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  1. There's a trade-off, though. ME2 removed a lot of the RPG elements that made the first Mass Effect worth playing (other than story, of course). And then you have the Mako... which is hit/miss. I hated the Mako, so I didn't mind it being gone after the first. Mass Effect 1 was the better RPG. Mass Effect 2/3 were the better shooters.
  2. Fewer hours, but still employed and work a job that won't allow me to work from home.
  3. Yes. Practically everybody I come in contact with outside of home.
  4. ESPN showing Wrestlemania 30 tonight. I forgot how exciting the WWE was at that point.
  5. I was thinking about this earlier today (last night? - I work 3rd shift, I don't know what time it is). As a kid, I lived in a very rural area and other than going to school, or weekends when my dad had me, I was rarely outside of the homestead. My only neighbors were family members and they basically worked on a farm. We had hunting and fishing available to us. We had a satellite dish (one of those huge ones) because we only received one channel OTA. It was miles before you'd find the next person. We went weeks without leaving the homestead many times. Even without grocery access, I think we would've had a steady source of food to last us at least a bit. It would've been a little different, but I think it would've worked out for us.
  6. Enjoying Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The first game was outstanding. This one has been just as great so far. Even better that I didn't have to pay any extra for it, with it being on Xbox Game Pass. But I would have gladly paid for it and probably will eventually.
  7. I work in hospitality and we've been receiving daily updates with cancellations and policies regarding the virus. In simply talking about it, guest worries feel somewhat low, but the response people give when someone nearby simply coughs gives me reason to think that concern is higher than they're letting on. Of course, since I'm in contact with people from around the world on a daily basis, the potential for exposure is higher than if I worked in a cubicle, but I'm only about low to medium concerned currently. In addition, occupancy has dropped a bit since news initially broke, so that does raise concern level a bit, not necessarily for the virus itself, but for the extending effects on day-to-day.
  8. This was 9 years ago? Dammit time, stop moving so fast.
  9. My Intimidator will go off for shots that are taken on the opposite side of the paint when I'm defending weak side. I play as TravJam on Xbox. You're welcome to add me if I don't already have you.
  10. Thankfully for me, I play my EA Sports games via EA Access, so $30/year covers those games. I don't mind having to wait a few months before playing the games. I don't need the newest one on release. I still feel that Madden 16 was the last time I enjoyed playing Madden. Each one I've played since then has been worse than the last. I haven't played Madden 20 yet, but from everything I've seen and heard, it's a literal copy of Madden 19 (to the point that you can still find the Madden 19 logo in parts of the game) - so assuming that's true, I've played Madden 20. I still feel that NBA 2k's best feature is their least played, and that's MyLeague. The amount of customization you can do in NBA 2k20's MyLeague can keep that game enjoyable for a long time, even after the servers go offline in 2022. MyPlayer is really fun, but the minimal amount of effort to make that mode better that they show just blows my mind. MyTeam experiences a similar situation, but I have seen it get better over the last two years - and thankfully, you can still field a good enough team to compete without shelling out extra VC. (And I'm still holding up to my promise of not spending VC on MyTeam this year. My wallet thanks me!)
  11. Some days, I feel like NBA2k online is too much of a chore to play. I tend to play my PF or Center in the Rec more than anything, so I don't have to deal as much with the shot lag as if I were to play a shooter. It's frustrating, though, because I do feel that NBA2k punishes bigs more than shooters. During MyCareer games, 7'1" Center dominates the paint and doesn't hesitate to slam it in. But online, the same guy seems to forget how to play. So I'm basically a rebounding/shot blocking machine only. My PF is a little more versatile. He's a 3-Level Scorer, so he's able to do it all. But just like the big man, down low, he suddenly forgets how to dunk online. I blame it to the cheese and overpowered Intimidator badge. I may have asked before, but are you Xbox or PS4?
  12. With the way Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint looks, I'd consider Watchdogs 3 being delayed a good sign. Ubisoft's track record hasn't been too good the last couple of years. And thus adjourns my weekly visit to this thread.
  13. Serious question. Unless you're pre-ordering limited editions of these games, why pre-order at all? Games today are never subject to being unable to obtain on release day like they were in the old days.