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  1. Loved the Banana Splits! This movie is just wrong.
  2. The Battery scored in the 20th minute, and Atlanta scored in the 79th to equalize. The goal scorer for Atlanta was Romario Williams ... who scored 25 times for the Battery in 2016 and 2017 while on loan. Atlanta then scored twice in Extra Time (110th and 120th) to take it 3-1.
  3. I read that it was being played that way because there wasn't enough time to staff the facility for the event. Lousy situation any way you look at it. I feel for any Atlanta fans that made the drive to Charleston just for the match.
  4. US Open Cup match between Charleston Battery and Atlanta United was a wash on Tuesday night. Days of rain in Charleston left the field unplayable. The field did not look great, but the players were warming up on it Tuesday night. About 30 minutes before kickoff they scrubbed the match. The announcement came out late yesterday that the match was rescheduled to tonight (Thursday) in Kennesaw before a closed stadium. What a bummer. The stands were filling for what looked to be a good gate for the Battery. They had played the first two rounds away and we were all excited to get a home match AND it was against the defending champs. Now, a third away match, and the smaller club has to travel on short notice. Battery's statement
  5. Well written mea culpa. I wasn't spoiled because I don't visit this thread until after that night's show. I also don't spend a lot of time on news sites, so didn't see any spoilers. I agree with @Nipsey about the media's inability to keep anything secret. My wife was pretty ticked because her mom spoiled it for her. We usually record it and watch it later in the evening. Her mom watches it when it is on, and said to my wife afterwards "well, that girl beat him!" My wife made a point of not letting me know.
  6. Union Berlin have won promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time. 2-2 at Stuttgart and 0-0 at home just now. 22,000 capacity stadium, and it looks like nearly half are on the field.
  7. DFB Pokal Final in Berlin today. Bayern v RB Leipzig 2pm on ESPN News
  8. Bundesliga relegation playoffs start today. Stuttgart hosts Union Berlin today, then Stuttgart at Union Berlin on Monday.
  9. This is a pretty good podcast on this run: How Uncle Jamie Broke Jeopardy The host shares nephews and nieces with James and talks about losing the "cool uncle" battle because of this. "In this episode: Kenny complains to James about losing the uncle battle, gets James to reveal the logic behind his strategy, and talks to some of Jeopardy!'s most famous champions about how they helped break the game."
  10. My daughter is in her 4th year of teaching high school English. Today is actually her last day of work as she is starting her maternity leave ... due date of June 6th.
  11. Here we go Sub tropical Storm Andrea Another link 5th year in a row a storm has been named before the start of the season.
  12. Power napper here. I nap daily, and sometimes a couple times a day. I can fall asleep easily, and nap for 15-20 minutes and I'm good. When I worked in an office, I would take one after lunch every day. When I had my own office, I would just shut the door. When I was sharing an office, I would either go to my car, or just take one right there. I would tell my office mate I was taking a nap, and she would actually just shut the door to our office and keep working. Working from home, I may take one mid day, and if not, right after work. When I have a long drive, say driving home from my son's (3 hours away), I will go to a room and lie on the floor for about 15 minutes. If I get tired driving, I pull into a rest area and set my phone for 10 minutes. My wife has timed me and says that I am usually asleep within 2 minutes of setting the timer.
  13. Thought the same thing. That one image of the surviving forces looked larger than what they started with.
  14. One week left in the Bundesliga, and lots to decide. Bayern win the league with a win or a draw, they host Eintracht Frankfurt .... also, Bayern can lose and still win with a loss or draw by Dortmund. Dortmund win the league with a win AND a Bayern loss, they play at Gladbach. C Bayern München 23- 6- 4 75 83-31 52 C Borussia Dortmund 22- 7- 4 73 79-44 35 C RB Leipzig 19- 9- 5 66 62-27 35 C Borussia Mönchengladbach 16- 7-10 55 55-40 15 ceu E Bayer Leverkusen 17- 4-12 55 64-51 13 ceu E Eintracht Frankfurt 15- 9- 9 54 59-43 16 ceu U Wolfsburg 15- 7-11 52 54-49 5 ceu Hoffenheim 13-12- 8 51 68-48 20 eu Werder Bremen 13-11- 9 50 56-48 8 u (c) Positions 1-4 qualify for Champions League group stage. Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig have already qualified. Mathematically Gladbach, Leerkusen, Frankfurt and Wolfsburg can earn the 4th spot. Wolfburg's goal diff realistically rules them out though. (e) Positions 5 and 6 qualify for Europa League group stage. (u) Position 7 qualifies for Europa League 2nd round qualifying. Stuttgart will be in the relegation playoff against Paderborn or Union Berlin from BL2 Hannover and Nürnberg are relegated.