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  1. 😭OMG... No football this year? No FBG this year? I must agree, it's a possibility?
  2. @jwsbowler He has Jonathan Taylor due to the rookie draft pick? So, Taylor, Pittman Jr., and Mayfield for LJax? I'm tempted here, but I doubt he would accept? I fully expect a regression for LJax. I just don't think he can keep up the pace from last year? Thoughts?
  3. Can't believe I'm asking this, but am I crazy to accept this? I would essentially be adding depth to my entire team, but trading Lamar Jackson. Here is the rundown on the league. 12 Team PPR Dynasty - I can start 1-2 QBs, 2-4 RBs, 2-4 WRs, 1-3 TEs. Current Roster: QBs:LJax, Minshew, Foles RB: Aaron Jones, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmonds, Tarik Cohens, Ito Smith, Gus Edwards, Jamal Williams WR: Golladay, Calvin Ridley, Gallup, Crowder, Robby Anderson, Arcega-Whiteside, James Washington, Tyrell Williams TE: Olsen, Ian Thomas Other teams is offering me the following which would provide me some depth at every position. QB Baker Mayfield - New Coach and lots of weapons? RB Josh Jacobs - Top 10 Dynasty back everywhere I've looked? Looks impressive on film? WR: Michael Pittman Jr. High draft spot; Great Landing spot; TY not getting any younger? All of that for Lamar Jackson. Am I crazy for even thinking about trading him here? I think I could possible get TJ Hockenstein out of this deal if I add in Ian Thomas? What's the play FBG Nation? Thanks for any thoughts.
  4. IKIT,

    Send me the info.  I'm interested.  Email address is as follows.



    1. identikit


      So you're in?


      Next step would be getting you set up in league and on leaguesafe.


      Let me know...



    2. laughinboy_2000


      Yeup... I'm in.

       Send me the invite...

    3. identikit
  5. Got a link to your league page IKIT? Interested so far with the players involved.
  6. Nice!!! I sent you an email and copied the commish.

  7. Rodimus... I would be most interested in joining this league. Let me know if you have a spot. You can email me at

  8. Fourth night in a row with me and the Captain. Drank three beers today on the golf course with a buddy, and ran two miles today to prepare my out of shape butt for a 5K run in June. Have already down half of the bottle I got today. F'n rum and cokes. Why do they have to make them so damn good?