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  1. The Sharks, Islanders, Stars and the Bruins, all teams that Tavares met with and spurned during free agency, are still in the playoffs as of his elimination. Ouchy
  2. I mean it seems foolish in modern times. What's your opinion on whether or not marriage is necessary to be happy?
  3. Why aren’t people storming the White House in protest?
  4. I appreciate the advice you guys are giving me.
  5. I am also balancing a Masters program and have a sedentary lifestyle lol
  6. Is it because I like eating cereal, bread, and cheese? like I had yesterday breakfast: kashi cereal, hood whole milk, banana lunch : two slices of pizza ( college campus) plus Powerade yoga class, 1 and 15 mins dinner: chicken sausage w bulkie roll, green beans. Cranberry juice.
  7. Vegan diet actually made me more sick and led to a brief hospitalization stint.
  8. I weight 175 lbs and am 5'6 height It doesn't help I am on anti depressant meds which made me gain weight. I've always struggled with body issues. What's the best weight loss program if you have no weights or a gym membership? I am asking for advice because I don’t want to end up like my father or uncle that struggle with obesity.
  9. I am curious to hear from @timschochet and @Joe Bryant. How does their reporting compare to other news outlets?
  10. I have a feeling @Nigel Tufnel and @El Floppo have a raging boner for the new pup album.