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  1. Jackie o's and side project Appervation to start football sunday, Sixth Sense Murk Juice, Sixth Sense Pawpaw Murk Juice, and some 450 north fruity nuggets.
  2. I was just in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. If you don't have Anne Frank tickets by now, you most likely will not get them unless you stand in the public line. They have limited tickets and the tickets are only valid from their website. If you are going to do the public line, get there very early. You will most likely be standing in line for 2-3 hours no matter how you play it. The line was 4 hours long when we arrived. We decided to pass which sucked since it was the only thing my 15 year old daughter wanted to do in Amsterdam. Buy your tickets for van gogh and the riijks at the shop between them to avoid the lines at the doors. You will get a requested time to visit each. We had lunch at Ellis Burger which was very good but it appears to be a chain in major European cities and I think one is in NY. 1.5 hour train ride to Brussells if you are a Cantillion fan. We did Paris, Amsterdam, Brussells, Rome, Florence, and Venice on our 14 day Vacation.
  3. Call cookshack, ask if they have any scratch/dent units, buy unit, enjoy ive had my cookshack for 9 years. Never had to work in anything with it or replace anything. Built like a tank and works incredibly well.
  4. Love the Billings pick. Penetrating dt next to geno. Solid draft so far.
  5. That was a touch difficult to watch. They should all 3 be in the same division with me.
  6. Thought you guys might enjoy this: Draft Summary Monkey Spankers was set up perfectly to draft a playoff-caliber team with the third overall pick. Instead of using that to their advantage, however, they chose to go a different route that's geared more towards losing. They're only projected to finish 12th in FBG of Cincinnati League with a mark of 1-13-0 (1,520 points). They focused on having a balanced offensive attack, selecting QB Aaron Rodgers (22nd overall), RB Giovani Bernard (3rd), WR Julian Edelman (46th), and TE Julius Thomas (27th) within the first five rounds. They ended up with the lowest-scoring group of WRs in the league, as they have Edelman, Reggie Wayne, Anquan Boldin, and Malcom Floyd on their team. Brutal draft. Still, you should nominate yourself for the Toyota Hall Of Fame. That way, your players will have to live up to the pressure. Schedule Week 10 is not looking like a fun one for fantasy football. Monkey Spankers should look into the joys of scrapbooking, or bird-watching, or just keep Monkey Spankers away from the TV. It won't be pretty. They have five players and the most projected fantasy points on bye that week. Looking at the season as a whole, they have the most difficult schedule. Monkey Spankers could run into an early buzz saw, as the first four games of their season are projected to be more difficult than the league average.
  7. Didn't get home till after 3, but had a good time. Nice meeting everyone. I agree on the extra 2 flex positions we added.
  8. Can someone send me some information? Gusters addy? What time are people getting together? Cosplay yes or no? Need to bring anything besides beer and lists? League fees $75? Any other expenditures? What time do you usually wrap up? Is gusted supplying the strippers or are we going to get them from the homeless shelter?
  9. You can count me in if needed. Make me your first out if uneven. Shuke, I am not an effing alias.
  10. Sounds like fun. So I asked about the slaver encampment no one had a suggestion. I went with killing everyone. I started with the guy with the minigun in the tower. Worked out pretty good. So I got the guy out and picked up some cool stuff. I wonder will it refill with slavers? Surely that wasn't all of them. Ended up pushing the main quest further than I meant to. Finding out where the Super Mutants were born was cool, so many masters there. Apparently I have talked the president into blowing up Raven Rock. I sure hope that's a good thing. I stopped for the night before escaping Raven Rock. So I guess that's on the agenda for this evening. If trying to get all the bobble heads, don't miss the one in ravenrock. If you miss it, you cannot go back when u blow it up.
  11. Lego games are the only ones I know of right now.
  12. Played against a 10th gen level 50 yesterday. He opened already in a Titan. Took me 6 lives but I rodeoed him then killed him with arc grenades since we were in a hallway. Took him 2 rematch cards to get me back after ruining his fun. Good times.
  13. If you like first person shooters, you will like it. It is extremely fast paced but seems really well balanced. Non stop balls out action from the get go. I actually like that they added the ai guys to give more targets and to speed up your titanfall. Rodeoing a Titan is awesome.