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  1. Play golf. I love it, but the time and expense it takes has been completely overtaken. I play maybe once or twice a year just in fundraising type tournaments. There was a point in my life when I played almost every single week when the weather was good enough.
  2. I do like the Williams pick and hope he blossoms into the better possible version of himself in the NBA. Didn't really think of him as a Horford type player, but more like a 2nd unit leader that can do some dirty work when needed, but I see what you are saying. I think he would be great as the 5 against small ball lineups.
  3. Obviously the bottom of the shoe is worse than the bottom of the sock/foot. However, the exposed foot is worse than the top of the shoe. I went with "on the fence" here.
  4. I'm super paranoid about foot odor, so I get a little antsy about taking them off at someone's house. Unless I put my socks/shoes on in the last hour or two, there is a legit chance no one wants me to mine off.
  5. Next Monday/Tuesday I will be officiating a girls' HS basketball camp. School ball with their team's coaches. It is the most laid back, enjoyable experience. The coaches are (for the most part) there to develop their players. Maybe 10-20 parents in the stands and they are there to support their kids, not win games. In 5 years of doing this same camp, I've warned two coaches to tone it down, which they both did promptly. I wish it were always like this, but it takes a few years for the bad seeds to get weeded out.
  6. Here are my Boston Celtics draft grades: #14 - Romeo Langford, SG - Indiana A young player with talent who played hurt last year and had a poor shooting season (27.2% from 3). The explanation for that is a torn thumb ligament which recently was surgically repaired. His drive/passion has been questioned a bit and he is not known as a vocal leader. However, at this spot you aren't likely to get a face of the franchise, but you hope for a solid contributor, possible All-star. I think that is exactly where I would put Langford. He is a bit of a project with some decent upside, but a solid floor as well. However, the Celtics have two of these guys already in Tatum and Brown, who both were better prospects than Langford. NBA Comps - Evan Turner, Brandon Roy, Demar DeRozan Grade - C #22 - Grant Williams, PF - Tennessee A mature, accomplished college player with obvious flaws/holes. He doesn't jump well, is a step slow and has short arms. Plays hard, smart and is strong. Good on defense, great on the boards, a decent shooter and a good passer. He can shoot, but could improve from the outside to be effective in the NBA. I think he is a solid 2nd unit big who can help on the boards when needed and possibly extend into a top tier role-player type starter. He will never be a shot creator on offense or a huge steals/blocks guy, but may be really good at everything else. In think he comes in and contributes right away off the bench for Boston. NBA Comps - Jae Crowder, PJ Tucker, Draymond Green Grade - B+ #33 - Carsen Edwards, PG - Purdue Went bananas in the NCAA tournament this year and nearly single highhandedly beat the champs. But he is streaky, not a great passer nor defender. I believe he was the best player available at the time of the pick and probably will have a better career than half of the players drafted before him. He can be a scoring spark off the bench and has the possibility of developing even beyond that into something another past all-NBA tiny guard in Boston. NBA Comps - Isaiah Thomas, Quin Cook, Shabazz Napier Draft Grade - A #51 - Tremont Waters, PG - LSU And so, after Edwards, the Celtics double down with an even smaller PG prospect. Waters was a defensive standout (2.5 stl/gm) and a great passer (5.9 ast/gm) over two years. However, his size is a legit concern despite his defensive prowess. Ripping the ball from 6'0" guards in the SEC is a far cry from keeping a 6'5" guard from posting you up in the NBA. I just don't see how he sticks unless he becomes a really good shooter and bulks up. Can't deny the kids heart and drive, but I don't know that he will have role with the Celtics in the near future. NBA Comps - Shane Larkin, Speedy Claxton Draft Grade - C Overall Draft grade - B I think they did some stuff. Free agency and trades were the only place for any real improvement on this team in the near future. They got some nice building blocks in the draft, but nobody that will be a big difference maker.
  7. So, I put that same info into a line graph. After a huge dropoff from #1, there is a plateau from 2-5, then a sharp decline, followed by a sharp peak at 9, then a couple lower peaks at 10, 13 & 15 and then just a bunch of small rises and falls to zero. When I see that, I think that #1 is obviously a huge advantage, followed by consistency in the top 5. After that, you have a decent shot at somebody great in the back of the lottery (or top 15 really) and after that it is a crapshoot to land an all-NBA player (#35 is the most successful pick after #15).
  8. I just ran the numbers over the past 20 years of All-NBA teams. Here are the results by draft position: #1 - 76 times, 25.3% #1-5 - 173 times, 59.7% #6-10 - 55 times, 18.3% #11-20 - 38 times, 12.7% #21-60 - 13 times, 4.3% Undrafted - 5 times (all Ben Wallace), 1.7% Interesting notes Almost exactly half (49.7%) come from the top 4 picks Picks 2-5 were in a near dead heat, each with between 22 and 26 selections #8 had ZERO selections, but #9 had 31 selections (Amare, Dirk & McGrady most notably) #13 had 16 selections, all from Kobe & Karl Malone #15 had 14 selections from 4 players #35 has 6 selections from 3 players (Boozer, DeAndre & Draymond)
  9. I've seen this at all levels and it drives me nuts. It isn't overly common, but when it happens, it infuriates me. Coaches at these levels are there to teach the kids about life and respect and the sport, not to win at all costs and blame others when they don't. There is a local HS football coach that I refuse to officiate for and who I would not let my son play for simply due to the level of disrespect he has continually showed toward officials. I believe it is a telltale sign of a man's character and I would not want my son subjected to that from an authority figure on a consistent basis.
  10. So, at this point, the Celtics are wing heavy. They need a good post and probably a PG. Top post player targets - Vucevic, Gasol, Lopez Top PG targets - D Russell, Beverly If they can't land one of those 3 bigs, they will have to dip deeper, but I think that would be priority #1. There are other options at PG, but I would think if you can't land either of those two, just keep Rozier. He may be a little discontented, but if he gets the reigns at PG, I'm sure he will start to warm up to the team again. ETA - they also drafted 2 small guards in the 2nd round, but neither are a starting quality PG. I think of Edwards as a Vinnie Johnson type.
  11. It is sad because that town loves that team. If that could have some success it would be good for the league.