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  1. That was the PPV where Robocop showed up, wasn't it?
  2. Once you get the controls down, it's great. It's better on PC where the mods are plenty and you're not restricted to your created wrestlers. You can have any wrestler that ever existed on your roster.
  3. Batman Arkham games. Minor violence, but I can't think of any other game that comes close unless you go with a side-scroller. Maybe Beyond Good & Evil.
  4. I can't imagine story mode being worse than last season. Although I guess that's possible. Yuck!
  5. If you're interested, I can join you sometime. I thought I had you already on my friends list, but I added you. I go as TravJam on Xbox.
  6. You said the lady did it 3 times? After the 2nd, I wouldn't have offered her a free session the third time. She's already cost you two sessions by no-showing.
  7. Onrush is free-to-play this weekend on Xbox One. Reviews call it like Overwatch with cars. I tried it this morning. It's pretty fun. Definitely worth trying.
  8. PopTV is the former TV Guide Channel, which was on pretty much every provider's channel list. I was surprised when I found that I had it too.
  9. I get my Madden fill through EA Access (Xbox only). $30/year and the latest Madden usually becomes available a little after the Superbowl. I'm fine with that. I don't need to play the latest edition right at launch, plus EA Access allows me access to other EA games, like NHL, NBA Live, Fifa, Battlefield, etc.
  10. Has the IBS set in yet?
  11. I'm gonna add Psych to the list. I love the intro song and every now and then they change it up depending on what the episode is about.
  12. She was probably just as tired of singing "Let It Go" as we are of hearing it.
  13. Maybe your neighbor is in distress. Perhaps someone has him and his family held in a hostage situation and you're too busy asking us on FBG to help out. What kind of neighbor are you?
  14. I'm unfortunate to have to deal with having dressage on TV when the Olympics come on. My wife loves to watch horse events. I always joke about how it can't be a sport. It appears that each participant just rides their horse around the area for a certain amount of time and are judged on it. It's like if you make the Westminster Dog Show an Olympic event, except this is horses. Maybe there's something more to it that I don't see.
  15. Well, if we're going by that definition, can you tell me how Dressage is sport? Much less one that gets time in the Olympics. But can you tell me why NBA 2k isn't a sports video game just because it doesn't involve physical exertion? I'm pretty sure it's electronic basketball that plays on your TV. Again, hence "eSport". Then when you put it into a league that gets viewers just like a real sport does, you can't deny that that it is one. And yes, this year was the first year that the NBA actually has an official video game "eSports" league. Unlike other games (Rocket League, Overwatch, LoL, etc) I don't know anyone that watched any of the games, but it exists. And I've been hearing that MLB and NHL (the NFL is already there somewhat with Madden) are considering getting into eSports soon. I know I can't convince you that the name makes sense anymore than you can convince me that it doesn't. But it's not going away anytime soon.