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  1. Really torn between Juju, Mike Thomas and Tyreek right now.
  2. Thanks Simon. I actually have an older nexus lying around and the app does work on it.
  3. Hi simon. Have an older Samsung galaxy smt tablet. Showing android version 4.4.2 if that means anything. Thanks.
  4. Doesn't open for me on android. Have tried uninstalling a couple times with no luck.
  5. i kind of like sarah grace's version:
  6. thanks hooter. i saw icon mention the 26 earlier but thought it was basically the 42, but will add this 1 to the rental friday.
  7. also hoping some tutoring and practice can get me there UZ. I already noticed after my 2nd time at the range i was able to feel when the trigger reset therefore wasn't letting it return all the way back like the first day i went. I hadn't even noticed the reset the first time. do have a gun friend a couple years younger than me, but he stated the shaking thing is something he developed a bit when he got older and it just may be something i will need to work with...
  8. I hope you are correct opensource...after speaking with some of my gun friends i believe i had some of my issues already pointed out to me and will look to see if i do notice improvement when i go to range this week. i hope i do as the larger guns i mentioned prior that i am shooting this week are a bit bigger that i'd like to tote around all day...
  9. very sorry for your loss joe. glad that your mom had a strong faith, as well as yourself.
  10. Shot at the range for the second time yesterday. So, my self assessment....I am not a very good shot... My first trip to the range was the getting feet wet. Had target at 5 yards. Yesterday I put target at the 7 yard mark. There was nothing close to what someone would classify as a grouping. Of the 100 rounds fired, all but 4 rounds landed on 7 or better (I was trying for some head shots and missed 3 and blew 1 low right.) The other were within at least the 7 range and better, but not really grouped. I also notice that I have an unsteady hand. It seems that I am unable (at this time anyway) to hold the gun completely still. There is a small shaking for some reason. I don't think I can contribute it to the weight of the gun or the anticipation of the recoil either. For example: I was doing it even when holding an empty Glock 43 and dry firing it. I don't think it's a strength issue either. I know I'm not the strongest person in the World, but don't believe I'm the weakest either.... Does anyone else deal with the shaking issue? The guns I fired yesterday: Glock 43- I really wanted to liked this 1. Turns out I know 3 Glock Armorers and could get a decent deal on 1 as well. I could not get comfortable gripping it and it bucked the worst out of all of them for me. Not crazy mind you, but it was there. Walther PPS M2- @TheFanatic This was not the original Walther that I had held that I talked about, so glad you mentioned it and made me look for it. I'm not sure why, but I shot the Glock 43 better than this. This felt very comfortable, but I just didn't shoot it too good. Springfield XDs Model 2- Felt real comfortable. Liked it. Springfield Xds- This, along with the Glock 43 were 2 of the guns I had tried the first time I shot as well (S&W MP Shield was the other. Didn't like it). Once again, this was the gun that I felt most comfortable with and shot the best (Which isn't saying much) I wanted to try the Sig P365, but they did not have 1 available to rent. Due to my mild hand shaking, I am planning to go try the Glock 19, Sig P320, Walther PPQ and Springfield XDM Compact. These guns are all a tad bigger that what I have tried, but I'm curious if the bit of added length will allow me to get a better grouping. If I can indeed shoot these better, then the question will be is concealing them a on a regular basis a real option.
  11. They did not have 1 available Fanatic. The other range in my area has the same policy, renting per the caliber. Again, if they have 20 9MM on the wall you can try all 20, but additional charge per other caliber.
  12. Understandable The range I went to charged a fee by the caliber. Now if they had 20 9MM on the wall I could try all of them, but if I wanted to try a 380 it would be another charge. I will see if there are other ranges that aren't too far away and see their policy. I agree that it is important to get it right which is why i'd like to go at least 1 more time. I know i'm shooting the Glock 43 and Springfield XDs again, but will add the Sig and if there is a smaller Walther than the 1 I held will give that a go too. Thanks again.
  13. I know some don't like this, but another thing I liked about the XDs was the grip safety (not sure the technical name)