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  1. Push yourself a little more each day and ice afterwards. Just to the point of discomfort but not real pain.
  2. I know you said the house is crazy but is the mother at least around? This thread has me thinking back to when I was a kid, and the most trouble I ever got into was when sleeping over at kids's homes who were very well-do and the parents seemed disengaged, and sometimes off in some other far area of the house that I didn't even see them the entire time I was there. I'm talking ages 12-14. Sneaking out at all hour of the night, drinking, smoking pot for the first time, etc. But, those were a lot fun.
  3. I concur with both. As for not wanting your daughter in particular situations, you can't shield her from the world. It's better to use these as teaching moments about making the right decision.
  4. I do feel that scene with Walt was totally forced and didn't add anything.
  5. Jesse's conclusion isn't "anything of interest"?
  6. Agreed, but with the Dead and Phish, it all grows on me because it's inescapable when listening to shows.
  7. 1021. The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime I absolutely love the guitar riff in this. Also, who knew MacGyver could sing?