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  1. It added NPCs, factions and a ton of new content. They have a new season pass type system to unlock things by just completing simple tasks. The story is starting to feel like a Fallout game. By end of year, the BoS are arriving in Appalachia to add even more, so I'm looking forward to that. It's definitely worth checking out with Game Pass. Worst case, you still don't like it and that's ok too.
  2. Dropping in to see what game people are talking about these days. Looks like I haven't been here in close to 6 months. Hope everyone is doing ok. Believe it or not, I've been busy playing Fallout 76 since the launch of Wastelanders. It's better than it was, but it's far from the perfect Fallout game. I'm to the point that I'm getting burned out and I'm starting to look for something new to play. I miss playing Rocket League, but no one I used to play with is available when I have time to play. Drop your new game suggestions below. I have both PC and Xbox.
  3. It's going to sound weird, but I preferred Sammy's vocals, but the iconic songs came during the DLR era and what I think of when I think Van Halen.
  4. I see it all over my Facebook feed and constantly hear it from traveling guests. It's a constant stream of parents complaining that "they can be out protesting, but my kid can't have a graduation ceremony?"
  5. Did you read what you just quoted? I didn't realize I was still a page behind here. Ignore this post. Apparently I can't delete them anymore.
  6. It's not upside down, though. Here's a pic with the spine in clear view where you can see it's right-side up. And you can see in the C-Span feed (skip to the 5:18 mark) that shows the full photo op, that he holds it that way for the picture (not without some fumbling first). That said, I've never seen anyone hold a book so awkwardly in my life. It's an odd sight.
  7. There's a trade-off, though. ME2 removed a lot of the RPG elements that made the first Mass Effect worth playing (other than story, of course). And then you have the Mako... which is hit/miss. I hated the Mako, so I didn't mind it being gone after the first. Mass Effect 1 was the better RPG. Mass Effect 2/3 were the better shooters.
  8. Fewer hours, but still employed and work a job that won't allow me to work from home.
  9. Yes. Practically everybody I come in contact with outside of home.
  10. ESPN showing Wrestlemania 30 tonight. I forgot how exciting the WWE was at that point.
  11. I was thinking about this earlier today (last night? - I work 3rd shift, I don't know what time it is). As a kid, I lived in a very rural area and other than going to school, or weekends when my dad had me, I was rarely outside of the homestead. My only neighbors were family members and they basically worked on a farm. We had hunting and fishing available to us. We had a satellite dish (one of those huge ones) because we only received one channel OTA. It was miles before you'd find the next person. We went weeks without leaving the homestead many times. Even without grocery access, I think we would've had a steady source of food to last us at least a bit. It would've been a little different, but I think it would've worked out for us.
  12. Enjoying Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The first game was outstanding. This one has been just as great so far. Even better that I didn't have to pay any extra for it, with it being on Xbox Game Pass. But I would have gladly paid for it and probably will eventually.
  13. I work in hospitality and we've been receiving daily updates with cancellations and policies regarding the virus. In simply talking about it, guest worries feel somewhat low, but the response people give when someone nearby simply coughs gives me reason to think that concern is higher than they're letting on. Of course, since I'm in contact with people from around the world on a daily basis, the potential for exposure is higher than if I worked in a cubicle, but I'm only about low to medium concerned currently. In addition, occupancy has dropped a bit since news initially broke, so that does raise concern level a bit, not necessarily for the virus itself, but for the extending effects on day-to-day.
  14. This was 9 years ago? Dammit time, stop moving so fast.