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  1. As someone else mentioned, she was a sure bet to bite and spend her token for it. Yeh Ben was starstruck, but that's part of Rob's magic ... he used that to get info. I can believe Rob didn't mention it to her ... but I'm willing to bet she didn't tell him either. My top two right now are Yul and Ethan.
  2. Lack of self-awareness, increase in self-importance, lack of awareness of others. These all lead to hypocrisy. "I hate when people park in the fire lane in front of the store" ... "I'll only be a second, it's ok for ME to park here" "I can't believe that person didn't hold that door, I was right behind them!" as they shut the door in the face of the person behind them. Two small examples that could be expanded to other actions, thinking and politics.
  3. He smoked a lot of them. He wrote for Cigar Aficionado magazine on occasion. He also often refers to his "formerly nicotine stained hands." Good luck Rush.
  4. Sometimes I forget that this board can argue over any issue. This thread reminded me, and that's with only reading the last page.
  5. Yep, Carlin is the best. He posted an Addendum episode yesterday on Alexander the Great's mother ... I'm an hour in with two and half to go. Just good stuff.
  6. Go old school. Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series. Also, plenty of good Arthur C. Clarke out there. Maybe Childhood's End and Rendezvous with Rama.
  7. Looks like it is possible online in SC. Check this DMV page - scroll down to the green box
  8. 78 today in Charleston. Just saw an early forecast for a possible light dusting along the coast midweek next week. Let the panic begin.
  9. No need, they don't distribute replicas of the trophy to them. As a South Carolina fan, I'm just glad Clemson lost, no matter who did it. The sun shines a little brighter this morning.
  10. This is the silent one that can get you. When I made my trip to Germany in 2017 I renewed my passport because it was due to expire 3 months after I would have gotten back, and I think the EU required you have 90 days room on your passport. I would have gotten back with 95, but renewed to be safe. Of course, when my appendix exploded over there and I spent a week in the hospital, when I did finally leave, I was under the 90 days. That could have been a problem. My wife's passport expired the same as mine, but she wasn't going on the trip. Fortunately she renewed hers at the same time, and when she had to make the emergency trip over, there wasn't a problem. This is why I think I will wait until after the deadline. I'll use my passport as needed and wait for the crowds to go down.
  11. But, why? It's supposed to be a STATE championship. How can you have TWO class 6A state champions? Maybe because Texas is so big? I would be curious as to how many state champions there are in other big states, say California. eta - did some looking around on maxpreps. Excluding 6, 8 and 9 man football, and what looked like private leagues, for the 50 states plus DC, it looks like a total of 350 State titles. Ranging from 2 (Alaska, Delaware, DC) to 69 in California. Looks like California breaks up into multiple regional areas and just has championships there.
  12. Sizes of schools vary alot. As to why there are divisions, probably a political board topic. Probably broken into 6 divisions based on school size, to create regions. Then because of the disparity in sizes within the divisions, they are broken by size again for the playoffs. South Carolina did this for a while, and it was stupid. For state champions you had two 5A (biggest schools), two 4A, one 3A, two 2A and two 1A for a few years. 9 State title games. The smaller schools in a division complain that they can't compete against the bigger schools in the same division, even though they are grouped based upon size.
  13. Great, so next year, for the second straight season, Carolina gets both finalists. To quote the guy in the "Burned down she shed" commercial, "that's wonderful."
  14. I agree with everything in this post, and emphatically so with the bolded. Almost every picture my daughter takes of my granddaughter has her with a big bow on her head that looks like a durag ( I would normally spell this doorag), and that's what I call it, a doorag bow.