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  1. Final Standings 1. @Chemical X $1092 2. @Dan Lambskin $546 3. shuke $182 Congrats X. Thanks again for handling the money @General Malaise We'll be rolling for 2021 draft order in a few days.
  2. Epic choke job down the stretch. I can't buy a ####ing win, and my attempts to get some along with strikeouts this last week have ballooned my ERA/WHIP. I'll be lucky to money at this point. If I don't, I'm done.
  3. Link? I'm not a huge rush fan, really only know what I've heard on the radio.
  4. 1055. David Crosby - Cowboy Movie I realized while I had a CSNY tune on my list, nothing attributed to Crosby himself. Um, hell yes to this lineup: Drums: Bill Kreutzmann Vocals: David Crosby Guitar, Piano, Vocals: Graham Nash Guitar: Jerry Garcia Vocals: Joni Mitchell Backing Vocals: Laura Allan Backing Vocals: Neil Young Guitar: Phil Lesh
  5. 1052. Gaz Coombes - Detroit Somehow I've never heard of this guy until last week. Wow. This song moves me.
  6. You can probably figure out most but here are some things to remember: Tweezers (for ticks) Extra socks and shoes. And more extra socks. Trash bags, ziplock bags, cable ties, and duct tape. You will need these for various reasons. Bluetooth speaker. If you're going somewhere without cell service make sure you have music downloaded. And make sure it's Grateful Dead. Ponchos. If you're doing any off-trail hiking, take an emergency whistle and compass. LEDs are all the rage and way easier, but I still love the glow of my propane lantern. A couple plastic tubs for washing dishes. I know GM suggested a French press, but we love our percolator. GM's suggestion for cast iron griddle is good. I'd also look into a dutch oven. However I've only figured out how to use charcoal with this and not used it solely with fire coals.
  7. We're going in a few weeks, too. We've done a few other weekends this year but in a cabin. Actually looking forward to sleeping out in 40 degree weather.