week or two should be very interesting.
  5. passion has nothing to do with his childish behavior in the game against the Panthers.
  6. thank you. Those top two guys are drafted, then what? Eagles have to pick a "project" QB. That rarely works out well.
  7. Cox was extended, so he is already under contract for next year. my bad, thanks.
  8. Eagles are adrift in this last week - the Giants want to play for Tom. Odell goes off (in a good way) this week.