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  1. I'm so happy to hear that Riley is doing better. Hopefully she will eat better tomorrow. I am so sorry to hear about your MIL.
  2. Awesome! I love hearing such good news!
  3. This was who I was thinking about. He had a disdain for people that was awesome.
  4. Yay! Such good news!
  5. This is some of the best advice I've read.
  6. Totally in. Thank you for organizing!
  7. I'm so sorry Shady. I can't imagine what you and your wife are going through right now. I feel so sad for Justin, too. It's such a hard loss at such a young age. I wish there was something I could do you for you. It's not much but my thoughts are with your family.
  8. That's a tight race you got there. I went with 3 though as he took all their money (raising a special needs child can't be cheap), wants to take custody of the daughter, and still feels like he can be jealous of his wife.
  9. Shady, I'm so sorry this happened to you. She's such a beautiful baby girl. My thoughts are with your family. Big hugs to you. How is your son handling this? I hope he's okay. I know you are conflicted on whether or not you should take time off to be with her, just do what you think is best. Smilin
  10. I dunno. I'm split on the subject. I definitely want to make sure my kids have fun and enjoy just being kids. But that doesn't mean that I am in their faces 24/7 trying to stimulate them. We take them on vacations, play dates, etc. I don't care if they are too young to remember Disneyland, what matters is we all had fun while we were there. I'm involved in their school, but that is mainly because as a single mother and immigrant, my mother was working all the time and couldn't be involved when I was in school. I was always envious of the students whose mothers did show up and made it a priority to be there for my kids. It's all about balance.
  11. Really.. You thought the "Killer" was obvious Pretty clear he knew something, but no where along the line while watching did I think "Ah, he not only knows something but he is the one that did it"... and yea, the other twist of why it happened was out of no where.. So all in all I thought it was well done. I plan on watching the original show this was based on "BroadChurch" in the next month or so to see how they compare(I've read the endings are different) Yes.
  12. What did everyone think of the finale?
  13. Try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMEqcCxcx8o Hilarious.