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  1. Those tickets aren’t cheap. Fun to see the hometown kid. bunch of wet blankets in here
  2. There’s an ump standing there telling the pitcher when he can pitch. No one is cheating. Stop getting worked up about a home run derby.
  3. Yes, and Pete Rose is in it. Actually actually true.
  4. Why? I’m 45 and going to more concerts this year than I ever have.
  5. Not in pic also in attendance, @shuke @General Malaise @Joe T @jplvr @Tat Unless I have the year wrong.
  6. Yes. But seeing people guess is more fun.
  7. Minnesota or Wisconsin or North Dakota, can't remember. Maybe 2008?
  8. Just catching up here. I'm not in the pic. I was in the bathroom taking a dump, and they left me at the course.
  9. He wouldn't need to against the people posting in this thread.