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  1. I think you just volunteered to host the '18 GMTAN Derby cornhole
  2. Hmmmm...I was at old yeller, but never went to the FFA then. You didn't miss much. Did you catch the part where there was A ####ING DEBATE ON WHETHER A LOCK OR METAPHOR WAS THE BEST INVENTION EVER?
  3. We had hundreds of wild mulberry trees around us growing up. I would eat a couple pounds a day during the summer.
  4. Did you guys give up?
  5. Finger of a latex glove in a salad.
  6. Drink that and I concede forever.
  7. Oh that's right. I've been there.
  8. Incredible time! Looks like entire show is up on YouTube. I need to watch again. My mind was playing tricks on me I think. I swear I heard teases of Scarlet Begonias, Simple, and Hell in a Bucket during the second set. Lot scene was pretty lame unfortunately. I kept losing my buddy, including right after the show. Ended up at a bar across the street that had a pretty cool band for the rest of the night. Just really cool/fun people the entire time
  9. Hey did you guys hear Kennedy got shot?
  10. Free webcast of tonight's show. Look for me.
  11. 4 minutes of Chief Meteorologist Brian Davis. He doesn't look too cold.