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  1. 1. Whatchamacallit 2. Skor 3. Snickers 4. Twix
  2. Bigger question is 3 Musketeers. It's a Milky Way without the caramel, right?
  3. It has 15,000 locations doing business, which is about 9,000 more than Wendy's. Obviously at least one person likes it.
  4. No clue. Haven't been for a few decades.
  5. The shukewhich is way better than anything Arby's executives have ever even thought about.
  6. Far behind 90's era Wendy's double, Hardee's Frisco Burger, Frisch's Big Boy, and Roy Roger's burger.
  7. Great posting. Stopped once or twice to get coffee. Not even that good.
  8. No, smart###. It's basically a Greek pasta topping, similar to saltsa kima.
  9. For real? I thought that was urban myth.
  10. Why? It's just soup/salad/sandwiches for people that may want an alternative to burger/fries.
  11. I can't fathom how Burger King and Subway are still in business. In-N-Out is the definition of overrated. Sure, it's decent, but people rave about it like it's the best eating experience they've ever had. Old school underrated: Rax Roy Rogers