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  1. 0 Tough loss to a gritty Kings squad on the road. Had a lot of chances to win that game...a couple by Smart in the last 15 seconds.
  2. 10 Honestly, this team is exceeding expectations and I think I know why. Jaylen Brown is MUCH better. I mean we had hoped either him or Tatum would take a big leap forward. Tatum is really the same player with some better shot selection. But Brown is flat out a different player. He makes fewer mistakes and his ball handling has jumped up several notches. His offensive game has become efficient to match his defensive prowess. I had wanted him to be traded and I have never been more wrong in my life. Signing him to a big contract was absolutely the best move.
  3. I read a report not too long ago that mentioned there was some behind-the-scenes rifts between Butler and some others in the organization. I don't know that he was keen on sticking around after last year.
  4. I pop in here from time to time looking for something tangible. All I discover is that there are new names and characters introduced to this saga every week with no clear end in sight. It reminds me of reading War and Peace.
  5. That would be the first time my wife ever got involved in politics.
  6. It's the new "fireside chats". Will not be going away. However, I expect the next POTUS to be less unhinged. At least hoping so.
  7. Are they real? Are they spectacular? Asking for a friend, TIA, will answer yours, etc. etc.
  8. This actually got me looking into the way too early look at the MVP race. Right now I'd have them as follows: Giannis - #1 in PER, Box +/-, WS/48 and VORP. Right now this really isn't close. LeBron - He is doing his thing at 34 yrs old. Dominating on both ends of the floor and leading his team to wins. He is the only guy besides the aforementioned freak who is top 10 in both offensive and defensive win shares. Doncic - I said fringe earlier, and what I meant was he is actually in the running. He is slightly ahead of LeBron in most of the advanced stats. He just isn't the defensive player LBJ is and his team's record isn't as good. Lillard - So far this season he is the best offensive player in the league. But he is a bit of a liability on defense and his team has a losing record. KAT - He is top 8 in all of the major advanced stats and is averaging 25.5/12.1/4.3 with 1.4 steals & 1.8 blocks per game. And the T-wolves have a winning record. Next tier would include Davis, Harden & Walker. Embiid & Kawhi are both hurt by missing two games, but are close.
  9. Only a couple of times, but he wasn't even an all-star last year. Right now he is playing like an all-NBA player and fringe MVP candidate.
  10. This Luka kid may be for reals. Looks like a combination of Bird and Magic.
  11. It is his left, probably out like six weeks and shouldn't be too rusty coming back. He was looking real good, though. Definitely derails any chance at the all-star game.