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  1. I didn't see any games last nor any highlights but did Mack look OK carrying the ball? Any noticeable issues or should we assume he's one week healthier? He had 13 carries but I think it was more of a shootout and he could have handled more carries if needed? I'll be rolling him this week but a bit concerned about the NO run defense currently ranked #5 against the run. That said, I think most teams do what they can to keep Brees and Co off the field so perhaps the game-plan calls for a heavy dosage of Mack? Unless of course NO goes off and they are forced to throw the ball.
  2. I've got BALT and PITT. Each faces the NYJ in the next two weeks. Assuming I make it to the championship, am I in a good spot right now? I think/hope.
  3. Crunch Time! Thank You in advance! League # 1 Big $$ (PPR + bonus @ 100 yds rushing + 100 yds receiving) AND ALREADY DOWN 20 as result of Allen Robinson on THURS RB (Pick 2) - Jones, Lindsay, Bo Scar, Powell, Mack (leaning Jones/Lindsay and feel both are overdue for "big" games" NOTE: not sure how comfortable I am with Mack coming off injury vs TB rush DEF & just picked up Powell and at the least to block somebody else from picking him up) DEF - Ravens or Steelers (no gut feelings here but with both teams on road, I think AZ offense is more suspect than BUF?? agree/disagree?) Flex (Pick 1) - Any RB not chosen from above OR Deebo, OR Crowder NOTE: Do you generally prefer a RB or WR as a flex in PPR? For context: Deandre & Evans @ WR, Wilson @ QB, Lutz @ K League # 2 (PPR) RB - (Pick 2) - Gordon, Michel, Mack, Bo Scar, Mattison, Snell TE - Waller or Doyle (been on Waller all year) Flex - (Pick 1) - Any RB not chosen above OR McLaruin OR Doyle NOTE: Rolling Brees @ QB but a bit concerned vs SF and down 2 lineman I believe. Fitzmagic avail. Add and start or roll w/ the known commodity @ home but tougher match-up? NOTE: I feel I should roll with Mattison @ RB or Flex if Cook ends up out** Agree/Disagree. Can you let me know your best gut feeling under both scenarios? NOTE: Bilal Powell available for pick up. Add and Start @ RB or FLEX in lieu of what is above? For context, Devante & Keenan @ WR, Pitt @ Def, Lutz @ K THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. For a FLEX play in PPR - Deebo or Crowder?
  5. Hello. Hope it was a nice Thanksgiving. League # 1 PPR: (**w/ a W, I secure playoff bye**) DEF (Balt or Car) leaning CAR vs WAS TE (Waller or Olsen) leaning Waller Flex (Deebo or Crowder) League # 2 PPR: (**win and I'm very likely in**) RB pick 2 (Mel Gordon, Jonathon Williams, Sony Michel, Benny Snell) leaning Gordon/Williams WR pick 2 (Devante, Keenan, MaClaurin) leaning Devante/Keenan TE (Waller or Doyle) Flex (any player not chosen above) THANK YOU
  6. Hello & Thank You. League # 1 (PPR): RB (pick 2) Jones, Lindsay, Bo Scarbarough, Ajayi (leaning Jones/Lindsay) Flex (pick 1) Jones, Lindsay, Bo Scarbarough, Ajayi, Deebo, Crowder (leaning Crowder) League # 2 (PPR): RB (pick 1 already started Williams) Bo or Michel WR (pick 2) Devante, Renfrow, Cobb, McLaurin (leaning Devante/Renfrow) Flex (pick 1) any player above NOT chosen Thanks Again!
  7. Debating between him and Crowder at Flex this weekend. Crowder has been hot and I think the jury is still out on Bo - - so leaning Crowder at the moment but going back and forth in my head and need the W to keep pace for playoff push.
  8. Which of these two would you drop if your rostered both?
  9. I'm having a hard time trying to decide between him, Wilkens or Bo Scarborough. Is there a consensus anywhere on the board for Williams vs Wilkens or Scarborough over both to not have to deal with the anticipated split (although who knows what will transpire out of the DET backfield?)
  10. Debating on dropping him or McLaurin? Leaning on dropping JuJu as at lease McLaurin (as far as I know) is healthy.
  11. So is it Wilkens or Willams in INDY? Wilkens now listed as Questionable....all things being equal and @ 100% health, who's the guy in INDY?
  12. What is the most current info/injury status on Wilkens?
  13. Hello & Thank You. League # 1 PPR RB - pick 2 (Michel, Brian Hill, Gordon, Mack) WR - pick 2 (Keenan, McLaurin, Cobb) Flex - One player NOT selected above League # 2 PPR TE (Olsen or Waller) - Waller has cooled off FLEX - pick 1 (Crowder, Deebo or McLaurin) DEF (CAR or BALT) Question # 1 - Have to start Goff this weekend w/ Wilson on a bye. The following are available so might I gamble and drop Goff and add? Finley, Fitz, Trubisky, Haskins, Allen (I think not but Goff is stressing me out) Question #2 - Any of the following you'd rather have moving forward (drop Deebo). For context, I have Mack/Lindsay/Jones @ RB and Hopkins/Evans/Mclaurin/Crowder @ WR Renfrow Cobb Ajai (pre-emptive pick up) Hardman or Robinson (KC) Keep Deebo Any other under radar guy you might suggest?