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  1. Check out the Georgian Terrace hotel. Stayed in a three bedroom there a few years ago - it was very reasonable rate.
  2. OL - Bakhtari, Quenton Nelson, Zack Martin Pass Rush - Khalil Mack CB - maybe Stephon Gilmore, but open for debate on this one Thesis - give my QB above average amount of time to throw, and I don't need a proven stud, just someone capable who studies hard and can evolve as my OL gets older. Give their QB less time, and I can't make their great QB into an average/below average QB. Then give me a strong CB for the times they actually get a pass off, and I like my chances.
  3. Two thoughts: 1. There's 2+ minutes on the clock. You can score 2x in that time, but you're definitely going onsides at least 1x. 2. Either way you need at least one 2 point conversion. There's no downside of going for it on the first one, but there is an upside (see #1).
  4. I don't know why I'm still surprised coaches make the wrong call on kicking vs. going for 2. Better to know if you need two scores or 1 - will help decide whether to kick deep or go onsides.
  5. Reminds me of the Tracy Morgan line about how he walks around naked in front of his teenage son to show him who is boss.
  6. Was there as part of a week long trip with my son seeing a bunch of military themed places. Here's what we did and what we thought about them... I'm sure locals will have better advice, but this is what I've got In and around Mobile USS Alabama - spent a good part of the day there. Good history lesson and interesting to walk the ship. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - we played a Par 3 course that was gorgeous and about a half hour from Mobile Carnival (Mardi Gras) Museum - spent about an hour (maybe 2?) VERY small museum but interesting history of America's oldest Mardi Gras (they claim the New Orleans folks learned from them) We stayed at the Admiral (I think) right in downtown, walking distance from restaurants We ate at Felix's Fish Camp Restaurant right on the highway. It was very good and on the water. I'm sure it is a tourist trap, but this tourist liked it. You are also an hour from Biloxi and an hour from Pensacola (in opposite directions). Biloxi is home to Jefferson Davis' retirement estate and a bunch of casinos. Pensacola has the Naval Aviation museum and is a beach town for sure. We enjoyed both places.
  7. My current favorite is District Tap House on West 38th (just south of the theater district). 100+ beers on tap, good cocktails (I'm told), and small plates so you can try lots of different things.
  8. Lots from Hamilton, but I particularly like the internal rhyming (odds/gods, manumission/position/ammunition, plot/pot/spot/squat/not, etc.) on this one Let’s hatch a plot blacker than the kettle callin’ the pot... What are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot Poppin’ a squat on conventional wisdom, like it or not A bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists? Give me a position, show me where the ammunition is! Also this one from Hamilton: I’m in the cabinet. I am complicit in Watching him grabbin’ at power and kissin it If Washington isn’t gon’ listen To disciplined dissidents, this is the difference: This kid is out!
  9. Apologies... I should have said new productions, not new shows.
  10. So, you can watch bootlegs of pretty much anything on YouTube. Where do you watch bootlegs of YouTube Red shows?
  11. This is what is next for Tatiana - on stage in NYC starting June 19. Sadly, she's only playing one character
  12. All the Madden he wants, but it's Madden 1994, before the Jags joined the league. He can make all the Molotov cocktails he wants, but they don't explode (like when he through it at the train in money's medium place). All the food is from Stupid Nicks, but instead of the Gainesville one, it is from a different city, and that place doesn't have the recipe quite right. Also, the oven can't get it to the right temperature so it's always about 20% wrong. Theres an unlimited supply of jalapeno poppers, but they are filled with brie. He has a budhole, but all the posters are of DJ Acidcat. He has Cheetos, but they are all caramel flavored.
  13. As a kid, when I finished 8th grade, my dad and I went to 8 MLB games in 2 weeks. This was long before the internet made planning something like that super easy (thanks This past summer, my 8th grade (now freshman) son and I had a fantastic, (mostly) military museum trip... flew to Atlanta, saw the Coca Cola Museum and the Aquarium, drove to Columbus, GA to see the National Infantry Museum, drove to Fort Rucker, AL to see the Army Aviation museum, then to Pensacola, FL to see the Naval Aviation museum, onto Mobile for the USS Alabama and the Mardi Gras museum, to Biloxi, MS to Jefferson Davis' house, and finally to New Orleans for the WW II museum and a Confederate Civil War museum. Fantastic trip - I was shocked by how much I like the museums, especially the National Infantry Museum.
  14. Here's where we're at: $138 a month to Optimum Broadcast networks (too far from NYC to get a signal that didn't require moving the antenna around the room to change channel) 2 cable boxes 100 download speed "free" modem (I know they are burying the costs, so it isn't really free, but also my bill won't go down if we return it, so...) 1 land line (work from home often, definitely helps me) I call Optimum 1 or 2x a year to negotiate extras or lower the price - right now we're on a 3 month free Showtime package The upside of keeping the networks/cable box is that if there is some event on cable (like the olympics), I'm one phone call away from access, and then I can call afterwards to turn it off. We also have Netflix and have Prime (but we've had that since before they started streaming video). We use a fire stick in one room and a roku in another. With all of that, we have PLENTY of content to watch at any given time. The only sports I watch at this point are NFL (which all but MNF we still get), and Lehigh (which I have to use the browser for anyway), and we're good to go.