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  1. Sounds like you want a newer one, but If you go with an old accord,(2003-2007) be careful, some are oil burners. I happened to get a bad one. It's a nice car, have had no problems, but you have to watch the oil often. I probably have to add oil three times between oil changes. Mine is an 07. Bought it about 1 1/2 years ago with 160 thousand from a dealer.
  2. Chicago area. Could be a fairly good storm. To early to tell though. There are so many different "models" these days its ridiculous. Fun watching though.
  3. SOB. I just dumped him. I had enough of Hue. I needed a roster spot.
  4. Buck Allen a sell ? Three good weeks, mostly on TD's. PPR League What could I expect in return ? Could use a receiver. Maybe Ekeler as Gordon's backup.
  5. I did this last night. 12 teams, ppr, start 2RB, 2WR, 1 flex (RB/WR/TE), 1TE. Drafting from the 10th spot First 7 picks, Fournette,Gordon,Drake,Baldwin,Hogan,C.Davis,A Jeffery Good luck tonight
  6. A huge thanks to those suggesting to have someone do it. My sisters friend told me of a guy that had done hers. He was dirt cheap.( $850 ) trimmed 6 big trees. He (crew of 3) did a really good job. I could nit pick about a few things, but at that price I wasnt about too. I had one quote of $2300.00.
  7. Big fan of the show. I really enjoy watching what kind of shelters they come up with. Fowler, a couple years back, had a really nice one. Last year Brooke and Dave's was excellent. It's starting to look like a couple more nice ones are going up this year. Now we need to thin the herd a bit, so we can see everybody every week.
  8. Thanks guys, I appeciate the input.
  9. Has anyone ever tried trimming trees using those 25-30' extension pole saws ? I've got some large trees that need trimming, Before paying somebody an arm and a leg to trim them, I thought maybe I would try one of those first, if they are fairly easy to use. I would be cutting some branches up to 6".
  10. I just subscribed to The Athletic as well. Mainly for Chicago. I got in while they had a discounted rate. Subscribed for a year. I have never paid for anything more though, and doubt I ever will.
  11. T. Coleman vs. Min J. McKinnon at Atl C. Davis vs. Hou A, Eckeler vs. Cle C. Clay vs. NE Thanks
  12. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones to score less than, Doug Baldwin ,Tevin Coleman and 29 points. PPR
  13. Murray. The points have'nt really been there, except the one week. His carries have though. There something to be said for that. The past four weeks, in order, 12,15,18,19. Thats pretty damn good.