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  1. 22.24 Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live From The Fox Oakland (2017) Tracklist: Don't Know What It Means Keep On Growing Bird On The Wire Within You. Without You Just As Strange Crying Over You These Walls Anyhow <--can't find a youtube link for the version from this album Right On Time Leavin' Trunk Don't Drift Away I Want More I Pity The Fool Ali Let Me Get By
  2. Sneaky? You spotlighted it here and then told me in an PM that you were taking something else.
  3. You "hear some" Zeppelin? To me it sounds like a manufactured blatant ripoff. If I'm going to listen to this, I'd rather just listen to the real thing.
  4. Once an official date is set, how about a supplemental draft? Every team is allowed to dump up to 5 players back into the free agent pool, then draft for those open spots. You obviously only get to draft as many players as you dropped. Draft order would still be randomized and snake style.
  5. 21.17 Jerry Garcia Band - Cats Under The Stars Only studio album credited to "the band". Tracklist: "Rubin And Cherise" "Love In The Afternoon" "Palm Sunday" "Cats Under The Stars" "Rhapsody In Red" "Rain" "Down Home" "Gomorrah"
  6. Round 20: Allman Brothers - Live at Ludlow Garage: 1970 From wiki: Live at Ludlow Garage: 1970 is an album by the Allman Brothers Band. It was recorded live at Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati in April 11, 1970. It was released by Polydor Records on April 20, 1990. While this album is pretty raw and unrefined, I kind of like it that way, and I definitely need some ABB on my island. I'll save the spotify listeners from the 44 minute version of Mountain Jam. Tracklist: 1. Dreams 2. Statesboro Blues 3. Trouble No More 4. Dimples 5. Every Hungry Woman 6. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town 7. Hoochie Coochie Man 8. Mountain Jam
  7. So how does this ITC think work with all the skips? I'll probably just check the spreadsheet to see when I'm up.
  8. Huh? So confusing and so dumb. I already pay for HBO through Directv. How do I get to Max, only through my computer?
  9. Awesome album. When I took John Barleycorn it was basically a coin flip between these two.