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  1. started this thread 6 years ago and never been more excited to own KENNY STILLS!!! He is going to go off this week and for the foreseeable future. Got him for $11 on $100 FAAB budget ... GLTA!!!
  2. Nice post. I agree that passing on AP at 11 isn't the best strategy. I can't seem to put together a decent team when I take Gronk at 11 overall, but he certainly provides good value as a late first round draft pick. I might change my strategy to RB, RB if I can grab 2 out 3 of the following RB's. Adrian Peterson - There aren't many backs that will surpass 300+ carries this year. Ezekiel Elliott - Great Offensive Line and should be a big factor in the passing game if he can stay on the field. Lamar Miller - Word on the street is Miller looks great and is line for 50+ receptions this year.
  3. The 11th pick is a difficult slot to prepare for this year, but after many mocks I think WR/WR is the way to go. Players with 100+ receptions are hard to come by, and high quality pass catching RB's appear to be available in rounds 3, 4, 5, and 6. Based on the current PPR rankings, Marshall and Allen appear to be a reach in the 2nd round, but I think both players could easily end up as top 10 WR's. Round 1 - Dez Bryant/Allen Robinson Round 2 - Brandon Marshall/Keenan Allen Round 3 - Brandin Cooks/Jarvis Landry/Matt Forte Round 4 - Julian Endelman/Russell Wilson Round 5 - Dion Lewis/Danny Woodhead/ Ben Roethlisberger RB's to consider in Round 1 and 2 Adrian Peterson Jamal Charles LaVeon Bell Lamar Miller At this time, my plan is to wait on QB and TE, and load up on reception heavy WR's and RB's in the first 5 rounds. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. It really looks like the stars are aligning for Green, doesn't it? Lesser known young player with great measurables who was down on the depth chart proves himself as the season wears on, gets opportunities, does much with them, and becomes an increasing part of an offense. This happens every year as teams figure out who they are. It happened earlier this year in San Diego when they figured out who Keenan Allen was. Now they're figuring out what they have in Green. This is the late season WW gem that will win some people championships. This kind of upside can overcome other deficiencies on your roster. I'm all in. Waived Cameron for him and will bench Gates this weekend. Those guys haven't done much for me, now it's time to give the kid a shot. I have the same feeling about Green this week. I am having a hard time benching Julius Thomas for him, but with everything on the line, if Thomas is out, I will opt to go with Green over Martellus Bennett.
  5. I am sold on this guy after getting to watch his last game against Detroit! Hoping that he falls to 4th pick on waivers...