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  1. We really liked this and hope it comes back for a season 2.
  2. Not an IPA guy at all and a friend gave 1 to me when he had come back from up your way and I loved it. Now that it is in NC I got some and was happy until I tried it. Tasted totally different. Not sure if it was older or what. Tried the m43 too and wasn’t impressed.
  3. If you open the lid of a jar to use something, twist said lid of jar back tightly as you found it... do NOT just rest lid of jar on top like a cover.
  4. Oops, I apologize fbg, I lost my sister this week and read it as Todem was gloating, but I did have a few stouts in me at the time and am getting some clarity as we speak. Glad it wasn’t a knock on him as a newbie I love his assistance here. thanks again.
  5. Ouch, do I detect some conflict? I remember PEO from someone here as I would not have heard it anywhere else. I will try the search function.
  6. @Todem was it you who recommended PEO at 1 time?
  7. Heck, the way Drew Brees licks his hands, if he is asymptomatic the whole league will probably get it by week 4...
  8. I for 1 really loved the story. I know they so call diehards hated it, but from a person looking at all perspectives it was incredible to me. Well worth the purchase.
  9. Mooresville area. Thought dog fell off couch and was having a seizure, then felt and heard the upstairs doing same. Pretty sure someone who lives in CA. would have even blinked, but pretty creepy from an easterners perspective...
  10. so is FSLY a buy? i see some selling but have just small amount to put somewhere. down like 30% from high