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  1. pacman_fl

    Draft weekly contests

    Have been a Fandual guy but have a small deposit in Draft. Anyone with experience who can share the "play" here? I don't want to do a best ball. Looking for feedback in general though.
  2. pacman_fl

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    4.1? TT being TT?
  3. pacman_fl

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    So close, yet so far
  4. pacman_fl

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Following Twitter. How far out is Wolf Jr from taking over the GM spot? A tangent I know but assume within the year. Loved the trade before the pick; love it more now.
  5. pacman_fl

    Orphaned dynasty team

    Team taken. Thanks
  6. pacman_fl

    Orphaned dynasty team

    I have 2 guys interested. Can you message me through the site to discuss?
  7. pacman_fl

    Orphaned dynasty team

    Our long term (10+ years) dynasty league had an owner drop out recently. We have a strong core group of owners and this was a life event and not a true abandoned team. The fees are $80/year, we are on MFL, PPR, rookie draft will be late August (slow draft) etc. (feel free to look at the league setup on the site or message me. Thanks and best of luck to all this year. Open Team Trade? Player Bye 2015 YTD Pts Bridgewater, Teddy MIN QB 6 203.00 Dalton, Andy CIN QB 9 255.00 Murray, Aaron KCC QB 5 - Abdullah, Ameer DET RB 10 110.90 Andrews, Antonio TEN RB 13 109.70 Blue, Alfred HOU RB 9 106.30 Charles, Jamaal KCC RB 5 104.10 Coleman, Tevin ATL RB 11 45.60 Darkwa, Orleans NYG RB 8 27.40 Freeman, Devonta ATL RB 11 313.00 Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB 11 149.70 Conley, Chris KCC WR 5 38.70 Douglas, Harry TEN WR 13 82.60 Green-Beckham, Dorial TEN WR 13 108.80 Montgomery, Ty GBP WR 4 42.00 Richardson, Paul SEA WR 5 5.00 Shorts, Cecil HOU WR 9 109.90 Stills, Kenny MIA WR 8 86.90 Watkins, Sammy BUF WR 10 206.20 Williams, Terrance DAL WR 7 128.70 Davis, Vernon WAS TE 9 77.50 Gillmore, Crockett BAL TE 8 101.20 Watson, Ben BAL TE 8 178.60 Williams, Maxx BAL TE 8 53.50 Bailey, Dan DAL PK 7 126.00 Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def 5 150.00 Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.12 Year 2016 Draft Pick 3.01 Year 2016 Draft Pick 4.12 Year 2016 Draft Pick 5.01 Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from Meerkat Hunters Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from 39ers Year 2017 Round 2 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2017 Round 2 Draft Pick from 39ers Year 2017 Round 3 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2017 Round 4 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2017 Round 5 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2017 Round 5 Draft Pick from Punishment Inc. Year 2018 Round 2 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2018 Round 3 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2018 Round 4 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2018 Round 5 Draft Pick from Open Team Year 2018 Round 5 Draft Pick from Punishment Inc.
  8. pacman_fl

    Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina

    Isn't this a NFL rule? I don't think the NCAA can didicate eligibility of the NFL draft.Correct.Last attempt was 2004; time to try again?In 2004, college football players Maurice Clarett and Mike Williams challenged the three years in college rule, saying it was illegal. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the NFL, and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case.
  9. pacman_fl

    [Dynasty] 2014 Draft Prospects

    Thank you Xue - it's a good time to get this going and your list is an excellent starting point. We can all quibble over the rankings but you identified many of the key targets as of today.Some personal thoughts - #1: it's a great time to be a Texas A&M fan - like many, I am not sure how Manziel's game will translate but he will get that shot unless the celebrity becomes his focus. Also, I think Maleena is a better prospect than Michael (who I really like) but I think your initial ranking is fair to high. Evans has the CHANCE to be the best of the bunch and I wouldn't be shocked if he is ranked higher than Watkins by some this time next year.#2: I am rooting for Brandon Oliver and Jordan Matthews - both may have limited upside but they strike me as the types that will work harder than those with better skills and could, therefore, be more productive at the next level.#3: As a Reno guy now, I have become overly familiar with some of the talent coming out here. The next two in the pipeline are Cody Fajardo (QB) and Aaron Bradley (WR). Although both are only Juniors next year, they are eligible and are worth keeping an eye on their development if any. There are some within the program that think Fajardo could be better than Kaepernick. He has a ways to go and his arm strength isn't at that level (few are) but worth watching. Also, I have seen a progression from Rishard Matthews to Brandon Wimberly (who I think is a better prospect) to Bradley (potentially the best of the 3). He needs to add some bulk (listed at 6'1/180), but he has solid hands and quicks.#4 (to jonboltz): Thomas could be added to the list but I personally feel he will be a better NFL contributor than a fantasy asset and, from my observations, Xue targets the fantasy rankings.Thanks again and I think everyone has a right to be excited about this class.
  10. Cooper is listed as 6'1/198 and Marqise Lee at 6'1/195 - they look and play similar size to me. Imagine they will both add some muscle as well but they seem plenty big.
  11. - much better than the Green-Beckham hype
  12. pacman_fl

    2013 Dynasty "Sell High"

    - this would have been the perfect post for you to insert a Dyer reference as well (just messing with you). Dez hasn't done anything (proved) that is beyond an immature mistake from I can remember. He isn't at Kenny Britt's level by any stretch.
  13. pacman_fl

    Loaning a chick money 9/9/16 - Bye

    Agreed - spoiled as they are now and the world centering around most kids, exposing them to acts of kindness and charity is a GREAT example. Keep up the good work Ron