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  1. shuke

    Worst food ever?

    Of what I’ve actually tried, meat terrine or taramasalata.
  2. shuke

    The emojis are changing again

  3. shuke

    The emojis are changing again

    You can change the skin tone of the emojis.
  4. Finished Handmaid’s Tale. Thought it was really good, but maybe because it took so long for me to read, I kept wondering β€œis anything going to happen?” Not sure how I feel about the prologue spelling everything out. Next up: The Outsider by Stephen King.
  5. shuke

    The emojis are changing again

    You almost had me here.
  6. I only recall the stuff between the kid and mom to be minimal and mostly near the beginning.
  7. I don't want to spoil anything so don't want to assume who you're talking about. Can you tell us? I don't recall there being a lot of sex stuff.
  8. shuke

    Ozark on Netflix

    You do this why?
  9. Great game last night, but best part was that the guys behind the plate in the 9th doing the Kimbrel arms. Just looked for a clip and I guess it's not a new thing.
  10. shuke

    The emojis are changing again

    πŸ¦‘ Any chance we can make these any smaller?
  11. Have we discussed yet how stupid Kimbrel looks doing that thing with his arm?
  12. Just finished The Sinner season 1. Took a while, but decent payoff. I've watched the first episode of season 2 of the Deuce, and I don't feel very motivated to watch any more.
  13. Any commercial/PSA where you have different people repeating the same line over and over and over again.