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  1. I have had a few iOtties and I like them. However, be aware this newer version is rather bulky.
  2. When was the last time you had discounts? How far were you into a contract? This seems too easy.
  3. Great thread. Here's my top 10. Monkey Man Can't You Hear Me Knockin Gimme Shelter She's A Rainbow Wild Horses You Can't Always Get What You Want Loving Cup Rocks Off Sympathy for the Devil Happy
  4. I’m going to guess about 140 people actually show up. Most of these people signing up in it for the joke.
  5. I think in my mind I just assumed those to be Wilco songs. Looks like I have a loophole to add another song!
  6. The fight was between me and the concrete. I lost. Wasn’t able to break it up either.
  7. You serious? Most people believe almost anything they hear/read.
  8. Did you accept the offer yet? If not ask for a signing bonus to offset the lost vacation pay.
  9. Hard to watch, but hard to turn away. Security guard in light blue shirt/red tie who enters at 3:19 looking like he's pulling his pants up is hilarious.
  10. No way there's that many undercover security there.
  11. It actually might be true, but maybe they're just not trained for something like this. The security that showed up looked to be in about 5 different types of uniform. Maybe they were all around but were afraid to jump in alone.