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  1. They are an exhibitionist couple that moved into our town. I have a feeling that if word gets out trouble will start in our town. Does anyone know how much legal trouble they would get in for being nudists?
  2. I seriously cannot think of one thing he's done which has affected my life positively.
  3. I'm trying to teach myself calculus for fun and never been a math person. What kind of tips or tricks do you have for memorizing the rules?
  4. What can we do to fight global extinction?
  5. 8 deaths, 3 missing and presumed dead, and it's still early
  6. What if guys like Rollins, AJ Styles and Finn Baylor jump to AEW?
  7. Immediately thought of this Simpsons clip while watching moonlight. (Kid hits bully w chair)
  9. He’s been in the senate since the days of Reagan. He tried getting blocking Obama’s pick for a seat on the court. This is all because of the revenge towards Ted Kennedy in 1988. How can Americans be so blinded and held hostage by the Republican Party? Christians do not represent the large majority of American voters anymore,
  10. What do you think of how colleges handle the admissions process?
  11. I’m sick of his impulsive behaviors.
  12. Is it because lobbyists don’t want her as president?
  13. Does anyone have info on the impact for ex pats wanting to live in the UK if brexit passes?
  14. Seemed to work for hooty and the blowfish’s career
  15. I couldn't stomach seeing the beagle die in the original John Wick.
  16. 08x04 Euron: Greatest shot Westeros has ever seen. 08x05 Euron: Can't shoot for ####.
  17. I can empathize with Dany. My neighbors have wind chimes.