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  1. Instead, its about your paranoid belief that instead of the ref blowing a call, this was a purposeful attack on the poor Saints that you imagine everyone hates (apparently including the ref who didn't bother to even shade a call against them through the rest of the game - maybe because he knew this opportunity to get them was coming)?. It was just a blown call. Unfortunate, but they happen all the time. I completely agree that this was a most unfortunate time and blatant miss, but there is no evidence to support your assault on the integrity of the league. And I really like the Saints
  2. And he finished the regular season #1 in receptions, #6 in receiving yards and #9 in TDs and with the highest catch rate among receivers. Yes the Saints share the scoring more than some, but at least in ppr, there aren't many better.
  3. If you are reading the AB thread, and if it's accurate, I think there is some real worry about whether he is going to mesh with a bunch of strangers who don't immediately think he walks on water and whether his psyche can handle all the slights and confrontations and negativity a new QB, team and city will mean. This could be the worst trade or best trade we see in a while.
  4. No one has said that you don't take the risk at a discount. Only that you need to consider the additional risk and value him accordingly. I agree that if you get a large discount, take the risk for the potentially high reward. On the other hand, if you grade out everything out as equal on two guys except that, I'll take the one with no injury history. How it applies to a particular circumstance falls somewhere in between those two extremes based on what you know.
  5. I tend to agree with Bronco here. People do have different bone brittleness and muscle density/tinsel strength/flexibility which can also effect their body's ability to absorb horribly violent collisions from a thousand different angles. I also agree with SayWhat that different guys have greater or lesser abilities to avoid full force hits, which reduces their chance of injury. No one is saying (that I have read) that Anderson has any particular condition or lack of instinct that will make him more susceptible to injury going forward, just that not acknowledging that his injury past raises the question of his durability is choosing not to not to look at the full picture. For every Frank Gore there is a Marcus Lattimore.
  6. Catbird

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Sorry tjnc09 You're the first person I've ever had to formally ignore. You make no effort at discussion but just want to stick to your shtick, abuse anyone who responds and basically just aggrandize yourself with claims you have no idea as to their truthfulness. If you would make some effort, others might take you seriously. I'll never know.
  7. Catbird

    Official Christian McCaffrey Thread

    What else would you be doing when you had the ball in the second half?
  8. Catbird

    Colin Kaepernick

    You make the same mistake many proponents of the protests do - thinking that opposing these protests or protesters is the same as supporting the behaviors being protested. I think most opponents of the protests probably deplore police brutality, and particularly disparate levels of brutality in minority communities. Neither that nor domestic violence should be acceptable, nor tolerated in a decent society. I think the same fans who dislike Kaep's protest would dislike players protesting domestic violence by kneeling during the anthem. I think a lot of people agree there are horrible issues around police violence in the minority community, but don't think kneeling during the anthem was a good approach (and I think many of those believe that he was grandstanding to the minority community by making it HIS issue - when he is making huge money and not suffering any of the hardships and struggles he is protesting). But he, like all of us, is free to make his choices, to peacefully protest what they want to, but that comes with accepting the consequences. One of the consequences is that lots of Americans don't like what they see as dissing the flag, country and nation that is one of the best in the world about defending his right to protest. I don't think the point is whether he was right or wrong in his choice of protest, but as CalBear says, he made a choice to choose a form of protest that means many fans in any city who signs him will exercise their right to stop buying tickets and stop supporting their team if he is on it. If you are a team owner and have the choice of living with a slightly lesser backup QB or losing fan support and millions of dollars and maybe thousands of season ticketholders, well, its a business. I'm not surprised they choose to go with a less troublesome alternative.
  9. Catbird

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I offered an early '19 2nd in a 16 league for either Breida or Clement to the guy owning both and got rejected - without reply.
  10. Catbird

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    The team, seeking credibility and fans (I assume), agreed to cooperate and be on hard knocks. They probably didn't ask Gordon about it and likely didn't consider that it might be a significant problem. I can see Gordon, if suffering anxiety, not wanting to be asked a hundred times a day whether he is feeling tempted to use drugs and what effect he thinks his years of use have had on his life and athletic abilities and a hundred other inane questions media types will come up with that he would not want to face breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Yes, it costs the team and Gordon for him to be away from training camp, but it may cost him (and them) less than it would to make him go through that. Even though it's the Browns, I'll give Gordon and the team the benefit of the doubt that, knowing a lot more about it than we do, they are coping the best they can and targeting Gordon playing in the best possible mental state.
  11. You seem to be a little bit all over the place on 2019 Doc? Is it going to be a good year or bad year?
  12. So you are a little deep at WR so Cooks may never see the field, you have a RB stable beginning with Gurley, Zeke and Barkley and you have stashed several extra 1st and 2nd round picks away for next year? That must be a very fun and competitive league. When was the last time you lost a game?
  13. I don't agree that removing luck from the game needs to be the major goal of scoring design. I've played since 1985 in one league and since the early 90's in another. Both have pretty stodgy rules but very talented players who don't like change. Both draft live and the owners know each other, although mostly only from their years in these leagues. I don't think a new owner has joined either league in 6 or 8 years. I also play in a super-flex league, a 32 team double player league, a pretty straight forward ppr (.5 ppr for RBs) with 11 talented people who I have never met and never will, as well as two more for fun local leagues among social friends. All of them have rules with complexity well-suited to the competition. The main thing to me is the competition and winnowing out the players who don't try or can't compete. If everyone plays hard and plays well, they can all be good. If one of my local games were extremely skill focussed, only maybe 2-3 of us would have a chance. If the rules allow for lots of luck, that's good for those games because everyone has a chance and can stay in the competition until later in the season. In more advanced leagues,more complex rules and emphasis on skill is appropriate. I still don't want the same super-focussed stat nerd winning a league every year. Letting luck play a significant role sometimes just aids - to me - the fun of trying to be good enough to overcome that, as well as whatever the rules allows you to control. I also like playing with lots of differing rules as players have distinctly different values in different systems, which makes keeping track and adjusting between leagues a challenge. To each their own.
  14. Catbird

    Amari Cooper Player Spotlight

    Sorry for the lengthy re-quote, but this includes great information and a second half trend repeated every year of his career that would scare the heck out of me if I weren't staying away already. Nice work JWB!
  15. If your research shows you that 1 of 2 first round RBs become solid starters in the NFL and only 1 or 5 first round WRs do, that should impact your draft strategy. As should studying which kinds of WRs tend to make it and which don't. I think there's a lot that's worth knowing from past draft successes and failures if the sample is large enough.