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  1. I rarely ride a bike, but don't wear a helmet when I do. Usually just a short jaunt about the neighborhood. I don't make my kids, but my daughter almost always has hers on and my son doesn't ride a lot.
  2. I will fight you all, including the daughter. This movie is my favorite comedy of all time and in my top 10 movies of all time. I have never quoted any movie as much as I quote this one. My 13 year old son thought this movie was freaking hilarious. ETA: I'm referring to Christmas Vacation
  3. You all are crazy, this dude is hilarious. I don't care if he put some dumb ones up on occasion, that's comedy. That is the way even the greats have always done it, a lot of misses for the great big hits.
  4. Utah Jazz showing out a bit in the World Cup. I've been a big fan of Gobert's for a little while now, and Mitchell is pretty electric as well. They are the Celtics of the West!
  5. This twitter feed is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round, Clark.
  6. @ "player development" Player enticement would be the bigger need. It just isn't worth their while for the best players to play in international competitions, especially in non-Olympic years. We have plenty of developed players, just not enough of our best are willing to risk injury for 'Merica.
  7. I don't care how effeminate this drink is, at least no one started a thread about that gosh awful TV show on TNT that ran non-stop promos during the NBA playoffs. I wanted to stab whatever exec made that call every commercial break.
  8. Then call me sexist. I don't give a #### what some random PC police on the internet think. I'm teaching my son to respect women and keep it in his pants, but I'm going to be an imposing figure to every boy my daughter dates. I don't own a gun, but I'm a big, athletic, assertive grown man, and there is no way I'm letting my daughter out the door with a guy who doesn't have a healthy respect for my daughter's well being.
  9. It was a small part played by a celebrity.