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  1. and TS Jerry I told my wife last night that I could pretty much guarantee that our cruise to Bermuda, that leaves Charleston on Sunday, will not be heading to Bermuda.
  2. I've been away from the computer for nearly two day.s Updated the title and first post with Humberto. Obviously not looking like an issue for the US, but I do leave a week from today for a cruise to Bermuda. So, watching it and Invest 97L intently.
  3. Do either of you remember any restaurant names?
  4. I have two trees on my property, my neighbor has so many in his back yard that it is a perpetual canopy of shade. Nearly everything in my yard came from his. The first house my wife and I purchased, that's what we did. We moved in during September of 1988 and immediately had 5 tall pine trees cut down. One year later, Hugo. They would have completely demolished that house. The house I currently live in was split in half by a large tree during Hugo. You can look at the breaker box mapping and see how they rewired the house around the new construction.
  5. Prepping for a storm is one thing, but when it passes and you have to put everything back out, you quickly realize how much crap you have outside. Deck chairs, pool accouterments, bird feeders, wind chimes, etc... and in the heat as you mentioned. Over the weekend I piled all of the limbs and leaves by the street. I used my MIL's two big city issued cans to put a lot of the leaves in. After Monday's garbage pickup, I filled my can and added it to the collection. Normal yard debris pickup is Wednesday. Naturally they are running behind and haven't gotten to me yet, no problem ... except I am now putting my garbage bags on the garage floor as my can is full of leaves.
  6. Yes and no. We were there in 2017 before she was diagnosed. Lots of bread. Especially when I was in the hospital there ... lots of damn bread. Not to sidetrack - meat and potatoes are naturally GF, but the preparation (seasoning, rubs, sauces) could not be. Just as a starter.
  7. Good info, thanks Yeh, with it being nearly due east of Charleston, I've always been frustrated there aren't direct flights there from here. When this cruise popped up my wife remembered I have talked about that, and suggested we go this way. I've actually uncovered some genealogy stuff that indicates some of my people came from Bermuda way back. Trying to learn more before I go. Neither of us golf. Good stuff, thanks We were thinking of maybe something to get her through the day, and eating breakfast and dinner back on the ship. The English speaking aspect will make it easier to ask, good point. We plan to go to Germany late next year, THAT may a bit more difficult.
  8. It's 1 degree cooler there today than here in Charleston, and the humidity is about the same. Not an issue.
  9. Bump. Cruising to Bermuda in a couple of weeks. The ship will be in port for nearly two days. Our main interest is beach time. I would like to snorkel and my wife will want to do some shopping. I see they have several forts, any worth visiting? I would love to look at local dining, but my wife has Celiac disease (read that as Gluten allergy), so local dining will be problematic.
  10. It should be Taken in a landslide, and I have only seen the first one. But, my favorites are Rob Roy, and I really like his Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.
  11. @Mjolnirs What is the Independent Supporters Council? Is the Regiment applying to join a larger supporters group? What I can tell you, and it's just my personal opinion, is this: I've never been a fan of this group. They have gotten better over the years, but when they started out ... and for MANY years it seems they could only gather in one section and scream YOU SUCK at the opposing team. In the early years I had a friend in this group and I would sit in their section, but it was just a bunch of yelling, mostly the above mentioned "you suck." I eventually started standing with friends from my Y soccer team. The Stand Up Guys! We have a banner and shirts. Now, I know more people in The Regiment, but still have no desire to join them. But, they have gotten better. They have some chants, some songs and smoke bombs. They make noise, but never seem very coordinated. Feel free to PM me.
  12. I have an idea playing in my head, but I can't identify it yet. BTW - what the hell is 'yacht rock'?
  13. So you are both saying they were either attempting to cull the herd, or prevent culling?