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  1. Maybe your neighbor is in distress. Perhaps someone has him and his family held in a hostage situation and you're too busy asking us on FBG to help out. What kind of neighbor are you?
  2. I'm unfortunate to have to deal with having dressage on TV when the Olympics come on. My wife loves to watch horse events. I always joke about how it can't be a sport. It appears that each participant just rides their horse around the area for a certain amount of time and are judged on it. It's like if you make the Westminster Dog Show an Olympic event, except this is horses. Maybe there's something more to it that I don't see.
  3. Well, if we're going by that definition, can you tell me how Dressage is sport? Much less one that gets time in the Olympics. But can you tell me why NBA 2k isn't a sports video game just because it doesn't involve physical exertion? I'm pretty sure it's electronic basketball that plays on your TV. Again, hence "eSport". Then when you put it into a league that gets viewers just like a real sport does, you can't deny that that it is one. And yes, this year was the first year that the NBA actually has an official video game "eSports" league. Unlike other games (Rocket League, Overwatch, LoL, etc) I don't know anyone that watched any of the games, but it exists. And I've been hearing that MLB and NHL (the NFL is already there somewhat with Madden) are considering getting into eSports soon. I know I can't convince you that the name makes sense anymore than you can convince me that it doesn't. But it's not going away anytime soon.
  4. Why? That's exactly what it is. Let's look at the word "E-Sports". The 'E' stands for electronic. So you can call it Electronic Sports. Therefore a game like Rocket League (which is technically a sports video game) would be an e-sport. Games like Overwatch may be shooters mechanically, but you're pitting two teams against each other in battle, which is similar to a sport. Again, sports video games and electronic sports are basically like saying the exact same thing.
  5. I can work with anyone of any skill level. I'm usually pretty chill, but can get competitive and serious too. It's all about keeping it fun for me. I'd just have to switch to a smurf account. But I've played with lower levels, just backing them up and giving tips plenty of times. I'm TravJam on Xbox, but also play on Rocket League on PC.
  6. I just wish it was harder. While it's nice to just chill out and play, I hate winning tournaments by 30+ strokes.
  7. Olympus is known as the home of Greek gods. So I always assumed the phrase "rises [like the gods of Olympus] above the Serengeti" was used metaphorically. Or the writer - who sucked at geography - was just trying to fit as many Africa-sounding references that would fit the number of syllables needed to keep the song flow and hoped no one would notice that it made no sense.
  8. I assume you mean "Feel It Still" by Portugal the Man. I dig the song and the lyrics are quite good. I can see how it can be misheard, though. edit: I see that NREC34 has this covered.
  10. I always thought that any play that moves the chains should get a point. Since other than scoring, that's the point of offense is to stay on the field.
  11. Look where all this talking got us, baby!
  12. They definitely weren't into it, which I can agree made it cringe-worthy. Reminded me of some Ubisoft conferences. But not Jamie Kennedy bad.
  13. Sorry that my response sounded snarky. I'm genuinely shocked at how many people didn't know Andrew W.K, though. Even Angry Joe called him some random guy and he's a fan of the same music genre. Though maybe I'm overrating how famous he was.
  14. I didn't think Andrew WK was that bad. I also find it laughable that people don't know who he is. And also there's a ton of Quake fans that have been asking for a reboot, so speak for yourself.
  15. This one is an awesome idea, though. Too bad I don't do ketchup any more.