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  1. I’m a stout snob so I can’t comment on that beer 🙂 glad you enjoyed your trip AAA. I really enjoy that area.
  2. As ditka said, very coffee forward. It's lacking in the bourbon department though IMO.
  3. if you like visiting bottle shops AAA, Peabody's is a decent 1.
  4. Got a few for Christmas. Nucifera by Pure...never heard of it but its supposed to be a great 1. Epic Big Bad Baptist P-Nut Butter Cup 4 pack of KBS Espresso Will be partaking tonight
  5. I'm taking next year off to see if I miss it at all. For years I've felt I watched games because of fantasy...This year I'm not watching games because of fantasy. I'm looking forward to just enjoying a game after this week without worrying about what the bottom ticker is doing.
  6. Experimenting with the same thing. Duplicated my MFL league and am importing the weekly salaries from FD and have assigned a hard cap that each team needs to stay under for their roster. I'm going to look to get 12 or so teams on board and do a season long head to head league like this. With a 17 or 18 game season coming with multiple bye weeks, as well as injuries killing your redraft season, I think I'm done with that.
  7. Hi Bloom, .25 per carry league with 1 PPR for rb and 1.5 PPR for wr. Trade D. Cook for D. Montgomery & D. Hopkins? Thanks
  8. Feel your pain. Disconnected the same day and I've tried 4 numbers from here and they say there is nothing available for me. Last year was the best year for me as far as deals. I may try once more tomorrow, but I think the ride is over. Got an offer from Dish with a gift card and free red zone so I guess 17 years was a good run.
  9. Really torn between Juju, Mike Thomas and Tyreek right now.
  10. Thanks Simon. I actually have an older nexus lying around and the app does work on it.
  11. Hi simon. Have an older Samsung galaxy smt tablet. Showing android version 4.4.2 if that means anything. Thanks.
  12. Doesn't open for me on android. Have tried uninstalling a couple times with no luck.
  13. i kind of like sarah grace's version: