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  1. Thank You. Ingram or Chubb (leaning Chubb) Boyd or Landry @ FLEX (leaning Landry vs a week CAR pass D) and starting Hopkins and Humphries at WR
  2. I think I'm rolling Chubb, Ekelar and Ingram with one as a Flex. My "other" options for Flex are Boyd or Landy (rolling D Hop and Humphries at WR) . Am I crazy? Sig Bloom suggests the above too. With Driskel at QB in Cinci and Landy just sucking. I don't know WTF the to do. I win and I'm in.
  3. Hello and thanks once again. League 1: (a win and a loss by one of two teams and I'm in) Standard scoring with PPR QB: Rivers or Ryan RB (pick 2) : Ekelar, Gordon, Chubb, Connor, Mixon WR (pick 2): Devante Adams, T.Y. Hilton, Galloday, DJ Moore Flex: Any player from above not selected to start (Gordon out 😞) TE: Brate or McDonald (McDonald is late game and currently questionable) League 2: (a win and I'm in) RB: Pick 2 (Standard scoring w/ PPR and bonus @ 100 yds) Ekelar, Chubb, Ingram (Leaning Ekelar/Chubb) WR: Need 1 to start along with D Hopkins: Boyd, Landry, Humphries FLEX: Any player from above not selected to start TE: Reed, Herndon, Lacrosse (who is better start this week and who is best for balance of season) Herndon faces a particularly DEF stingy vs TE this week. DEF: Tenn @ home vs NYJ or INDY @ JAX (leaning TENN) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Both Herndon and Rudolph are available. Who would you all rather have and why? Rudolph has a good match up this week and overall is on a better team in playoff contention. Herndon is going against TEN this week which appears to cover TE really well but whereas Rudolph has to contend for some love with Theilen and Diggs, Herndon doesn't have that challenge.
  5. Rolled with Gordon and looking good so far. Never bench your stud theory most always holds true
  6. Never bench stud theory? Start Ekelar? Potential blow out thus he sits? Snap count? Decoy? WTF to do....
  7. Hello. Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You. League 1: WDIS @ RB x2: Gordon (Ekelar if Gordon out?) Conner, Mixon, Chubb WDIS @ TE: Brate, McDonald, Engram WDIS @ Flex: RB from list above or League 2: WDIS @ RB: If Gordon out, Ekelar or Chubb (I started Ingram on Thursday night) Chubb is early game and Gordon late game so may just have to roll with Ekelar if waiting on GTD WDIS @ Flex: of assumption Gordon plays, Chubb, Tyler Boyd or Sterling Shepard (FYI starting Hopkins and Landry at WR) Need the win in this's the ig money league. Thank You
  8. One more for you..... Ryan or Rivers today? Both are at home. standard scoring, w/4pts passing TD, 6pts rushing TD and bonus @ 300 yds. Thank You
  9. Hello and THANK YOU. League 1: Tyler Boyd or Sterling Shepard? standard scoring w/ bonus @ 100 yds, PPR (I started Valdez-Scantling on Thurs ?) Leaning Shepard vs TB w/ Cinci against BALT and Green still out League 2: Standard scoring & PPR Plenty of TE on the waiver wire (currently have Engram rostered), who should I pick up and start if not Engram?....can you put 1st and 2nd choice in case one is gone? Who for the week and who for rest of season? Rudolph, Reed, Engram, Heurmann, RSJ, Vance McDonald Who to start @ FLEX? Crabtree, James Conner (starting Godon and Mixon @ RB unless you convince me otherwise), Galloday or Howard? Honestly leaning Crabtree vs Cinci
  10. Rolling w Dalton with Cousinson a bye (or should role Mariota, Bortles, Mullens, McCown, Mayfield (standard scoring with 4 PTS passing TD and 4 rushing. Who at RB? Pick 2 (standard scoring PPR and bonus at 100 yds rushing) Chubb, Gordon, Ingram (leaning Chubb/Gordon) Who at Flex? Pick 2 (standard scoring PPR and bonus at 100 yds receiving and bonus at 100 receiving too) Sterlkng Sheperd, Valdez-Scantling, or RB not selected above Ingram Need a TE, give me a deep sleeper/flyer for this week? Sitting on Reed who's been terrible. Thinking of scooping up David. Anybody? Thank You Kind Sir!
  11. You've provided great answers thus far this year. I may not have taken all your advice (to my own detriment) so thank you. League 1: QB w/ standard scoring Rivers or Ryan (leaning Rivers off the bye w/ Ryan stats on road being poor although Rivers on the road too) Need 2 RB w/ standard scoring + PPR Conner, Chubb, Gordon, Howard (leaning Gordon and Chubb w/ Conner vs Balt and Gordon still struggling in my view and a tough BUF DEF although I think Conner is probably more of a threat to catch the ball than Chubb but I don't know??) Can you also provide/suggest a contingency plan if Gordon is out? I do have Ekelar. Need 1 for FLEX w/ standard scoring + PPR based on who you might not have suggested above at RB + Ekelar or Funchess (leaning Funchess) Same thing here if Gordon is out and what impact? League 2: Need 2 RB w/ standard scoring + PPR and bonus at 100 yds rushing as well as bonus w/ 100 yds receiving Gordon, Chubb, Ingram, Ekelar (leaning Gordon & Chubb) Same request as above if Gordon is out. Good thing is that both LAC and NO play 4PM games ****WR Starting Hopkins and Landry ***** Need a FLEX (same scoring as above)_ Odd man out RB from above? or Cole Beasley or Marquez Valdes Scantling (MVS targets increasing week by week) Thank You
  12. I dropped him too. Looks like some tough match ups for CHI WR's coming up as well