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  1. I am thinking of moving him. I'm in desperate need of WR help and going to target Lockett straight up. The guy who lost Saquon is desperate for a RB and I am going to offer Mixon for Lockett....good move? I think he'll bite.... For context, I have Jacobs, Taylor, McKinnon, Chase Edwards RB's and the #1 waiver for which I think I am going to snag Davis w/ McCaffery out. Also have Dak, Hunter Henry/ PLUS T Boyd, Gallup, C Davis, and Em Sanders (who is getting cut) hence the need for WR help.... for additional context, he has JuJu, Malcolm Brown and I think he would pull the deal given his RB's are Gurley, Hines and Breida. I think it would be a good and equitable deal for both parties.... Appreciate any feedback here on if its a good move or not. Also, think a Kelce owner would do straight for Mixon?
  2. I know not the right spot but in need of WR help - - think offering Mixon for Lockett straight up is a good idea? Sitting on Jacobs/Taylor/McKinnon and the #1 waiver spot which I could use for Davis to keep RB depth...
  3. Thanks in advance. PPR w/ bonuse @ 100 yds receiving: Pick 2: Emmanual Sanders, Michael Gallup, Golden Tate, Corey Davis (I sat Tyler Boyd) and assuming Tate/Davis healthy. Leaning Sanders/Gallup Thank You.
  4. With Boyd playing tonight, I have to make a decision. Leaving Sanders/Gallup Thanks
  5. Hello and Much Thanks in advance for helping us again in 2020. Planning to roll week # 1 w/: Dak Josh Jacobs Joe Mixon Tyler Boyd Michael Gallup Hunter Henry ????????? FLEX ??????????? Pitt DEF Lutz Who should I start @ Flex (PPR) with bonus @ 100 yds for rushing or receiving (not combined for bonus) Emmanuel Sanders Jonathon Taylor? Leaning Sanders Also, how does the squad look? I've got the following on the bench: Cam Newton Chase Edwards - lottery ticket Eric Ebron OR might you suggest Olsen? Goedert? Rudolph? Golden Tate Randall Cobb and do you think he can have a good year or does he remain WR 4 in Houston? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. BUMP...anybody drafting from the 12 spot and want to share draft results? Also include if it's a PPR or not.
  7. are right, I think I can wait until the 5th. Drafting from the 12th spot in a 12 teamer I hope he'll be there at 5.12. The 4th might be a reach....
  8. Is the 4th round reaching for him? I am thinking it's NOT