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  1. What direction are you looking for? I personally don't think this show is heading to an eventual happy ending. I haven't read the comic books, and I think this is fairly well known, but I'll put it spoilers:
  2. People do evil stuff all the time, and it's not even the apocalypse.
  3. Poll options are too limiting. On ol' yeller you could actually change your username at will, but couldn't change it back to something already used in the past.
  4. Looking forward to my threesome with both hands later.
  5. That's an old pic. Impossible to tell from google images what's recent. Regardless, would then, now, whenever.
  6. Pretty cool scene. Completely ruined by Marlins dork.
  7. After years of wanting one, finally got a Weber kettle. All of my experience is on my WSM or gas grill, so need some help. I want to do ribs today, but don't want to take 5-6 hours. Is there some in between method that takes about 2 hours?
  8. Air Fryar Actually posted recently under an alias.
  9. Did Air Conditioner ever tap that chick with the moustache?