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  1. He's a rookie in his first game with the lead back out. Let's not write off his future as a player who has failed.
  2. OPiner didn't send the promised email and so there is no access avaailable. Not a succesful experiment from my view.
  3. I grabbed him in the 10th round of a 16 team superflex league last night, but that may be too weird a configuration to help most people very much. I agree its a shot in the dark, but I think there is some value in Robinson being tabbed to start over Ozigbo (who has that year of blocking practice and NFL experience that Robinson doesn't). That choice speaks of having more pure talent (assuming the coaches want to win and save their jobs) than the competition. Or of Roninson making a better excuse for dropping Fournette than a guy he clearly beat out last year.
  4. Nice, sauce guy. Back to you and everyone. It is good to come here and find a hundred different voices and opinions - not that the thirty who hang here all spring and summer aren't . their own circus. Best luck all around!
  5. People are giving you a hard time because there is a seperate forum (Assistant Coach) where you are supposed to ask all questions about your own roster. This is for topics of general interest. Anyone who asks a nqrrow question like yours that won't help much of anyone else gets a rasher of it - like you have. We've pretty much all been in your shoes at some point.
  6. Isn't the demise of the feature back the direct result of ownership thinking that the passing game brings more interest and more fans, so the rules further and further restrict DBs and hits on QBs, so the passing game becomes the more effective system to use because of it being easier to score under the rules and so the more pedestrian (intended 🙂) feature back attacks less often bring positive results - getting coaches fired. I don't know that its evolution as much as its a profit driven and intentional game modification.
  7. Certainly for security. And because he cost just over 35 cents. I agree that Cam will play if he gives them the better chance to win, which he probably will. My expectation is that injuries, slipping production or just wanting to see what Stidham can do when/if they are out of the playoff race (if any of those happen) will let BB play the kid and learn what he needs to about his play under pressure. Until then, like all young QBs, the chance to work with and watch a former MVP will make him better (although perhaps not as much as the chance to sit and watch TB did).
  8. Blackbear said, "If you have a battle and you can’t decide because you like both ..." it would be easy to pick Cam. I wasn't saying they will be equal (although I think BB was prepared to go into the season with only Stidham and Hoyer and really likes the kid), but that if they ARE equal it will be far better for the team to look to the future than fill a gap with Cam and be back in this uncertainty next year (even with a 3rd round draft pick gained).
  9. It is also easy to say of two guys who are fairly equal and playing well, that one is 31, oft-injured and probably deteriorating both healthwise and athletically from suffering the most solid hits taken by any QB in the last decade and the other is a 24 year old kid playing just as well who may be the future of the franchise, or at least someone you'd better find out whether he might be.
  10. In my memory, Belichick has has some of the tougher player personalities to deal with over the years (thinking, in just skill positions, Moss, Dillon, Fryar, Hernandez, Ochocinco, Gordon, Blount ...) and seems to have had one or no real brush ups with any of them. If anyone has shown the ability to bring troubled players into the system and productivity, he has. I don't think Cam, who will always try his best if headed in the right direction, will be beyond BB's ability to work with.
  11. I think Julio Jones sheds some light. He is 3 years older than Thomas and had more or less the same value 3 years ago that Thomas has now - maybe a shade less. Thomas had roughly the same value 3 years ago as Moore does now - maybe a shade more. Although Julio is still a top WR, his value has dropped a lot in dynasty. I can't trade him straight up for Moore in either where I have a share. So, with no injuries and not having to survive any QB change or controversy, Jones' value has dropped at least a 1st round pick (judging from the value difference between Thomas and Moore in the tradewe're talking about). From there, I think you'd say that if you are close enough to a title that the difference between Thomas and Moore will likely decide whether you win or lose, go with Thomas to win. If you aren't close or don't think the difference between Thomas and Moore will be a lot next year and after or think Moore will be better then Thomas in three years, go with Moore and the 1st.
  12. I think they will keep one of ADP and Barber at most. Neither have a productive future although both lend stability in the face of injuries. I don't think they would keep McKissic over Love, but might keep 5 - again, in light of ADP's age and Guice and Love's injury histories.
  13. I don't think they will allow pushing the cap relief from a non-year ahead to offset a real year. If they officially play the season, this may work, or not. I think that maybe the Pats players are thinking this will be a down year - quite possibly a non-year after they gear up through camp - and those having a reason and seeing a bunch of their teammates deciding to sit have said maybe I'll sit too. I have no idea whether BB may be actively encouraging this or not - it's certainly within his wheelhouse.