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  1. That scene definitely played better in the comic. But Negan was trying to goad her into killing him when taunting her about Glenn. This scene happens after he's freed and banished into the world in the comic and we see Negan struggle with being alone before Maggie comes to kill him. So it does a better job of telling us why Negan turned into crying, broken man.
  2. A show inspired by a comic be comical? No way!? That episode was much better than I anticipated. The dream sequences were kinda cringe worthy, but I expected it to be so. The rest was better than the rest of the season has been so far. And Rick probably got the best walker death (at least the biggest multi-kill) in the show thus far. I think that herd is still pouring into the river.
  3. SlaX

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    Got a chance to play the beta yesterday thanks to a friend who gave me a code on PC. I almost did a write-up of my experience with the game, but it turned more into a rant than a review, so I decided to scrap it. Long story short, I'm still underwhelmed. My current status is that I'll likely wait until it's at least half price before I buy into the game. And if the the beta reviews and Youtube videos I've watched are any indication, I don't think it's gonna take long for it to drop in price. I really don't want to hate on the game. I've always loved Fallout games and initially looked forward to it. I'm still optimistic that it'll get better. But I just won't be buying at launch. I'll continue to monitor the thread to read your Fallout experiences.
  4. SlaX

    Best use of the COWBELL in a song?

    Bad Obsession - Guns N Roses since all the other good ones were mentioned.
  5. SlaX

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    When the BETA is so underwhelming that you take someone who was excited for it and you turn them off with it, that sounds bad. I wasn't on the fence of buying. I was on the fence of whether I'd buy it Xbox or PC. Now I'm firmly on the fence of buying it at all and will wait to hear if opinions change after full release. Obviously, playing with friends was never a selling point of Fallout for me, since every other Fallout game has been a single player experience. But when you're still forced in a server with other players, whether you play solo or not, you're still going to get grieved by other players, whether you want to engage with them or not. Perhaps that actually helps me make my decision for the platform, since I'm sure PC will eventually have mods that will allow for an actual single player experience (if you actually want zero interaction in a world that's meant to have some) - and mods and private servers are reportedly still over a year out. So we're looking 2020 before the game becomes playable for people who never wanted a MP Fallout? But to answer your question, yes NPCs do make the world feel inhabited. Substituting those NPCs for actual players may have been intended to make the world feel more alive, but in doing so, it may have made it empty. I'm sure that there's some interesting lore to explore, but will you get the same sort of game play out of that as you do the other Fallout games? Again, this is just the impression I've gotten from BETA impressions from others. Since I hadn't decided what system I was buying on, I never pre-ordered, so I didn't get a chance to play it for myself. We'll see what changes from the full release. I will follow the thread, because I am interested in hearing what others think after they play it. ETA I find it amusing that the PC BETA was so bad that it literally uninstalled itself from PCs when it first went live.
  6. SlaX

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    Reviews I've gotten from friends, watched and read online have all been underwhelming. Right now, I'm leaning towards a pass on this game. A discount may change my mind, but the best thing I've heard is that it'll probably be fun with friends, but boring solo and that doesn't bode well for me, considering my odd work/play schedule rarely gives me time to play with friends these days.
  7. SlaX

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    Does the game disable Discord & Xbox Party Voice or something?
  8. Just getting caught up in the thread and thought I'd respond to this
  9. SlaX

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    Debating whether to buy the pc or Xbox version of the game. I don't know many people that plan on getting either and would like to utilize the multiplayer component with people I know or can relate to.
  10. SlaX

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    The fact that the Dangerous Alliance isn't even on the list makes it bogus.
  11. I don't get commercials on AMC's website. It once asked me to turn off my ad blocker, and I did that to get the video started, but turned it back on once I was on the page. Haven't had problems since then.
  12. SlaX

    Random movie "aha" moment

    Don't know it's been mentioned, but I realized this past week that Hector Salamanca is Ace Ventura's landlord.