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  1. You can’t use “the personnel on the field” to determine how to score the play. The reason is because the personnel could could be a mix of regular special teams players and offensive starters. Thus, Blake Bortles could line up as the punter and they hike it to him and he throws a TD. How do you score that? Do you say only score it as a special teams play if all 11 men are special teams players but it’s not special teams if they line up exactly the same in punt formation and one guy is not a regular special teams player? Of course not. Too much room for arguments. That’s why it’s a 4th down offensive play if the ball is not kicked. Cut and dry.
  2. That's a tough one. Tyrell only had 32 yards TOTAL and 0 TDs in the 2 games against Denver last year. In the one at Denver he had 1 catch for 4 yards. Not very promising. Robbie will be the number 1 option against a much lesser defense but with a much worse QB. It's a true toss up. I'm sitting Tyrell in favor of Ginn myself.
  3. I'm rethinking the Carolina D this week. With the way the SF offense was clicking in that third preseason game and the fact that Hoyer threw exactly zero interceptions in his six games for the Bears last year I just am not liking this matchup at SF that much. I'm a Carolina homer as well. Leaning towards the Falcons or Bills.
  4. Hoping he scores less than 18 pts but I think he gets fed early and often. His o-linemen more motivated since he bought each one a John Deere UTV for Christmas. Total cost around 135K. He really really wants that record.
  5. No offense taken at all. I respect your opinion and can see why you come to the logical conclusion that Zeke won'get more work this week than usual. Just keep in mind that he's not the only one that wants this record. The offensive line wants it. The staff who was instrumental in selecting Zeke in the draft over Jalen Ramsey wants it. Jerry wants it. Of course that's my opinion on these assumptions. The risk of injury is extremely minimal by giving him 6-10 more carries than usual. The guy is young and he would have several weeks to recover if he did tweak something. It's all setting up for a monster rushing load this week. IMO.
  6. If anything, Zeke will get fed even more than usual this week. More than 30 carries is my prediction. They don't need to win so they can just get him as many rushing yards as possible this week to make the rushing record more reachable next week. I know it sounds illogical with the possibility of injury and all, but the positive benefits of making Zeke as happy as possible in Dallas trumps injury concerns. Bank on it.
  7. I'm going with Clay this week for the simple fact that it's a revenge game for him against his former team.
  8. 3 Rs - Rookie Rushing Record. They are going to feed him even more than usual the next 2 weeks so he gets the record from Dickerson. He needs something like 130 yards each game to break it.
  9. Just a note about that week 15 matchup with the Chiefs for Mariota. KC gives up more passing yards per game than teams like Detroit and Green Bay. They are ranked 22nd against the pass to be exact.
  10. Fed. Best possible matchup for a TE.
  11. I'm starting him in the flex over Forte, Maclin and Baldwin.
  12. The Redskins D will be without: CB-Breeland CB-Phillips S-Hall DE-Reyes is likely out CB-Norman has the flu and their sack leader LB-Trent Murphy is going to be a game time decision. Thinking of looking elsewhere this week for a streaming D. Probably going with the Ravens.
  13. Ugh. Now I'm reconsidering my Brees over Bradford start today.
  14. Matt Jones - 3 in a committee there and impossible to predict when Jones will get his.
  15. FYI Jacksonville has 2 offensive linemen questionable and neither practiced this week. New England D looking even better this week.