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  1. I’d have to consult with him. Probably something he wants to keep in the past.
  2. shuke

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    You seem to be open to mature, thoughtful dialogue. I wonder why you are having an issue.
  3. With the search function. Or use Google. They still exist here, but can't be replied to.
  4. shuke

    Best Movie Endings

    Planet of the Apes A Clockwork Orange
  5. shuke

    Best Movie Endings

  6. Guys, all future requests should be funneled through me. Don't PM me though. Put them in here.
  7. Thanks @Aaron Rudnicki. Bought a box of Ritz a month ago. Two of the sleeves were already opened. Wasn't sure if I should eat them so got some good flinging practice in. Filed a complaint with Mondelēz International. I was told on 12/31 I'd be receiving a coupon for a free box of Ritz "within 7-10 business days". Haven't received it. What's my play here?
  8. Appeal is already in the works, good buddy.
  9. I don't mean all of them. But certain ones, by petition and majority approval by a small panel of users or something. What is the purpose of this anyway?