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  1. Woot. Finished strong. One more win just to make it interesting.
  2. Now they are playing some good basketball. Probably too late, but at least they aren't going down without a fight. Then again I may have just jinxed them and they'll collapse in the 4th quarter.
  3. OK, @moleculo, the sky is falling. You win. Go shut yourself up in your bomb shelter now. See you in 50 years. I'm going to keep on living my life like I've always done and the sun will come up and my wife and kids will still be with me as this is the USA and no single man controls this country nor can he single handedly destroy it.
  4. The UK during its control of the American colonies outlawed firearms and made it impossible for colonists to defend themselves against the British Army who were abusing their power. Henceforth, the US Constitution has a provision that doesn't allow for the outlawing of arms among its citizenry. This was put in place as a check and balance against tyranny of government. It has stood as a foundation of the US for over 200 years. In that time, gun manufacturers have made hundreds of millions of guns and sold them to the US citizens. Some people have embraced them as a way to ensure protection against criminals and governments alike. They keep firearms to hunt and enjoy for sport as well as a deterrent to criminal activity on their property. I think it is a good thing on one hand as no single person will ever be in complete power over this country and no country will even attempt an invasion in the US. On the other hand, we have more violent gun deaths in this country as a result, and that is terrible. However, we cannot turn back time, so it is best to deal with reality.
  5. Talk about hyperbole. Maybe you should run for office. These things are baseless over the top statements none of which are actually factual. Wake up, you are reading/listening/watching too much media. Back away and breathe. The slim 3 person majority in the Senate is not enough to overturn any actual election results and the Democrats already control the House (which, BTW, why aren't they to blame for anything?). Maybe if the Dems had paid 1 ounce of attention to the people in this country instead of trying to ramrod Hillary down our throats things would have been a little bit better.
  6. (1) Creating doubt about the legitimacy doesn't undermine the integrity unless there is actual reasons to doubt the legitimacy. Otherwise it is just a bunch of baseless statements. All he is trying to do is whip up a frenzy of voters to go and vote in person. Just like the left is doing in trying to stoke the panic about this election "stealing" campaign. Politics as usual (well maybe a bit more dirty than most Presidential elections, but it has been trending this way for decades). (2) I spelled out her fears in my prior post. The specific fears of a white supremacist regime were indeed unfounded, especially when it comes to Jewish people as Trump is more of a Zionist than any President before him. (3) He has Congress, the Supreme Court and the American People as a check and balance. Against issuing Executive Orders? Yeah, he has a lot of power there. Against stealing the election and refusing to concede? Yeah, that isn't going to happen and the Republicans in congress have made it abundantly clear. He doesn't control them and a lot of them resent him a great deal. If he loses the election he is out and there is nothing he can do about again, this is all a much ado about nothing.
  7. My cousin freaked out (to the point of panic attacks) because "my children's grandparents went through the Holocaust". She had been brought to hysteria by liberal hyperbole that Trump was a white supremacist leader who was going to usher in a Nazi regime of sorts. Just like you people are freaking out that somehow Trump is going to be able to resist the results of the election. If he fights it, he will lose and be ousted with as much disgrace as he has portrayed throughout his presidency.
  8. I've struggled personally in the past to the point of thinking about how I would do it, but thankfully never went beyond that. Had a friend's son and a cousin's son commit suicide in the past year. Both were devastating, blindsiding deaths that no one saw coming. For all of the BLM and women's groups out there (which are good things), the suicide rate is substantially higher among white men than any other demographic.
  9. How is he undermining the integrity of the election? He is questioning it, but he can't really undermine it. And as for the rest of the elected GOP officials, they have unanimously stated that they will enforce the election as completed and that the democratic process will be upheld. Look, I'm not Trump supporter, but this is just a bunch of fear mongering. He can't do crap to rig, change, steal or otherwise undermine the election. Like I told my cousin who irrationally freaked the hell out when Trump was elected, this is still the USA and there is still checks and balances and even the President isn't allowed to just do whatever he wants.
  10. Read ALL of the words: "all the way to the Supreme Court if it is close" as in only if it is relevant and will do so legally. That is not the same as "will not abide by".
  11. That's not what he said. He said he didn't think the election could be trusted, but once it is finalized, he will abide by it. Again, this is a bunch of hand wringing about nothing. He can't "steal" the election and he can't just refuse to quit being President if Biden wins. I still don't know what everyone is all up in arms about. He says stupid stuff questioning the validity on the voting process and is basically saying he will fight the results all the way to the Supreme Court if it is close. That is not the same as saying he will not abide by election results. The continued drumbeat that he is refusing to abide by results by the media is a false narrative and wreaks of biased reporting.
  12. Nuggets going to make this interesting down the stretch. They won't know what to do if it's 2-2 instead of 3-1.
  13. Because I think this is much ado about nothing. Trump isn't going to try and steal the election or refuse to leave the White House or convince state delegates to vote contrary to their constituency. None of that is going to happen, despite what dumb offhand comment the Doofus-in-Chief makes. We are the United States of America and the President doesn't have that kind of power, which is exactly how it was designed.
  14. Whole lot of hypothetical panic in here. Simmer down, folks.
  15. Meh, he's inexperienced and has been prone to mistakes all season. A good stretch doesn't turn him into Tim Duncan. He stayed within himself and got them a chance to win. I don't see any way he plays at all at the end. Grant William's would play before Rob.