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  1. Same cast of characters. Arguing about whatever. I don't even know who is on what side but I could easily create a list.
  2. I love sports but I have come to the point that I can hardly stand any discussion/analysis about it. The two hours on espn following a Monday night game is especially bad. Jesus ####ing Christ it's not that important.
  3. Take it to the "Watcha listening to now?" thread, losers.
  4. Maybe like 3 or 4 posts. Can you recap it please?
  5. D!! Loved James Franco talking to himself. Who's hotter, NYU student or redhead bartender?
  6. I approve.
  7. I don't even know what this is? Differential equations? Linear algebra?
  8. I went so long without going to a concert before last year and am determined to change that. So far this year: My Morning Jacket - Cincinnati Phish - Dayton Coming up: Steve Winwood - Austin next week Trey Anastasio with Nashville Symphony Orchestra in a few weeks Mike Gordon - Cincinnati October Dead and Company - Columbus November
  9. I'll be in Austin next week.
  10. All I could think of was Jackson Browne. "Before the Deluge"?
  11. Okay dude. Boys, you're both pretty.
  12. "Couldn't really think of anything witty"
  13. "I ran out of silkscreen ink"
  14. "Font was too big"