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  1. xenon

    Week 6 injury thread

    Sanu? What's the story there? Anybody?
  2. Starting Dendre but need two more from the following group for a WR and Flex. Standard scoring and PPR Jarvis, Sanu, Boyd, A Rob Thanks. Will answer yours. Leave link
  3. xenon

    Week 6 Questions For Bloom

    Need 2 from this group for a WR and Flex Standard scoring & PPR with bonus at 100 yds Jarvis, Sanu, Tyler Boyd, Allen Robinson Thank You
  4. I'm going Brown and Allen. Pitt wants to get AB going and he is going to get his targets. I agree with this. Thanks for answering mine!
  5. xenon

    Pick two WRs PPR: Edelman, Jackson, Boyd

    Thanks for replying to mine the feedback you provided. For you, I'd go with Edelman and Boyd. I don't trust Jamis and remember seeing not too long ago D Jackson stats historically with Jamis not being so great compared to what he was doing with Fitz. Edelman will get his targets for and I could be wrong but I think Cinci vs Pitt is going to be a high scoring back and forth game w/ lots of offense. My question was about Dalton or Cousins. Liked your feedback and to answer your question to me, I am down 35+ pts having faced Ertz and Wentz on Thursday. Let me know if that helps you to help me!! Thanks dude!
  6. xenon

    Week 6 Questions For Bloom

    As always, appreciate the advise. 2 leagues and 2-3 in both. Need to win. League one: QB 4pts/TD & 1pt/25 yds passing Rivers or Ryan (leaning Ryan @ home vs TB but he burned me last week w/ Rivers out performing him) TE (PPR standard scoring) Rudolph or Reed (PPR) leaning Reed - I feel like he is due for a big game RB (PPR standard scoring) need 1 to start with Gordon): Conner, Howard, Ekeler leaning Conner WR (PPR standard scoring) need 1 to start with Devante Adams (TY Hilton out) Funches, Sanu leaning Sanu Need 1 Flex (from players not selected above) Conner, Ekelar, Howard, Funchess, Sanu leaning Funchess (Cohen concerns me w/ Howard) League two: - big money league QB Cousins or Dalton (leaning Dalton @ home vs Pitt) 4pts/TD, 1pt/25 yds passing bonus @ 300 WDIS @ RB with Gordon? PPR 6pts/TD & 1pt/10 yds rushing rushing and 1pt/10 yds receiving Ekelar or Henry leaning Ekelar for sure and with Ingram on a bye and Henry having the year he's had Need 2 from this group for WR and Flex (Starting Hopkins at WR already) same scoring as RB Jarvis, Tyler Boyd, Sanu, Allen Robinson (for me it's really been between Boyd and Sanu - would really appreciate your reasons for this call) - THANK YOU
  7. xenon

    WDIS week #6 (Cousins or Dalton)

    bumpin up Thanks
  8. Cousins or Dalton? and why??? 1pt/25 yds passing 6pts/td rushing 4pts/td passing bonus @ 300 yds both are @ home. AZ (Cousins) has the 13th ranked DEF vs the pass and PITT (Dalton) has the 29th ranked DEF vs the pass ( Definitely drafted Cousins as my # 1 but Dalton @ home vs PITT sounds like a juicier match up. Appreciate the feedback. Will answer yours....leave link
  9. Fortunately not in a bad position with TE as I planned accordingly (I think/hope) in one league with Reed/Rudolph and the other with Reed/Cook. I know it's not the appropriate place to post but if anybody can suggest for WDIS I'd appreciate it. Leaning Reed over Rudolph and Reed over Cook.
  10. Will answer yours...leave link. Thanks in advance.... PPR w/ bonus @ 100 yds Reed coming off a bye OR Cook off a big game. Both games should have lots of passing with Reed and WASH going against NO and Cook and OAK going against the LAC. I feel like both WAS and OAK can both be playing from behind. Sigmond Bloom says roll with Cook. I was leaning Reed. SD DEF by game vs TB: WEEK # 1: Kelce only had 1 reception for 6 yds WEEK# 2: 5-43 & BUF (Charle Clay?) WEEK # 3: 3-38 against LAR (Higbee?) WEEK # 4: Game 4 Kittle was 6-125 w/ a long of 82 LAC DEF by game vs TE: WEEK # 1 vs TB allowed 2-54 (Brate and Howard) WEEK # 2 vs CLE 6-35 (Njoku) WEEK # 3 vs ATL 4-34 (Austin Hooper) WEEK # 4 vs NYG 4-36 (Evan Engram was out)
  11. xenon

    Week 5 Questions For Bloom

    Hi Need 2 WR and FLEX from this group: - - - - Standard scoring PPR Devante Adams, Golloday, Funchess, Ekelar Thank You
  12. xenon

    Week 5 Questions For Bloom

    Hello and thanks in advance: League 1: Standard scoring PPR QB - Rivers or Ryan (leaning Ryan) TE - Rudolph or Reed (leaning Reed) WR - If Devante Adams is active, do I start him vs Lions secondary and with whatever ailment he has? I need 2 WR's and Flex from this group: Adams, Golloday, DeDe Westbrook, Ekelar or Rudolph (T.Y. was out this week...ouch....) ??? Would you rather have Royce Freeman or Derrick Henry for the rest of the year? ??? Devin Funchess just became available. Would you rather have him or DeDe rest of year? League 2: High Performance TE - Cook or Reed (PPR, bonus @ 100 yds) Leaning Reed QB -Cousins or Dalton (4pts passing TD, 6 pts rushing TD) RB -Who to start alongside Gordon? Ingram, Ekelar, Derrick Henry (I've been rolling with Gordon/Ekelar) FLEX -Tyler Boyd or Ekelar, Ingram or Henry @ Flex and based on selections above (FYI starting WR's are Hopkins and Landry and I generally opt for WR @ FLEX) Thank You Kind Sir.
  13. anybody feeling NE @ home vs Indy (w/out T.Y. Hilton) this week? Also considering Cinci @ home vs Miami. Burfact is back. The pickings are slim. Who you got? and why?
  14. xenon

    Week 4 Questions For Bloom

    Thank You! questions for two different leagues: League # 1: Rivers, Ryan or Mayfield at QB? 4pts per TD passing & 6 rushing; 1pt per 25 yds passing Gordan, Howard, Ekelar, Galloday, Conner? I need 2RB and a FLEX 6pts per TD & PPR (leaning Gordon/Howard @ RB) League #2: Dalton or Keenum @ QB? 4pts per TD passing & 6 rushing; Bonus @ 300 yds, 1pt per 25 yds passing (I benched Cousins :-( Allen Robinson or Tyler Boyd @ Flex? PPR, 1 pt per 10 yds receiving, bonus @ 100 yds (leaning Robinson and other WR"s are Landry and Hopkins Ekeler or Henry to start at RB alongside Gordon? 6pts per TD, Bonus @ 100 yds rushing, PPR, 1PT per 10 yds rushing (leaning Ekelar)