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  1. Talk to me about holsters and carry methods. Inside/Outside the waistband, paddles, pocket - location of holster on yourself - manufacturer - material? Suggestions and thoughts for myself and my wife would be appreciated.
  2. Found the match on a Spanish station, so hooray. 2 goals and 5 yellows in the first half.
  3. Had plans to go to Munich in late November/early December, but cancelled those plans when COVID hit and all of the various restrictions started. We held off on making any reservations, so when I say cancelled, I mean dropped the idea until later.
  4. Germany looking dead in the water against Switzerland.
  5. I voted No Rule Change. We all knew this was a possibility, and it should have been discussed prior to the season. I brought this up in both leagues that I commish and it was not voted in. Doing so now, without going through the owners would be wrong. As commish, and this not being approved prior to the season, would not bring it up for a vote.
  6. Delta Since the tradition is to retire names of storms that become major storms and cause severe damage, what happens if Delta ramps up and does that? Can you retire a letter of the Greek alphabet?
  7. I've been trying for a while to get my wife motivated for a CWP course. We keep a 357 revolver bedside and she has shot it, but it isn't very conceal/carriable. Did some looking and shooting and settled on the M&P EZ 9mm. It's easy to rack and with her lack of hand strength, it was the easiest for her to use. Since it is possible that in a pinch she might need to use my handgun, we purchased two of them. We are scheduled for CWP courses this weekend. We went yesterday to a friend's place in the country so we could do some shooting. Broke in the two new guns, had fun with the 357 and actually shot my two shotguns and 22 rifle while out there. Of course, ammo is the hard thing right now.
  8. No it is not. I know how nerve racking it is when one or two of those threaten us. This pounding of the Gulf coast is just crazy. I feel for everyone down there.
  9. Can you IM me a synopsis of the last season? I watched the first two episodes of this season and frankly lost interest.
  10. Anyone know a way to watch this WITHOUT these idiot talking heads in the studio? nm, works.