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  1. Draft will be recorded here:
  2. Verified rolls. Waiting on @Notorious T.R.E. 899 Lambskin 847 Peyton Marino 781 cheese 717 Chem X 681 Capella 675 Dr. D 637 bananafish 593 SoCal 487 Trogg 345 shuke 183 Pickles 22 Cos 14 GM
  3. Invite sent but I won't be able to play much next few days.
  4. I don't care. we need a secret vote in the test forum.
  5. LookIng for one more for Cake League fantasy baseball. The greatest fantasy league in the land. Please apply in the baseball forum.
  6. Still need a 14th. We used to have guys lining up for even a chance. How times have changed.
  7. Cheese 781 DD 675 Shuke 345 Cosjobs 22 @Capella @Fat Drunk and Stupid @Chemical X @Dan Lambskin @Mr. Pickles @General Malaise @Notorious T.R.E. @SoCalBroncoFan @trogg78