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  1. bump? anyone had anything to do with Team Stake? any feedback on them?
  2. Has anyone used TeamStake as a finance management alternative to Leaguesafe? I just want to hear of people's experiences as since the takeover by Fanball, I am slowly losing faith in Leaguesafe as a long term solution, esp if your league has international players.
  3. Football Outsiders have some good data that is easy to filter
  4. thanks to everyone who has joined and to our existing owners who puts forward a positive recommendation of our leagues. Join our mailing list if you want to be first to hear about our 2019 league openings. Good luck to you all in the upcoming season
  5. all dynasty leagues are now full, thanks to everyone who has joined, looking forward to the 2018 Season. Only way to join Paragon now for this season is via our Annual Auction league, Sun Never Sets.....7 spots still in that league. We also have the option of running that league with 12 or 14 teams if we don't reach 16 teams.
  6. i love it, first thing I thought of as soon as I saw your post.
  7. enjoyed the takes in the certainly are no Trip McNeely
  8. now down to only one dynasty league with openings, the last of our salary cap/contract leagues filled earlier today!
  9. another spot taken in our salary cap/contract league, a few taken in our annual/redraft auction league
  10. Doppelganger league is now full, only 5 dynasty team openings left for 2018
  11. bump, 2QB league filled, only 6 dynasty orphaned teams left for 2018 across all of our leagues