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  1. Active. Still debating to start are not. What's the consensus from JuJu owners?
  2. Hello and thanks yet again....!! Plug and play options for Flex in two leagues: PPR league # 1 (bye related FILL IN NEEDED - PICK 1) Can you rank top 3 in order please? Reynolds, Cobb, Ginn, Deebo, Gus Edwards, AJ Brown, Auden Tate, Tarik Cohen, Dionte Johnson? PPR league # 2 (need a late game add to hedge against JuJu situation and 4PM game - PICK 1) Reynolds or Cobb or Deebo In both the above, I keep coming back to Cobb or Reynolds (Possibly Ginn in league #1 with no start time constraint) What say you for each situation and based on players available? - THANKS AGAIN Alshon or Fuller? Who'd you rather have on your roster for balance of season assuming health?
  3. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!! League # 1 - 1PT PPR RB (pick 2) Mack, Michel, Gordon (leaning all three with one as Flex) WR (pick 2) Devante, Keenan, JuJu, McLaurin (Devante on a late game so what is confidence level????) FLEX (pick 1) Any of the above not selected: Mack, Michel, Gordon, Devante, Keenan, JuJu, McLaurin League # 2 - 1PT PPR RB (pick 2) Mack, Jones, Lindsey (leaning on starting all three with one as flex) Flex (pick 1) Mack, Jones, Lindsey, McLaurin, Cobb, Crowder For context, starting DeAndre and Evans @ WR w/ Waller @ TE Also added Cobb as insurance in case Jones or Lindsay (who had injury designations earlier this week) can't or don't play for some reason I can slide him in based on game times.
  4. I'd be fine with it if he sat one more week to be sure....late game too.....
  5. Any Keenum news? Almost surely benching if Haskins is starting.
  6. Any injury updates or speculation on Connor and Snell?
  7. Thanks in advance Standard scoring w/ 1.0 PPR RB (Pick 2) Mack, Jones, Lindsay, Snell (leaning Mack/Jones) (for context rolling with Wilson @ quarterback Hopkins/Evans @ wide receiver and Waller @ tight end) Flex (Pick 1) Mack, Jones, Lindsay, Snell, Crowder (leaning Lindsay) DEF (Pick 1) TEN or CAR ?? Are you bullish on Snell ?? ?? Which DEF do you prefer for the long haul - TEN or CAR ?? or hold both and play week by week match-up? League # 2 w/ 1.0 PPR WR (Pick 1) Keenan or JuJu (already started McLauren and not even entertaining Devante Adams) RB (Pick 2) Gordon, Mack, Michel, Snell Flex (Pick 1) Keenan, Juju, Gordon, Mack, Michel, Snell
  8. Tough decision for tonight it seems for us McLauren owners. I am worried about MIN secondary shutting him down. WAS just sucks. I've got to decide @ Flex between him, Jamison Crowder and Philip Lindsay in a PPR. I know this is not the forum for this but would certainly appreciate any feedback from many of you who are smarter than me. For context, starting Jones/Mack @ RB and Hopkins/Evans @ WR. Thanks.
  9. Hello and THANK YOU. FLEX - Jamsion Crowder or Aaron Jones ? PPR; 6PTS TD, .1 for every yard, Bonus @ 100 for hitting that both on rushing and receiving For context, I am starting Mack at RB (also started Lindsay) and Hopkins and McLauren @ WR.
  10. Hello and THANK YOU. League #1: PPR: TE - Olson or Waller? Major issue here and Need 1: FYI and please NOTE the following:......rolling with Jones and Lindsay @ RB because not certain about Mack on a late game (Wilkens is handcuffed). Also have McLauren who a this point is 50/50, based on what I've read thus I have different scenarios for FLEX - - - - WDIS @ Flex? Hold on Mack if active? and insert Wilkens @ game-time if Mack is NOT active? McLauren if active? But going against NE so kind of NOT digging that option Cole Beasly (FWIW and FYI I'm starting Hopkins and Evans @ WR) League #2: PPR: RB - (Pick 2) Melvin Gordon, Marlon Mack (same kind of scenario as above but Wilkens NOT rostered/handcuffed at the moment) Sony Michel, Chris Thompson, Darrell Williams *Might I consider dropping Thompson or Williams for Wlkens and handcuff to Mack? WR - (Pick 1) JuJu or McLauren (assume both are active and healthy) Flex - (Pick 1) any player not selected for RB or WR DEF - Tenn or Buff