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  1. I see this has been covered. MY BAD.
  2. Many high schools have weighted grade points now, where an A in an honors class is worth more than an A in a regular class. It's possible this particular high school made anyone over a 4.0 a valedictorian. Stupid all around.
  3. Had a lot of fried bologna sandwiches, muenster cheese sandwiches, and pimento cheese sandwiches as a kid. All on white bread. All by choice.
  4. I like how those girls fill those pants, even (especially?) the slightly chubby ones.
  5. Why does Dr. Pepper come in a bottle?
  6. Not as good as Jungle Jim's.
  8. I've used it like 3 times. And each time it was completely appropriate. He thinks one is hottest BUT HE'S NOT PICKING HER BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE WILL LOOK LIKE LATER.
  9. Also, I'll sometimes make a stop specifically to get paper towels if I can't get to Costco. I can't ####ing believe how expensive paper towels are and for some reason we go through a crapload of them. But Meijer has a large pack of store brand for decent price. #### I'm old.
  10. Live: horse racing TV: Olympic cross-country skiing NCAA women's softball tournament
  11. Also decent meat department. I'll usually go there if I need 8 chickens or some pork shoulders.
  12. I'm a Kroger man but still spend enough at Meijer. Although I seem to not have figured out how to use the perks system correctly and checkout lines always seem long. Good produce and beer selection.