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  1. I love the NBA. It has impressive feats occurring almost every single night, from some crazy hot streak out of Dame or Harden to a massive dunk by some role player to a dominating triple double from Doncic or Jokic. And then there are the two best in the league (one in his 30's near the end of his career and one in his early 20's just getting started) who just consistently make plays on both ends of the floor that almost no one else on the planet could do. And I haven't even mentioned my beloved Celtics or the Jazz or the Clippers yet who all three play massively different but equally impressive team games. This is the most exciting year in the NBA for a long time, IMO, because there is serious debates about who will make the Finals and who will win it with teams taking a lot of different approaches based on their personnel.
  2. And Stevens waves the white flag with 2 minutes left. I believe I saw him tell the players coming off the floor that they had quit. They let the officiating get to them and didn't finish the game.
  3. I think Mike D'Antoni is going to have an aneurism at some point objecting to a foul call.
  4. I'm 42 and I'll pick up anything of value in any condition. I'm also in decent shape, so the risk of injury is minimal.
  5. I guess if you like regular season stats and first round exits then this is the way to go.
  6. Yes, one bad call that would have ended up with Utah ball tied with 9 seconds. Portland's best case scenario is OT and they hadn't stopped Utah the entire quarter and were gassed for OT. Portland lost that game when they went from up 14 at half to down 5 in the 4th quarter.
  7. 😁 may be on to something here. meanwhile Sixers up 30 on league leading Bucks. Regular season, especially the first half, always has good takes
  8. Do we think Anheuser-Busch InBev has a civil case against the CDC on this one? Years of marketing campaigns programming us that Corona is synonymous with have a nice time on a tropical beach is being flushed down the drain as everyone now associates their brand with dying Chinese people.
  9. I referee football and basketball, so I get criticism from strangers a couple of times a week. I usually completely ignore it, but sometimes it bothers me. Ocassionally you can just hear utter hatred or disdain in their voice, like you are actually torturing their child or something. The behavior allowed by our society toward officials is total bull####. I have kind of gotten fed up with it lately and am not allowing coaches much of a leash as they typically are the bandleaders of the boo birds in the stands.
  10. Dude single handedly brought them back from being down double digits. Gentry kept sending subs to the table then bringing them back. Apparently someone was putting a lot of pressure on to get Zion out of the game as he was exceeding his minutes allotment.
  11. I don't. It is on a lot of places I go, but I listen to NPR for news.