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  1. What do you think of how colleges handle the admissions process?
  2. I’m sick of his impulsive behaviors.
  3. Does anyone have info on the impact for ex pats wanting to live in the UK if brexit passes?
  4. I couldn't stomach seeing the beagle die in the original John Wick.
  5. 08x04 Euron: Greatest shot Westeros has ever seen. 08x05 Euron: Can't shoot for ####.
  6. I can empathize with Dany. My neighbors have wind chimes.
  7. Thanks mate. I was put on a new ADD meds and the side effects make me throw up. I can hardly function without them though.
  8. I was hoping for a threesome between Danny, sansa and arya.
  9. Just when you think you are in the clear it sneaks up on you without any warning.
  10. Where does this song rank among Bowie’s best songs?
  11. Ayra had sex and became an assassin over night. Your move, Barry.
  12. The Sharks, Islanders, Stars and the Bruins, all teams that Tavares met with and spurned during free agency, are still in the playoffs as of his elimination. Ouchy
  13. I mean it seems foolish in modern times. What's your opinion on whether or not marriage is necessary to be happy?
  14. Why aren’t people storming the White House in protest?
  15. I appreciate the advice you guys are giving me.