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  1. Brilliant thread! The cliches I hate are those ridiculous player nicknames like JStew or Arob. Some of them I've literally thought...I have no idea who he is talking about. The other phrase that is a joke....that a player "is a winner". It pretty much just screams, I have no analysis or anything intelligent to say. The "winners" from the past that immediately come to mind are Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel 🤣
  2. another few spots taken in Doppelganger, this league will fill very soon and Replacement Owners Dispersal Draft will kick off ASAP
  3. Go Deep league filled today....only two leagues left to join!
  4. Paragon Fantasy Football has a few orphan team openings in 2019 left across a variety of league formats. Our website, has everything you need to find each of the leagues and their regularly updated team availabilities. Email me at with any questions or DM me. All monies held in Leaguesafe. Get in quick, more teams being sold every day.
  5. Contract Killers filled today....just 3 leagues left with 2019 openings
  6. Divide league to the filled today with the ROD to commence likely over the weekend
  7. another bump......lots of teams taken in the past few days.....a number of leagues right on the cusp of being filled. Hit me up if you have any questions about any aspects of our leagues....dive won't regret it
  8. this could literally be the worst comment ever posted on the Shark Pool. This guys life is all about watching film and breaking it down. His hits far outrank his misses. I think many pundits and draftniks actually ride of Cosell's coat tails.