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  1. Zucchini, watermelon, basil, oregano, blueberries, onions, tomato, sweet potatoes. I really want a Strawberry patch, but I don't have a decent spot to plant something that will be dedicated to only strawberries for the next few years.
  2. Cleveland is in a world of hurt with their cap regardless what Lebron does. George Hill owed 37 mil over next 2 years Tristan Thompson owed 36 mil over next 2 years Jordan Clarkson owed 25 mil over next 2 years JR Smith owed 30 mil over next 2 years Kyle Korver owed 15 mil over next 2 years Kevin Love owed 24 mil next year with a 25 mil option in year 2 That is over 143 mil to 5 players (not including Love here) over the next 2 years who probably have a negative win share.
  3. Kind of boring with going all in on justify, but I can't convince myself to look elsewhere. Here is what I'm thinking: $10 tri 7 w 11,18 w 11,18,9,5 $20 exacta 7 w 11,18 $5 tri 7 w 6,9,11,14,18 w 5,6,9,10,11,14,18 $2 super 7 w 9,11,14,18 w 9,11,14,18 w 9,11,14,18 $5 exacta 9,14 w 7,9,14,18 (Only to hedge my justy not winning) Still have about 100 I'm gonna play with that I might throw some bombs in depending on track conditions.
  4. That is a valid point. Noble Indy is going to have a lot of ground to cover to get to front, but everything points to thinking he will go for it and probably kill himself and/or others to do it, I just hope that other isn't Justy. I think of those listed Mendy and Enticed will be the ones who will go as well. I think MM and Bolt will settle in the stalking positions. I agree im kind of reaching for reasons for me to not take Justy, because I don't see anything else wrong with this racehorse. Maybe I should stop trying to talk myself out of betting who I think is going to win instead of reaching for reasons to bet longer odds/bigger payday. Noble Indy is an easy toss but I don't like anyone from the Louisiana Derby this year, none of the 4 (NI/LS/MBJ/Brav) did anything to impress me. Only 1 to think about including in the bottom of my super is MBJ, I love the style, but I don't think he has the speed to hit better than 4th, needs a lot of help up front/early to even make that happen.
  5. Loving all the commentary here as well. OTB especially. I just wanted to add my thoughts on the above in Red.
  6. I loved Justy before the draw and love him even more after the draw. As others have stated, the 7 post fits perfectly with what BB/Mikey is wanting to do with him. Probably going to still keep him on top, but need to try to dwindle down my other board hitters. Right now im thinking Vino, Mendy, FDB, MBJ, GM, Audible, Bolt, MM, and Hof. I don't really want to have to do a $5 Tri with 1/9/9.
  7. Quip is out of the KD. Focusing on the Preakness. Combatant is now in.
  8. Yea, that really sucks. They are describing it as "a minor setback" and should know more tomorrow.
  9. At this moment, still 2+ weeks away, I keep going back and forth between Magnum Moon and Justify as to who I like as my top horse. No horse from the Bluegrass or Wood impressed me and Mendy, while it was an impressive romp at the UAE, I keep telling myself, can a horse from the UAE against weaker competition really ship over and win this thing? I was really high on Bolt D'Oro until the SA derby, he didn't do much for me in this race, or did Justify really do that well to make Bolt D'Oro look bad. (maybe another American Pharoah always beating up on Dortmund type?) I love that Gronkowski is going to be in the derby, he will be a favorite among the feel good type horse bettors (ala Patch last year), he wont be anywhere on my tickets, but should get bet down. Audible definitely seems to be one of those favorites this year that has that push button at the end of the race, I will definitely have him in my exotics. I love this time of year, can't wait.
  10. Rockets might lose 1 game in the series, but that is it. It was a rough first game from both Paul and shooting the 3. I see this game as an outlier over anything that we will continue to see from the Rockets the rest of this series.
  11. So you're telling me there is still hope for me! And I was about to throw my hopes and dreams of being an NBA superstar by age 40 out the window.
  12. I really enjoy Jared's character. It seems like im one of a handful on here however.
  13. When someone eats cough drops likes its candy. Someone at work puts a cough drop in and bites down on it right away, chomping loudly on it. It'd be different if it was 1 cough drop, but they eat them all day.