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  1. Mark Linn-Baker as Mark Linn-Baker. ####ing genius.
  2. Even with so much good stuff on TV, this is probably my favorite show. Just incredible.
  3. Just rent one for like $50. Only need to do it every couple years. Or pay someone to do it. NTTAWWT.
  4. That tool will take you approximately 146 hours to aerate your yard. Those spiked shoes are a gimmick and don't properly aerate since they are not pulling a plug out .
  5. I understand about aerating, I have clay too. I just can't imagine it's very effective for seeding. Maybe what is happening is that the cores are breaking up and the grass you are getting to grow are from the seeds that are not in the holes.
  6. Why are we talking about aerating and seeding? What good does it do for those seeds to germinate 2 inches below the surface? For seeding, you need to rake up the soil and add some organic soil to it and rake in the seed.
  7. I've tried so hard to like it. I really want to, it seems up my alley. But it is an abomination. Just absolutely horrible in every way possible.
  8. About 5 minutes a night between getting in bed and falling asleep.
  9. MLB is using a different method of measuring velocity this year, but I think it is only raising the velocity readings about .5 mph.
  10. How much do you get paid for the product placement?
  11. Dumb. Also, that guy's grill is a POS and his yard sucks.