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  1. I was indeed. Just saw this. At least it will be quick.
  2. Bertha, that you? She's trying to form. It's a good tropical rain right now, not the wind though ... yet.
  3. They did have a lapse in coverage last match indeed. Here, as is often their Achilles heel, could be their high back line. They play it all the time, and against top teams it can bite them. TOR! Just as I'm typing this.
  4. Booo . Although I actually think a competitive run is better for Bayern if the CL and DFB Pokal finish up. I'm with you on this.
  5. Yes. I'm a Jr. So I could have easily grown up being called Junior, or Little Firstname, or Firstnameie. Thankfully my parents opted for a shortened version of our last name and it stuck. My last name is not very common outside of this area, but evidently this nick name is common for the last name. In school I was always called Firstname, and my family and close friends called me Nickname. To this day I am called both, and if a friend from school that always called me Firstname calls me Nickname, it sounds wrong and I correct them. My wife knew my family before we started going to school together (4th grade), and has always known me as Nickname. At our 10 year high school reunion there was a rumor that she had forced me to change my name to Nickname because she didn't like Firstname. But wait, it gets better. Two of my high school classmates (one, best of buds to this day), their actual legal names are my Nickname. So when we are all together, it gets confusing.
  6. So was it editing, or was Tony sandbagging in front of the girls while practicing?
  7. Way too early The news tonight said this has a 70% chance of developing, but it is headed out to sea.
  8. Arthur Bertha Cristobal Dolly Edouard Fay Gonzalo Hanna Isaias Josephine Kyle Laura Marco Nana Omar Paulette Rene Sally Teddy Vicky Wilfred
  9. A little overview of the Bundesliga with games starting this weekend. There are 9 matchdays to go, which means 27 points (Eintracht Frankfurt v Bremen have Matchday 24 to make up too). This mathematically puts 13 teams within striking distance of the title. Here are the top 5, those within 10 points of the top: Bayern München 17-4-4 55 73-26 +47 still alive in Champions League and DFB Pokal (if any of those get played) Borussia Dortmund 15-6-4 51 68-33 +35 still alive in Champions League RB Leipzig 14-8-3 50 62-26 +36 still alive in Champions League Mönchengladbach 15-4-6 49 49-30 +19 Bayer Leverkusen 14-5-6 47 45-30 +15 still alive in Europa League and DFB Pokal games between these 5 in the next 9 matches: Bayern will play at Dortmund, at Leverkusen and host Gladbach. Dortmund hosts Bayern and plays at Leipzig Leipzig hosts Dortmund Leverkusen plays at Gladbach and hosts Bayern Gladbach hosts Leverkusen and plays at Bayern
  10. Two. Always and forever. I took typing around 1980 and it was the way of the world. Not changing for me.
  11. Damn, I had not heard of his passing. I'm not even going to try your question. But, I will say that I learned his doomsday algorithm for calculating the day of the week for any date. I've watched videos of him doing it, and his mental calculating speed is crazy.
  12. Voted Carson, he's #1 no question. Sometimes I will go on youtube and just pull up old interviews with various guests. Good stuff. Letterman was ok early on. As others have mentioned, he got angry as time passed. Hands down #2 is Craig Ferguson. As with Carson, sometimes I will pull up Ferguson interviews. His cold openings, skits, songs ... so much great stuff.