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  1. One of the underlying premises is that "everyone is the hero of their own story" - in 7 interviews so far, that is proving to be very true. Would love to have you on. I'm in NYC most days, so hopefully next time you are in town, we can make it happen. Would love if you'd PM me...
  2. If this is inappropriate for this thread, I'm happy to delete, but if not... shameless plug here for my own podcast - Don't Wait. Leap! In the podcast, I interview business owners about what they were like growing up, why they made the leap into running their own business, and then what life is like as a business owner. Each episode is about an hour. It is inspired by long form interviews like Charlie Rose, Girl on Guy (Aisha Tyler's former podcast), Inside the Actor's Studio and I'm sure is subliminally influenced by a lot of my favorite podcasts like Nerdist, Never Not Funny, Crabfeast, Business Rockstars (back when Ken R was the host), and a slew of others (I have a nearly two hour train commute, so lots of time to listen). If anyone takes a listen and has any thoughts or feedback, I'd love to hear it. Season 2's premiere was a lot better than episode 1, and I am working to make them better and better as I go. If anyone on here is a business owner, I'm also always looking for guests. I'm in northern NJ, but I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to have a skype recording with good sound quality.
  3. Somewhere Greg Schiano is saying "and that's why we fire off the ball even when they are in kneel down formation"
  4. Do what you can to stick with it. The first few weeks are the hardest.
  5. No Gronk + no Diggs + no Zach Miller = no chance at survival. 27 man roster not big/deep enough to offset the injuries this time. See ya next year!
  6. 17th place overall, also a Lehigh guy ('94 here) 111292 Jared Cook saved my bacon this week - first time I've been near the cutline. Hopefully this is the classic "close call" before the championship run. He comes back just at the right time too - 2 of my other 3 TE are Gronk and Zach Miller.
  7. Was typing that when QG posted - ignore my "if can't be protected"
  8. Let's break it down: AFC East Pats could still be playing for #1 seed, but worst case, they get the #2, so that game is out. Jets could be in a win and in situation, and with Denver's loss today, they just need any of the Steelers/Chiefs/Broncos to lose next week. If they beat the Pats next week and one of those teams lose, given this Week 17 game is vs. Rex, my money would be on that one. AFC North If the Bengals win next week, they lock up the other bye and don't get the SNF flex. If they lose to the Broncos and the Broncos win Week 17, the Bengals don't get the bye regardless of whether they win or lose, so they don't get the SNF flex in that scenario either. Steelers are another likely one here - they do great TV ratings relative to the other teams. If there are no scenarios where they can lose and still make it, I think they have a good shot. AFC South The Titans and Jaguars are bad, and there's no guarantee Mariota would play (giving them the Mariota/Luck matchup the network might like), so I doubt the flex game comes from here (and I definitely HOPE it doesn't) AFC West If Denver beats Cincy, then the only way the Broncos don't make the playoffs is if they lose Week 17 AND Pitt, KC, and the Jets all win both of their last two games. I doubt NBC wants to gamble on all three of them losing Week 17. The Chiefs are in a similar boat, and again they need lots to go wrong in order to need to win Week 17 to make the playoffs. So, from the AFC side, my game rankings based on a combination of likely outcomes and fan appeal are: Steelers Jets Chiefs Broncos On the NFC side: NFC East I think Washington clinches the division with a win next week against Philly. If Philly wins, then Philly owns their own destiny. If the Giants win in Week 16, then the Eagle/Giant game has definite playoff implications. The Eagles would be in with a win, and either the Redskins (if they win Week 17) or Giants (if Skins lose Week 17) would be in if the Giants win. Doubtful they'd show the Washington game given how bad Dallas has looked of late. NFC North Pack/Vikes is an obvious choice, if Fox can't protect it. NFC South Panthers going for undefeated is an option, if there are no other options. Falcons will need help (if they haven't already been defeated), so that game is out. NFC West Cards locked up the division, Seahawks locked up a spot - probably no game here. NFC summary Pack/Vikings (if can't be protected) Eagles/Giants Panthers/Bucs Overall rankings Steelers Pack/Vikings (if can't be protected) Jets Eagles/Giants Chiefs Broncos Panthers
  9. My dynasty league has them, and I love them. In general, I'm in favor of just about anything that makes trades easier without being collusive. "Clauses"/conditional picks do that by helping to solve for at least some of the uncertainty. I also agree - those 3rd round picks are frozen now.
  10. This.I am the Commissioner in one of the leagues I play in, and pre-Internet I used to write and print hard-copy round-ups; featuring game recaps, smart-### comments about people's teams, a power poll, standings, positional leader boards, etc. I would either mail them or drop them in mailboxes for those that lived nearby. Once we moved to the inner webs, I could no longer justify the discount, so I now pay like everyone else. I've spent about 1 hour total managing the site this year. Generally just to update rosters after the draft and to send out polls and league messages, etc. Exactly. I have one dynasty league that is very labor intensive. That commissioner plays for free and we're happy to "pay" him that way. All other leagues are easy to run now.
  11. Did your opponent already get a free win from the team that isn't submitting the lineup? If so, you actually are giving him an EXTRA free win...
  12. Haha nope Came to me in a dream last night, and figured I would see what the rest of you would do
  13. Here's the scenario: You are at the airport and you meet up with Person X (see poll questions for who Person X is). You are getting into town, they are leaving after a trip there. They tell you that in all of the chaos of getting to the airport, they forgot they had a rental car, and it is still at the hotel. If they go back for it, they will miss the last flight of the day. They ask if you can take care of it tomorrow. They can hand you the keys and exactly the amount of money you will spend. You have the time, do you do it?
  14. While this is probably true, the reality/difference is that what Jameis was accused of is far worse than partying - and I'm not talking about stealing crab legs. As a result, he has used more "strikes" than Johnny. I'm sure a lot/most of us on the board partied too hard at least once or twice (or more) than we should have when we were in college/early 20's, so it is easier to put ourselves in his shoes and think Johnny's partying isn't a big deal.
  15. We've had this rule in my main league since the year after Corey Dillon kept being a GTD for the Pats - and they had a lot of 4pm/SNF/MNF games that messed with that particular owner. That league went for it pretty easily, but we are all friends of around the same age (30's back then), so the concept of not being chained to our home computer (pre-smartphone and pre-NFL.com/inactives) to try to figure out who was playing made sense for all of us. I had more resistance in my dynasty league - the guys don't know each other as well, and we range in age by about 30 years I think. Had to scratch and claw to get it in there. Our rule is pretty similar to the chain above, with two exceptions: 1. You can only make changes if your own player is inactive. So if you have Rawls, but not Lynch, you still have to make that call whenever your other guy is starting. We contemplated this, but decided that wasn't the spirit of the rule. No one has complained about it, so we'll probably leave it be, but I don't think it is a bad twist. 2. In my main league, you can only be wrong three times per year. It is rare that anyone hits this cap. The rule makes playing better.